Friday, April 10, 2015

A.E.O.N. Alive-Electro-Orgo-Nutrition
and the Advanced Physics of the Human Hologram

By American Kabuki

This is a video, or rather a collection of videos I have edited into a whole. I removed silent sections flow of viewing. This video was on the Internet prior to 2013, and then mysteriously vanished. I have located an archive of the video and am restoring it to the Internet for Educational purposes.

The history of the physics in the video is that an unknown group of ETs contacted some Mexican Physicists and presented them a version of unified physics based on light as geometry and frequency. This video looks at the human body as a 7 layer hologram of light and explains the physics of that and how to best supply nutrition for optimum health of the human hologram based on the time of day for optimal health.

The video takes the view that aging is a result of not providing the proper nutrition for the hologram at the time of day it is needed.  Whether this is true or not I do not know, but it makes a very convincing case to say the least.... and the physics is fascinating in both its scope of uniting the physical and the spiritual, as well as its simplicity based on geometry and frequency of light.  Since this originated in Mexico, some of the diagrams are in Spanish, I will fix that in a subsequent video.

Note: this video seems to be blocked in Germany, but that happens quite a bit with my videos. I do not know why.  Those of you in Germany will have to use a proxy or VPN to see it.

Need help.... Need a new disk drive for document archive.

I have a need for a new disk drive for my archive of documents. I have a Drobo Raid 5 device that is fault tolerant of losing disk drives, but one drive is failing and I need to get it replaced.  The data is secure for now provided I don't lose 2 drives in the mean time.  The data will rebuild itself after I get the new drive....which is why I bought this... I have a lot of historical data I want to preserve.

I wasn't sure SCRIBD would always be a safe store of documents, and last few weeks has proven it is not when it comes to them pull Heather's docs because of false copyright claims (they are public documents).  I kind of expected that move after the online law search engine, PACER, purged itself of Law Cases prior to 2012, which was another case of trying to make historical data and law filings difficult to find for the average man...  Lawyers were furious over that unannounced move.

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