Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pre-Ascension Exercise #4
Erasing Chemtrails for fun....

By American Kabuki
May 9, 2015

This one is mostly for fun, and the confidence it builds that you are indeed a being of light.  You are a being of energy and part of the infinite intelligence of an infinite loving consciousness of this universe.

Vapor is one of the easiest things for you to manipulate with your energy field.  Its responds to very subtle energies, and physicists use cloud chambers to teach students about atomic particles because they respond to subtle energy. And we've got fleets of thousand of airplanes around the world turning our skies into cloud chambers for energy experiments.  Most likely they are plasma energy experiments.   It does not take an expert to do this exercise, only the understanding that consciousness affects matter, as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle proved in quantum physics.  This is no different than using your energy field to dowse for water.  This is a natural ability, not supernatural.

You have been programmed to believe you are a physical body, rather than infinite spirit residing in a human vehicle.   You have been taught to believe in limitations, and to look to hierarchy to fix things. The hierarchy on this planet is not here to help you, they are here to drain you of energy and limit you for their own purposes and enrichment.

The first time I saw this done was by Brian Kelly at his apartment in Encinitas California, but he used his mind and Reiki energy.  At that time I didn't think I could do it.  After all I was not a Reiki Master, or so I thought.  And well if you believe you can't you won't... that's how the mind works...and why they teach you are a material being and helpless.

This method was taught to me when I was Cabo Negro, Morocco. We were sitting outside drinking coffee on a bright winter morning and watching the waves roll in on the beach.  I looked up in the sky and here came the chemtrail plane laying a thick cocktail of chemtrails across Cabo Negro, Tetouan and out to the Atlas mountains.

Heather tired of me grumbling about them messing up a perfectly sunny day, said "just erase them with your hand, like chalk board! I do it all the time!"   So I did.  IT WORKED! It made me laugh! And I have been doing it every since as they come up in my awareness.  It works in daytime or night. You just have to understand one basic principle, the chemicals are Eternal Essence and so are you... but you are CONSCIOUS Eternal Essence..  with an energy field.

You may look like an idiot to everyone else standing in your yard waving at the sky, but once people catch on...who knows... might become the in thing to do.  But if you are really self-conscious you can always pretend you are waving to an old friend! ;)

You can erase these things and they fade away into nothing simply by holding your palm up, and moving your hand over the chemtrail rubbing it like it was a chalkboard eraser.  It works best as the trail is just leaving the plane but even the older trails can be erased and they fade into nothing.  And its kind of satisfying to see an airplane load of that stuff that I estimate must cost them between $50,000 to $100,000 a load to spray, just vanish....  You don't have to be a victim of something you don't like especially as something as innane as chemtrails.

And its kind of fun to see the partners in contrast waste their money and jet fuel.  Just think what thousands of people doing this could do to chemtrails on the planet?  What no cloud to generate that plasma to bounce the HAARP weather modfication beams?  Ahhh think of the possiblities!  And its all in the palm of your hand!

Have fun!  Happy Erasing!  You are not a victim.

Pre-Ascension Exercise #3
The Heart Love Vortex

By American Kabuki
May 9, 2015

This exercise is one of the first I learned. It was originally taught to me by GW Hardin in 2012 when I was compiling the stats on banker resignations worldwide.

I was noticing some really strange and unsettling energies at that time, and came down with a very mysterious illness that landed me in the hospital in June of 2012.

GW Hardin told me to visualize a vortex coming from my heart.  And whenever I felt an energy that was very uncomfortable,  to visualize the vortex and some event, emotion or a pet or whatever that evoked a strong emotion of love in me.   GW told me this has two purposes, first it sends love to the person attempting to energetically interfere with you... second, if they persist in what they are doing, whether its remote viewing, remote influencing... you name it... it mirrors their energy back onto them.  Its entirely defensive in nature and does no harm, but it will also reflect harmful energy that should not be in your energy field of the human body.

