Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Same day, different human

 “Before enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water. After enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water. “
-Zen saying

In the midst of an identity crisis, I find myself wondering if I’m in it alone.  Probably not.  I’ve watched the events and people in my life whisper and scream a message I was impervious to.  It called me again and again to declare who I be.

All the while I carried on my routine making cosmetic and minor changes with no awareness of the picture they created.  I just noticed.  At first glance it’s a mess – a hodge-podge of weeds, unfinished projects, partially committed relationships, part time jobs, clothes I no longer like and promises.

My body has changed.  My family has changed.  My desires and daily routines have changed.  I am not the same woman who sat in this backyard last May.  Nothing is the same, but everything is.  I am not sure how to define what happened.

It’s as if the Universe is cooperating with me now...  It’s not obvious, dramatic or sudden.  The sudden and dramatic moments did happen though.  There were clashes and injuries as the energy shifted and was felt.  Once those passed, I was given, or I took, “time”; an adjustment period so that I could figure out what happened.  I’m in one of those now.

In December I bought Poinsettias.  They are still alive.  It’s fascinating to watch the leaves morph themselves into flowers and then fall off and die so that new leaves can emerge, morph and do the same thing.  In March I bought a small pot of annuals.  They immediately died as I ignored their needs to tend to those of my partner who was hospitalized (one of the injuries that resulted with the shifting energy).  I re-discovered them in May, pretty much dead, and cut them way back.  There wasn’t much hope in my pruning – yet it’s always a struggle to give up on life and I wasn’t quite ready. Today’s photo is the result.  This too feels significant.

I don’t think this moving into another density is anything to be predicted.  I don’t know that I can confirm at what vibratory rate any of us exist today, yet it’s not the same one from a year ago, or even a few months ago.

Some of us seem to go easy with the shift and others of us, perhaps those more seasoned or stuck in habits or fears, go hard.  This level is not without its own version of negative entities and opportunistic beings.  None of the plan is exclusive – everyone is welcome.  Yet adjustments will have to be made as this energy holds space wide open for creative action rather than destructive.

As those flowers renew themselves and are once again thriving, so are we.  We may not be clear on the shape or exact version that will result, but our blueprint is.  That blueprint is gradually emerging in the subtle shifts you may be noticing.

Little things signify major changes.  There is a busy street I must cross each morning.  Years ago I created no traffic on that corner.  It worked so well that regardless of who is driving – my car never sees traffic there.  Since mid-March though, it’s changed again.  It’s not just no traffic, its’ NO CARS AT ALL, IN EITHER DIRECTION.  The street is deserted when I drive up to it. It’s like witnessing my original intent, squared.

There are other things - I only need think something and it happens.  Manifestation is nearly instantaneous.  I make daily proclamations and my life plays out in full cooperation.

This identity crisis in instigated by the fact that I am getting everything I have intended, spoken about, dreamt of and planned.  Care is necessary as I define this next stage because those definitions are becoming my life.  It’s only a small matter of linear time before I witness my intent.

I’m not sure what living without a clear sense of time feels like – I can bet though that the possibilities and multi-dimensionality of it will blow our 3D minds. 

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This re-definition of who I be feels seamless and a bit quieter than I expected.  This shift is not being thrust upon me or you or any of us without our full participation. We may not be defining it as a “shift”, or thinking much at all about its definition, but our deepest held beliefs are showing themselves to remind us. 

Some of us won’t change a thing.  I work with a Master and witness each day the power of consistent acceptance and constant joy.  This is my first experience with such a being and it is a privilege. 
There is a lot of information being shared in the movie “Jupiter Ascending”.  My favorite part is told in the lead character, who discovers her true royal origin. She chooses to continue however, in the work she has always done with the people she has always loved.  She is a cleaning woman, living in a crowded place with her extended family.  Her humanity is her most powerful trait.

As we discover our most powerful trait, we’ll choose the work and life we’ve always imagined for ourselves.  We are so much more than we know.  We can begin now to feel what that means in our everyday, without leaving our everyday.  Dream big.  You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

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