Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Remembering...

You are tapping into something universal.  It is the essence of truth – the reality of your being.  You are energetically receiving and emitting from your very organs what is true.  The language of your heart is spoken everywhere. 

Does it sound instead like static?  Then what you are hearing/seeing is “BRAINTALK: CONTRAST: BRAINTALK: CONTRAST”.  It shouts at you and you are becoming deaf to its cries… Your heart hears only love, and the brain, in control for so long, is now losing its dominant role as the organizing body part.  The noise of the brain comes in super loud now because you have and are resonating with a different frequency these days; the frequency of the heart.  It is via contrast that creation is initiated; it may help to remember that.

This time is one of unlimited expansion without a map.  The limiting concepts of North, South, East, West, up, down, within and beyond do not serve as useful explanations.  Without directions we’ve no choice but to heed the call of the heart.

In an effort to capture what that means, words feel limiting and limited.  The challenge to express what has been called our “ultra-dimensional truth” is taken on here as an exercise in exploration.  For truth is known rather than spoken or written.  Names are separators and words are our training wheels, offering symbols for the language of the heart.  They “speak” for the part of us that has not yet remembered, yet is on the verge of total recall.

Information floods in now and we cherry pick what resonates.  We are on different individual paths.  The choices made just “feel right”.  This solitary collective journey has a guide for every intention.  We are not alone. Blogs, podcasts, youtube channels, groups, classes and programs make sure we know it. There is no right or wrong. 

As “time” now moves from one number to the next what emerges is a sort of awe at the singular enormity of what we are.  It becomes clear that words do not exist that capture our inherent precious core.  Terms like “eternal essence” and “agape” come close.  Maybe.

The voice and desire in your heart and head now springs from this process of remembering all that you are.  You are every component that exists.  There are cellular memories, yes.  They’ve been encoded with what we label “memory”.  This, in the sense that they are things that have “happened” in the “past”.  Yet time is a construct as we now understand it.  So, when did this “happening” occur? 

Always and all ways.  Our understanding of life is about to be blown wide open without any limitation.  We are beyond limits.

As we remember, this feeling of Oneness will leave us speechless.  Not that expression won’t be necessary.  Not that at all. Expression will instead be an active part of every beat of our heart.  Translators will not be necessary.  The heart speaks ONE language.

It speaks only love.  From my heart to yours I wish you abundance in all that you desire and a gentle remembering of whom it is that you are, with all of your power and complete perfection.  Raise your glass and celebrate you.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.


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Blessed, joyful New Year!

"Re-establishing our Direct Link to Source"

Re-establishing our Direct Link to Source
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Many of us are really starting to see and feel the New Earth. We are re-establishing our direct link to Source. Our Supreme Communication is being restored and from this perspective, we really do feel  a sense of Oness that comes with a specific request/mission for each of us. Each of us has a specific part or role to play in the Divine Orchestra.

The Awakened Dream/We are that I Am Consciousness, has a function for us that is absolutely the most fulfilling activity/service possible. This call is communicated through the loving desire of the true heart, the one that is much deeper then the emotional heart. The true heart does not waver, it simply waits for the ripples on the surface of the emtional heart/mind to settle so that we can tune in to our deepest intention/dreams/wishes with clarity.

The true heart is intoxicated by an amorous embrace and acceptance for every vibration and atom, every channel, every reflection, every version of You/Atman/Us/Family-Collective God/Guru etc in existence and beyond.

By calming the mind/heart and blossoming into the present we can receive all the energy, information and guidance we need to fully align with and be sublimely carried by our own divine current.For each of us there is a divine stream of energy-love-bliss-information, accessible only in the now, that is a constant source of peace, joy and abundance, if only we chose to align and harmonize with it. In many cases, this leads us to others who are creating on the same wave length, playing the same genre of life music, co-creating the same dream. Then, almost suddenly, all the pieces start to fall into a steady groove.

With no one in charge, when we all tune to the frequency that is aligned with our intention, all of life’s situations becomes an improvisation and all of life supports us. Instead of deciding what to do, we listen/tune in, wait for the signal, then play our part of the master piece for the Orchestra, and then be still again. We just ride the crest of the wave of creation in real time, in the now, with ease and grace.

It is very much like being part of a terrestrial pod of ecstatic inter-dimensional light beings (star dolphins) who come together to activate one another and the rest of the planetary grid of consciousness. Life unfolds astoundingly through a series of miracles.

Its time for us to come together and awaken as a community and be empowered by the function of our purpose. Ours is a function of Commune-I-cation. To receive, transmit and express the love-bliss-informtion of God(s)_Dreamer_Self(s) into the Dream Itself and all Our Projections/Reflectors until Self-Recognition is unmistakable, undeniable, and immediate, thus tangibly co-experienced. Being a channel of communication between Divine Holy Spirit and humanity. 

You are realizing that you are indeed beings of Love,
created in Love.

Funny how answers come to specfic words sometimes from places you don't expect.... Yesterday the thought kept crossing my mind, "when does the tipping point come?"  Technology is fine and useful but the amazing tech that is truly coming is the internal tech put into the human genome long long time ago... I-TECH...  -AK

by John Smallman ~ 12/29/2014

You are realizing that you are indeed beings of Love, created in Love.
The New Year, 2015, is nearly upon you, and I can assure you that it has some wonderful surprises in store for you!

Yes, I am being optimistic and up-beat because your task is to keep your spirits high so that you remain in the “fast lane” towards home, and one of my tasks is to assist and encourage you. But that does not mean that I am misleading you! I would never do that. However, many of you are feeling disappointed and let down because it seems to you that “the event,” for which you are all waiting so enthusiastically, has at best been delayed and at worst is a delusion that you bought into because the world situation appears so grim, and because you desperately wanted and needed something uplifting and inspiring to cling to.

Well “the event,” your awakening into your natural and fully conscious state, is more real than anything you have ever experienced within the illusory environment that seems to hold you unwillingly in its clutches. Truly you are not held unwillingly, you are just afraid to let go of the illusion to which you are clinging so firmly and consign yourselves into the loving arms of your Father, arms that He patiently holds open awaiting your acceptance of them.

You built the illusion, collectively of course, and you will demolish it. But its demolition will not be violent, there will be a very gentle but rapid melting away or dispersal of it as you collectively awaken into Reality. As you look around you now and see all the violence and suffering that so many are experiencing it is hard for you to conceive of such a dramatic change of scene, but humanity has made enormous strides on its path home to Love, and has made the irreversible choice to awaken.

The tipping point, at which your collective embrace of Love outweighs your collective hold on fear, totally dissolving it, is the moment for which you have all been waiting. It is your move from the nightmare, which seems to enfold you all either as participators – willing and unwilling – or as unhappy observers, into an environment of harmonious and loving cooperation where you will work together with those in other realms who are on standby ready to assist you to heal yourselves and the planet when the tipping point is reached.
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