Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Updated 9/8/2015: Need some older laptops.

We have an urgent need for 2-3 older model laptops, say 2-4 years old.  If you have one you don't use and would consider donating it, please email me at the address on the blog on the right side.   Ones sent from Europe would not incur duty fees, those sent from the USA or Canada will probably have a 22% duty on them in Italy, so the value declared would have to be the resale value of a used machine and the value clear marked as being a used computer on the shipping package customs form at the postoffice or UPS/FEDEX shipping point.  Some carriers allow customs to be prepaid to some countries. I do not know if that applies to Italy.

Also if anyone cares to donate some funds, we will need to buy some memory or drives, or software for them.  These are to be used for guests here...  not by me.

I will reformat the hard drives on the machines when/if any arrive because of the risk of computer viruses being installed on them even while in transit.

Preferred models of PC would be ASUS, DELL, or HP as these are the easiest to get repair parts for overseas and they tend to be more rugged machines.   Apple laptops would also be welcome but I know those tend to become like family heirlooms for people because of their durability and beauty of engineering.

UPDATED 9/8/2015

We have 2 desktop machines that were donated locally, and one possible laptop coming from the United States.   Thanks to those who sent cash via PayPal, that is being used to fix some issues with the first desktop machine, and that should be fully functional at the end of the week when all the parts arrive.  We could use some more donations for the 2nd machine, which has some issues and memory upgrade needs, the modern Windows versions require much more memory, and disk space.

Thank you for the kindness shown by all!  -AK
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