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Kaspersky claims to have found NSA's
'space station malware'
Super-complex code collection had 116 spooky plug-ins
Kaspersky claims to have found NSA's 'space station malware'
Super-complex code collection had 116 spooky plug-ins

12 Mar 2015 at 08:28, Darren Pauli

Kaspersky malware probers have uncovered a new 'operating system'-like platform that was developed and used by the National Security Agency (NSA) in its Equation spying arsenal.

The EquationDrug or Equestre platform is used to deploy 116 modules to target computers that can siphon data and spy on victims.

"It's important to note that EquationDrug is not just a trojan, but a full espionage platform, which includes a framework for conducting cyberespionage activities by deploying specific modules on the machines of selected victims," Kaspersky researchers say in a report.

"Other threat actors known to use such sophisticated platforms include Regin and Epic Turla.

"The architecture of the whole framework resembles a mini-operating system with kernel-mode and user-mode components carefully interacting with each other via a custom message-passing interface."

The platform is part of the NSA's possibly ongoing campaign to infect hard disk firmware. It replaces the older EquationLaser and is itself superseded by the GrayFish platform.

Kaspersky says the newly-identified wares are as "sophisticated as a space station" thanks to the sheer number of included espionage tools.

Extra modules can be added through a custom encrypted file system containing dozens of executables that together baffle most security bods.

Most of the unique identifiers and codenames tied to modules is encrypted and obfuscated. Some modules capabilities can be determined with unique identification numbers. Others are dependent on other plugins to function.

Each plugin has a unique ID and version number that defines a set of functions it can provide. Some of the plugins depend on others and might not work unless dependencies are resolved.

Kaspersky bods have found 30 of the 116 modules estimated to exist.

"The plugins we discovered probably represent just a fraction of the attackers' potential," the researchers say.

Executable timestamps reveal NSA developers likely work hardest on the platform on Tuesdays to Fridays, perhaps having late starts to Monday.

  • Modules detected in the tool include code for:
  • Network traffic interception for stealing or re-routing
  • Reverse DNS resolution (DNS PTR records)
  • Computer management
  • Start/stop processes
  • Load drivers and libraries
  • Manage files and directories
  • System information gathering
  • OS version detection
  • Computer name detection
  • User name detection
  • Locale detection
  • Keyboard layout detection
  • Timezone detection
  • Process list
  • Browsing network resources and enumerating and accessing shares
  • WMI information gathering
  • Collection of cached passwords
  • Enumeration of processes and other system objects
  • Monitoring LIVE user activity in web browsers
  • Low-level NTFS filesystem access based on the popular Sleuthkit framework
  • Monitoring removable storage drives
  • Passive network backdoor (runs Equation shellcode from raw traffic)
  • HDD and SSD firmware manipulation
  • Keylogging and clipboard monitoring
  • Browser history, cached passwords and form auto-fill data collection.


by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

On 3/13/15, at 10:54 AM, HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I wrote:

Lisa [S.] has eloquently heard and expressed the Heart of the multi-states of conscious in I Am: 

"It is time to work what we do in the yet unseen into the seen 

It is a weaving - the DOings must NOW move into the physical -

There are so many possibilities - what DO we CHOOSE NOW to DO with the PHYSICAL beings inbody to help them bring what IS into physicality......

Whatever we CHOOSE - the energetic connection onto GAIA's Physical BEing - ALL IN BODY - Face to Face - Cheek to Cheek - Hand in Hand - Heart to Heart - Mind to Mind - In Pure Absolute LOVE
Physical keys -  bringing ALL we have Done for eons NOW into Physical engagement for Physical experience"

There has been many teachings, books, articles, spreadsheets
 and data presented on "The Ascension", "The Event", etc.

I do not address those further....rather I swing into focus the Inner-Library within....the Inner-Knowing within each body.  


There IS that many "ways" to do what each feels to DO NOW.  There is no "right way", "wrong way", "proper protocols", etc. to follow..... Feel the energies within.  If One must follow...follow Your heart.  Do You feel the focus of Pure Love ALL the multi-states of conscious within I AM is pouring within Our bodies?  Every One is "Key"♫  The bodies are the receivers and transmitters for all that Pure Love from the multi-states within I Am to gush forth in this NOW and manifest.

