Friday, November 13, 2015

as we shift - 11 thoughts on filling the gap

To concern oneself with things, things of this earth, seems nonsensical. This is a reference to mundane things, everyday things and requirements.  This is all illusion.  It is perhaps the definition of insanity to do, over and over, a thing that is illusory.

Yet, what is “reality”?  With my focus elsewhere, it (“reality”) moves in impossible ways and shows me unusual sights. (This has been talked about in previous blog posts).

So, if it is insanity to focus on what is not “real” and what is “real” shifts regularly – what’s a human to do?  Is there an instruction manual?

After decades spent listening to the “proper living” steps of others, we eventually arrive here. 

It’s garbage day.  With a mind full of thoughts ready to be tossed out or perhaps recycled, we can do something new.  Finally.

It’s a scary moment.  Garbage trucks take stuff away, they don’t ever return it.  What’s left behind then? 


Here are some thoughts that may help to fill the void you feel.  Know that…

-       This “empty” feeling is brought on by a craving to be “filled up”
-       “Empty” only happens when something feels depleted
-       What’s been depleted is you
-       You cannot go on successfully while focusing on perceived lack
-       To continue, you must find a reason to stay
-       Your reason can be anything, there are no rules for reasons
-       The reasons that stick will have to do with your fellow man
-       Lack is not felt when surrounded in giving & immersed in the needs & lives of others
-       Life makes its offerings through others – in seeing the value of others it is reflected back to self
-       “Faith, Hope & Charity” are restored in the giving of Love
-       In the actions of Love is where it is discovered – there you will heal yourself, & in doing so you will have healed so many others

They are waiting.  You are the one they are waiting for.

With so much love,

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