When I first started doing this I did something that sounds kind of corny, but I will share it anyway for purposes of illustration. When I was a little boy in 1st or 2nd grade I used to get these little pink heart shaped candies from girls in the classroom on Valentines day.  They had nice little sayings on them like "I love you" etc... those of you in the USA know what I speak of.  Anyway that memory evoked a very strong loving energy in me.... so I used it. And the pink color is so outrageous its very easy to visualize.  You use whatever works for you... its not the the event or person or thing that is important only the emotion generated. I pictured a vortex of these candies shooting out of my heart chakra towards whomever was trying to mess with me.  You don't need to know where they are or who they are, the universe knows and takes care of that because you are operation from love.

After I started working with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf I became conscious of working from a state of PURE LOVE energy and the power of doing so.   To see even those who work to harm this planet in pure love that Creator Source sees them.  

The reason the "cabal" or "partners in contrast" generate so many awful events in world and ply the media with gore, fear and trepidation, is that they work from very low energies and they try to harvest that energy because they operate in a mindset of separation in which energy is scarce.  Most of them have been cut off from their heart connection to Source they don't even know how to open it.  That connection is through the heart and love. They are of the mistaken belief that love is weakness, and they fill music and movies with tales of love being dangerous and will bring you harm.  They use anger, fear, combined with the use of will and think that is strength.   It is not.  These are short wavelength energies that are overcome and canceled out by pure love energy.  That's why the sage from Galilee Jesus told people to "LOVE YOUR ENEMY", for they have no defense against it.  

When you are able to work from a pure love energy, giving love without prerequisite or condition, you have all the backing of the universe at your disposal.  You will never deplete your personal energy supply when you work from pure love, because that comes directly from Creator Source through your heart. The supply is inexhaustible.

So after I came to understand that principle,  I created variations of the above heart vortex which is not a defensive maneuver but one of assistance.  One variation is to couple a breathing exercise one might use in Yoga.  I found this one particular useful in send loving energy to people in emotional distress or in need of healing energy.   

Lay down somewhere comfortable, or sit on a comfortable chair.   Breath in through your nose and in visualize pulling in pure love energy with each breath.  With each each exhale push that pure love energy out through your heart vortex to the person you have in mind.   

Sometimes I mix this up a bit, or if I am having a bad day and kind of grumpy, I will "store the love energy" on the exhale for as many breaths as it takes (I say to myself on the out breath "store pure love energy") and then after I feel it build up in me enough I then push it out in one huge burst through the heart chakra vortex.  

Hope this helps you.  Have fun with it. 

PS:  yes I know the man has no genitalia... LOL!!! the comments I get... have fun...

Pre-Ascension Exercise #2
Connecting to Universal YOU via the Double Vortex

By American Kabuki
May 9, 2015


This next exercise is useful for getting a glimpse of your Higher or perhaps Highest aspect of SELF... The true YOU, most of which is not currently residing in full in your body. Until you see it, you don't know what you don't know right?  Again this one was suggested to me by Heather.

The goal here is to raise the body vibration so that you can get a glimpse of what is in store for you. Its more than you ever thought. It's my belief the veil on consciousness is pretty much gone... but we have a number of internal veils and perceptual filters that have been programmed into our belief systems.    If you haven't read Pre-Ascension Exercise #1, read it and do it before this exercise... You need to be familiar with how the energies feel and that they surround you and lovingly interact with you.

I, and some others I have taught this to, have noticed at least on the first successful go, we reached a stage where various entities watched us as if behind they were behind glass windows.  I am not saying this will happen to everyone, your mileage may vary,  but don't be too surprised if the keepers of the planet earth human ant-farm become slight more apparent and they can be of several types of entities. They cannot harm you, and they don't seem to interact.  This is a free-will planet. For me they had some shocked reactions as in "how is he doing what he is doing?"  It was not scary, more humorous than anything.

The technique is a visualizing tool.  Its somewhat similar to spinning the light in someone but much much easier...  Its just basic visualization.  You are not moving light, just picturing a vortex.