Believe IN You...Experience YOU... EXPERIENCE ALL OF U NOW.

KK posted this... before.... and it swings into focus of Heart NOW:

Claiming Your Gifts... From Peggy Black's Morning Messages
We are here, streaming energy, offering suggestions and gentle reminders that you are a multidimensional being of great skill with a great desire to serve. These are miraculous, wondrous times. Humans are expanding into their full powerful potential as the multidimensional beings they truly are.

Your news offers examples of the incredible abilities of multidimensional beings, the story of the young blind man who senses sound vibrations bouncing off objects as he clicks like the dolphins. He has stepped into his potential functioning like a sighted person.

The psychologist who shared his story about the miraculous closing of the entire ward of declared criminally insane patients who were restored to balance. He was aware that by healing himself, it would offer the patients healing because he knew with certainty they were a part of him.

There is powerful potential within, which humans are discovering. Your reality is unlimited, infinite, ever expanding. Each day there is news which declares another wondrous, amazing ability that has been discovered and revealed by humans who are claiming their true identity and their multidimensional reality.

We wish you could only see yourselves as we do--bright oscillating frequencies of color and light, pure potential, pure creative energy. These are exciting times on your planet, an awakening, a turning, an expanding.

You have a front row seat. You have the winning ticket. You have the awesome opportunity to allow yourself to expand into your unlimited reality and unlimited ability to claim and own your multidimensional gifts.

You are invited to release the old programs that limit your thinking.

You are invited to release the old emotions that keep you vibrating in a dense form.

You are invited to release the concepts of what you think is real.

You are invited to step out of your self created, self imposed limitation box.

You are invited to honor your magnificence every moment with every breath.

You are invited to hold and radiate a pure frequency of joy, gratitude and appreciation.

You are invited to stay in the chalice of your heart, offering compassion and forgiveness.

You are invited to practice the frequency of pure love.
These suggestions will assist you in claiming the wonders of who you truly are as an emissary of the galaxy, as an aspect of the divine creator, as an aspect of the one cosmic heart.
Step into this day with a true sense of gratitude. Claim the magic and wonder that is yours. Breath life into your dreams, your moments, and make them gifts to one and all.

An invitation from U to You...from all I Am to all of "Us"
An invitation only requires "Acceptance"

...and even that... is just a perception of "invitation" and "acceptance".... an invitation for perception to accept all that IS.... and let go and experience self... In Pure Love and FUN... ALL WAYS ALWAYS

...and the "body"... that beautiful vehicle, transmitter and receiver.... morphs, changes, transitions... to DO ALL that You imagine... bringing it and making it visible in the physical... making "home", in all its colors of light and being....visible, tangible, experiential to every One.

The choice is every One's to make....within....and then DO as they feel to DO.  Every being and every choice is Pure Love... Perfect and Perfectly done. All ways Always

On 3/13/15, at 11:39 AM, HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I wrote:

 I Am leaving my personal perceptions to the side regarding the words used in this following data ....and I express the Inner Knowing within of every One's brilliance... by DOing with this body, vehicle, transmitter and receiver... I Am tired and bored with words... I focus All I Am within to DO all I can imagine.... and I Am present and experiencing all that every One feels to DO NOW... IN PURE LOVE ....

Experiencing every One in the flow

The Butterfly Circus

Australian Nick Vujicic is the actor in this short film, these are not CGI movie special effects, he has no limbs.

Nick is motivational speaker in Southern California teaching people about love and courage.

Value - A video by Oliver Troll

Oliver Troll
This was made a year, but still a good video! -AK

Entire board of Spanish bank resigns
amid money laundering probe

Does this mark a change in US policy to Venezuela? It seems that they are acting on the behalf of Venezuela in this case... -AK

Entire board of Spanish bank resigns amid money laundering probe

12/03/2015 - 13:34:53

The entire board of Spain’s Banco de Madrid has resigned after its Andorran owner was accused by the US of money laundering for clients from China, Russia and Venezuela.

The bank’s seven-member board held a special meeting and unanimously asked the Spanish central bank to resign late yesterday to “defend the interests of employees and clients” and “eliminate any doubt about the stability” of the bank.

The central bank said today in a statement that it accepted the board’s resignation and replaced them with a three-member board “to preserve the stability of the company and its operations”.

