Thursday, May 12, 2016

As We Shift - This Is Not A Fairy Tale

This slave to sovereign transformation is not happening in isolation or behind veils or doors.  We are, in full view, realizing our authenticity.  In chat rooms and board rooms, on social media and on playgrounds; we are deciding Oneness. This is not a fairy tale, it’s our life.  Spend 20 minutes with us and watch the video shared below, you’ll see.  Complete strangers will remind you what you came to do. You came to help us all.

There are no easy answers and things haven’t been figured out yet.  It is us providing those answers and unravelling the rhetoric.  Never before have these words been as visibly played out – we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Yet differences are part of the game and we do not all agree on how this should best be done.  How do you free a populace? It takes all of us.  Everyone counts in this scenario and unity doesn’t imply identical ideas.  It signifies instead – oneness. Consciousness flows through all of us.  Consciousness is a singularity.  Oneness is truth.

That being said, it is not a truth we frequently witness or often feel.  Arguing is part of our makeup and social media provides us today with a constant platform.  It’s a challenge to discern unity from opposing sides.  Regardless of your level of “awakeness”, there is someone out there who disagrees with you.

So, how do we, as one, move from slavery to sovereignty if we can’t agree on who is right?  In our wonderful human fashion, we will wait until the last few minutes on the clock to show what we’ve got and how we are going to use it.  The clock is ticking right now.  It’s time to show your stuff.

The answer may be to release the need to decide absolute “rightness”; if just for the sake of sovereignty.  Once sovereignty is established – make your stand, and do it magnificently.  Rightness and wrongness are faces of ego.  They are opinions and they are not useful in today’s discussion.

This discussion concerns the 3% of humans who are fully awake.  This number has been suggested (by Kryon I believe) and will be used to offer a scenario.  3% of humans work out to be about 250,000 of us.  This number is 3 times the number of humans (the 1%) who’ve run this planet to the ground.  From a pure numbers perspective, this should be a piece of cake.  That is, if we can come together.

We’ll have to agree on something and disregard our egos for this to work.  For sovereignty to be realized, it will help us to have access to technologies that free us from servitude and debt.  Free energy, healing tech and food replicators exist right now.  There are people/whistleblowers speaking about them all over the internet.  These things would provide us with the necessary support to realize our sovereignty, remove corrupt systems/officials, and go on to live prosperous, vibrant lives.  The desire for prosperity and vitality is one we can all get behind.

At issue now is our numbers.  We are small, growing yes, but not even close to a majority.  We’ll need to speak as one voice in order to get ourselves heard.  This requires a vision of oneness.

Despite differences in focus; Corey Goode is calling for his followers to support Steven Greer. Corey has over 25,000 followers on Facebook.  If each of them donated $2.00 to Steven, he’d have another $50,000.00, which would be a great start. If that 3% estimate is correct, there should be 10 times that many “awake” individuals out there.  If they each gave $2.00 – it’s done.

I support this movie because Steven has a large media presence, a lot of support and an infrastructure in place to get this produced.  Above all, once it is out there, more of us wake up and we only get louder.

We may not all agree on who has the “truth” in every case or how this is going to go down.  Yet we can agree on the fact that it’s happening in real life; in our lives.  We’d like it to end sooner rather than later.  If Corey’s information is accurate; unless we do something in a big way to force the issue – we won’t have the full story for almost 100 years.  I’ll be gone by then and so probably will my children.

It’s criminal that we are broke, sick and afraid.  We needn’t be.  We can do something about it.  It will take a few dollars and a few words.  Tell someone a truth that is not told by corporate media.  Give up a cup of coffee and share $2.00 with Steven.  We came to do this.  We are just about there.  It’s the final few seconds.  We know who we are. 

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,
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