Lay down somewhere quiet and where you won't be disturbed.

Visualize a vortex running the length of your body and you start in spinning in your mind's eye. Then you introduce a second vortex inside that vortex an start it spinning.  The direction of spin doesn't seem to matter all that much, and for simplicity sake I spin them both the same direction its not necessary to counter rotate the vortexes to notice the effect.  The principle seems to be that when you get two or more vortexes going it multiples the vibration rate you can access and become resonate with.

Below is rough image of what I am trying to describe, you don't have to visualize them as double ended funnels, you can just make them tunnels or wormholes though your being it works just as well. Play with it and have fun with the process is the most important thing.  The colors are simply for illustration purposes you can make them any color you want or no color at all.  Have fun with this and do it in joy.  There's no right and wrong way to do it.  It gets easier to do the more you do it.

I found an interesting diagram about vortexes today on Google.  This from the book "Living Energies".... and it explains a bit WHY this vortex method works...


After you do this for a while you will notice your body vibrating at higher frequency....  now for the fun part, switch the process to your heart chakra... which is you connection to Source.

Its when I switch to the heart chakra vortex that I noticed the fun stuff.   I make no guarantees this works for everyone, you may find techniques that work better for you. If you do let me know.  I've also done a triple vortex but the vibration was so high it gave me a headache... but if you can try that if you want.  Each vortex seems to multiple the frequency.

PS:  This is what I saw when I did this the first time....  I cannot predict what you will see so I won't attempt to do so.   All I know is it sure beats this current 58 year human body of mine!  LOL!!! have fun.  We are in for some interesting changes in the months ahead!

Pre-Ascension Exercise #1

By American Kabuki
May 9, 2015

I thought I'd post some exercises I have been playing with over the past few months.  They are relatively simple compared to the post I made about "spinning the light" in someone to raise their level of light coming from Source.

The first one is one given to me by Heather Tucci-Jarraf... which simply involves laying down somewhere comfortable and quiet where you won't be disturbed.  You might want to meditate and clear your mind of distractions.

If your mind is really distracted just sit down at a table, write down your worst concerns in little sheets of paper, and put them in a box on a book shelf somewhere.  We all have daily concerns, and the exercise of putting in a box seems to just set them aside for the time being, as silly as it sounds, it does work.  Try to avoid watching the major news networks, or fighting with family just prior to doing this... you don't need your mind filled with concocted terrorist fear programming or the latest Ebola plague hysteria... or family troubles... This is a time for a call mind.

Lay down and just FEEEEEEELLLLL the energies surrounding you...  Feel the pure love energies caress your body, feel them move over your skin... we are in a very energetic time of change and most of you are already noticing the odd sensations on your skin that may vary as to the time of day in intensity. For me its usually strongest in the morning and late evening... I can't say that will be your experience, it could be highly individual.  This energies are like filaments of light and the move and dance about as you move through or interact with them.  Move you arms or legs slightly and notice how the sensations change.  Be at peace with all around you.  Accept that you are Pure Love consciousness in-body and that the Universe is preparing you for a major body upgrade as it interacts with your body energy, the cells and DNA.

I've created an image of roughly what I sense when I feel the energies moving around my body and interacting with my body.  The purpose here is SIMPLY TO FEEL, minus the filtering of the mind that is so easily distracted by so much.

Your mileage may vary, this is an exercise you may want to do daily.

Life An Experience Of Limitless Possibilities & Infinite Consciousness

David Icke on the British Elections and the progression
towards a "Hunger Games Society"

Solar Update

Archangel Michael ~ The reforming of your physical body

Most of this matches information and experiences I have had.  I think the "silicon" thing is an insertion into the channeling by the conduit embodiment, but use your discernment.  Many people only know one kind of crystal, the quartz ones they have at home, and the silicon that is in their electronics and watches.  All elements form crystals, as does carbon, DNA and proteins and water even in its liquid state structures as crystals. Cholesterol in your brain is a "liquid crystal" as is the LCD screen of your laptop computer. I see this a lot in channelings that we are moving to a silicon based biology, and that never felt right to me... at least from chemistry point of view, as carbon can produce far more combinations of molecules than Silicon can because its a more complex element, but I suppose will find out for sure someday soon, the element or molecule is not important, just the fact that it resonates to love frequency. And that has more to do on how we choose to see ourselves and what we do with love.  The Cryst-(al)-consciousness that resonates to love in mind and body.  -AK