Banco de Madrid is owned by Andorra-based Banca Privada d’Andorra, or BPA.

Andorra took over BPA and Spain took over its Spanish unit after the US Treasury Department this week designated BPA a foreign financial institution “of primary money-laundering concern”, putting it at risk of being shut out of the US financial system.

The Treasury Department said BPA managers helped launder money, including US $2 billion US dollars allegedly siphoned from Venezuelan state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA.

One unnamed high-level BPA manager accepted “exorbitant commissions” to develop shell companies that helped launder the Petroleos de Venezuela money, the Treasury Department said.

Two other BPA managers helped alleged Russian and Chinese money launderers who were previously arrested in Spain, the department said. Money laundering was also said to have been performed for “numerous” Spanish business owners.

Perceiving Energy Fields -- Arcturians/Galactics and Conversations with Shawnna

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Perceiving Energy Fields - Arcturian/ Galactic Message

Many of you are having problems with your memory. You may not be sure if that problem is because you are increasingly slipping into the NOW, or if you are having an issue with your earth vessel. For many of you, this “issue” has arisen because you are thinking multidimensionally with your 3D brain.

Your 3D brain was not created to think multidimensionally. But, because your consciousness is expanding beyond the limitations of the physical world, you need to “shift gears” into the multidimensional thinking of your Multidimensional Mind.

You physical brain is calibrated to perceive the third and fourth dimensional realities, whereas your multidimensional mind is calibrated to perceive the fifth dimension and beyond. In other words, you must calibrate your consciousness to the higher brainwaves in order to process that which you perceive on the edges of your third dimensional perceptions.

Your third dimensional perceptions have been stretched to their limit trying to compute frequencies beyond the fourth dimension. Hence, your brief glimpses of something that is just beyond of third/fourth dimensional seeing and hearing, can only go into a subliminal level of your 3D brain.

Your earth vessel is feeling that something is very different, but it cannot determine what that “something” might be. All these changes in your perception are because you are making the transition from third/fourth dimensional perceptions into fifth dimensional, and beyond, perceptions.

Fourth dimensional perceptions occur when you are dreaming or when you are engaged in a creative or enjoyable endeavor. Gradually, you are becoming accustomed to these perceptions. As you become accustomed to this frequency of stimuli, it becomes your new “base-line” frequency of perception.

Then you will move on to the fifth dimensional perceptions. More and more of our grounded ones are experiencing something that speeds through their awareness, flickers at the edge of their vision, whispers softly into their hearing and/or speeds past their body.

These faintly perceptible perceptions are the increasing as you become entrained to the fifth dimensional reality that has ALWAYS surrounded you. Yes, the fifth dimension has always been a component of your reality, as the higher frequencies of reality exist infinitely within the NOW of the ONE.

The density of fear and anger that has surrounded dear Gaia for more “time” than you could count is finally beginning to waft away. Gaia is gradually ascending Her planet into higher and higher frequencies. Some of Her dear residents will not be able to remain attuned to the higher, baseline frequency and will continue to live within the 3D Matrix.

This 3D Matrix has provided a virtual reality in which beings of the third dimension could live on Gaia’s Earth. Gaia is now releasing Her 3D Matrix, as She is ready to return back into Her fifth dimensional state. You see Gaia misses Her higher frequency life.

Fortunately, there is also an ever-increasing number of humans who are remembering and missing the fifth dimensions of reality that are filled with unconditional love and multidimensional light. Within these realities there is no “time.” Therefore, time does not end or start, and realities do not end or start.

Life in the higher frequencies exists within the Flow of the NOW. Because Gaia’s resonance is flirting with the fifth dimensional NOW, more and more of Her inhabitants are becoming conscious of the frequency shift of their reality. Some are resisting this shift, which makes them fearful and angry.

Gaia Portal: Ambrosian energetics awaken in the Gaia field

Ambrosian energetics awaken in the Gaia field
by √ČirePort

Ambrosian energetics awaken in the Gaia field.

Fraternities of Light collectively assemble.

Formations of Higher Conclaves now become apparent.

Satisfactions of lower egoics becomes low priority for all hu-manity.

Energetic enhancements affect and effect everything.

Partnerships of Light form at accelerated pace.

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