Archangel Michael ~ The reforming of your physical body

As Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont

Méline: Archangel Michael can you explain a bit more to us all and elaborate deeper about our conversation we have been enjoying related to the Lightbody and how that will be for us on the physical level and for our relationships with others?

AA Michael: yes of course Love, with all my heart and pleasure I shall elaborate on that which you request of me. I am a messenger of Love and so that I shall be to you all on this day.

Méline: Thank you. So what you have been explaining to me is the process of each cell changing from carbon into Silicon or a state of crystalline. Could you explain this again from the beginning to our fellow sisters and brothers how that is unfolding for us at this time and how this will continue to be from that state on, meaning when we have reached 100% crystalline in our cells? Thank you so much, I appreciate your energy and Presence.

AA Michael: With pleasure dear! Let's start the easy way and from the beginning. As you all are aware of, your physical bodies are changing by assimilating and absorbing the God code within each of its cells. This God code is simply the Christed Light and consciousness that is settling itself into the core of your physical cells and atoms. Once settled, and this is done through the Self acceptance and Love for the Self by Self realization, your cellular structure and body shall instigate a shift on profound levels which will make you aware of this foundation which is one of a more Light structure.

This means that once having 100% crystalline cells, your bodies shall be the same of appearance, yet it is of another structure and vibration that is now crystalline instead of carbon. Yet you all seem to be the same in appearance, but as you have all learned by now: do not let appearance fool you for what it is, for it is far more than it appears to be. Your bodies shall vibrate more of the Christed consciousness as you are becoming the embodiment of this and thus shall you vibrate a state of Love. Meaning, your cells are then the vibration of Love giving your physical vessels a much higher vibration, youth and health for all will be balanced through the acceptance of your Christed and God Self.

This is where you are moving through and towards in every NOW moment. And you should start to feel these affects on yourself by now as to where you start to realize that you are changing in a most profound way. The releasing processes you are going through are helping you to move through this all in order to achieve the full embodiment of this. It is a step by step procedure as your bodies are already under a tremendous amount of pressure due to your emotional and mental bodies as well at the same time.

As each and every cell is going through its process of release and integration you are moving through portals of Ascension and processes of descending. At one hand there are Ascensions taking place of higher awareness and wisdom, and on the other hand you experience the descending of bringing down your God Self onto this physical Earth Dimension. And that is what is playing here at this time.

Méline: So what happens when we have reached and embodied this state or frequency? What do we look like and do we become invisible?

AA Michael: No you do not become invisible to the naked eye, et least not immediately. Not yet and not at this point let us say. All is a vibrational choice of what you make and what you think of yourself. The way you see yourself is the way you form yourself to the naked eye of others, including yourself. To become invisible to the naked eye of others is to be the God consciousness in its fullest glory. This means that you are what you are and that this has also been accepted, seen, felt and formed into your own conscious awareness.

From that point on it will be about how you will continue onwards and how you see yourself. Will you finally see yourself as who you are : a God consciousness incarnate?! Or will you still see yourself as one who is a carbon based human being incarnate? That perception, vision and idea about yourself shall shape the reality you are in and will partake in. Thus the carbon based perception forms you into a physical appearance which is visible to the naked eye. The full realization of “I AM” which is the God Self shall not shape you anymore into this form but allow you to be free in whatever form or energy you desire to Be. That is more ethereal and the ethereal thus becomes invisible to the naked eye because of its High vibration.

We speak here of an energy field that is not seen, yet it is tangible in the world of feeling for it is a form of consciousness.

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