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When love hurts (or runs out)

This is a picture of what is posted on a billboard in front of a nearby church. I drive past it each morning on my way to work. What follows is an attempt at an answer.

Love doesn't (hurt). This pain is your own definition of love. In Persian, Greek and Sanskrit alone there are as many as 90 different words for love, each with its own definition. Any emotional “hurt” can be reduced to unmet expectations. Love has no expectations, qualifications or conditions. It is the physical expression of your core. You are made of love.

Love's purpose is not to make you happy or fill up your empty heart. You are here to take care of these things on your own. It's true, that some others of us bring these qualities out better or more-so than others of us; like babies, kittens, puppies and brand new lovers. It's not true that they bring the love to you – they merely show it to you, as in a reflection. You had the love all along, right there in your heart.

Here's the thing. No loved one, regardless of who they are, “makes you happy” or “hurts you”. You may not enjoy some of what this “other” is saying or doing and you aren't required to. It's your choice as to whether or not you continue to participate with them. You don't have to. If you choose to leave, be clear on your reasons for going. You may leave them behind, but your expectations will be securely packed.

This time we've begun is all about clarity. Who you are is sticking out all over the place. Hidden agendas are not only being exposed on a world stage. They are being played out in our most intimate relationships.

What you'll never know is your loved one's reasons for doing or saying anything. If your choice is to stay put, you'll want to do something to make the relationship comfortable. You cannot change anyone. What you can do is use the power of creation we've recently discovered.

Your thoughts, feelings and words are creative. Rather than reacting with them, intend with them. Any situation perceived as “hurtful” can be altered for you through positive intent.

As you approach your loved one; set an intention. Something like “I intend the highest, best and most loving interaction. I see us all leaving this place feeling honored, heard and complete. And so it is.” Use whatever words make sense. Be sure to leave out what you are hoping or wishing for and leave in what you know is authentic and pure.

You cannot make someone act in a specific way without manipulation. This is not game playing. This is love without judgment or alteration. Each person in the relationship is respected here. The most beneficial interaction is what you are creating now. The results may surprise you, and the element of “time” plays into when these results are apparent.

Hold on and keep intending. Allow and love and you'll see your intentions manifest in the most magical and unsuspecting ways. Through it all, love yourself without condition or hesitation. It is your reflection that will bounce back at you in every relationship.

You are the one you've been waiting for.


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Contact Lost With Planes One by One as FAA Fire Spread

Photographer: Scott Olson/Getty Images
Contact Lost With Planes One by One as FAA Fire Spread
By Alan Levin  Oct 2, 2014 7:02 PM GMT+0100

Photographer: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Passengers at O'Hare International Airport on Sept. 26, 2014 in Chicago. All flights in... Read More
The first radio links with pilots were lost just as the pre-dawn crush of flights into Chicago began.

Air-traffic controllers in a nondescript Federal Aviation Administration building about 40 miles from the city switched to backup channels. Then those failed. They tried emergency connections, which also went dead.

Within minutes, radar feeds, flight plans and other data controllers rely on to direct more than 6,000 aircraft a day above five U.S. states had vanished as a fire was being set in a communications room one floor below. The attack was thorough and carried out by someone who knew the system intimately -- down to removing steel sheathing on data cables to destroy them, according to three people with knowledge of the incident.

“I opened the door, walked in two or three steps,” said Peter Hartman, a technician. “The smoke in there was just so thick you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face.”

The Sept. 26 outage, blamed on a suicidal communications technician, was the worst case of sabotage in the history of the nation’s air-traffic control system. Thousands of flights were canceled across the country on the first day, a figure that fell to about 200 yesterday. The FAA said it may take until Oct. 13 to replace damaged equipment and fully recover.

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“It was fast,” said Bryan Zilonis, a regional labor leader who used to work at the facility in suburban Aurora, Illinois, and was told what happened by his union members. As controllers started to clear out the airspace “the fire alarms went off and they realized something bigger was going on.”

Insider’s Knowledge

The attacker knew how to pull back the steel, protective cover so that it would be easier to destroy the wiring and fiber-optic cable, said the people familiar with the incident who asked not to be identified because the case is still under investigation.

The attacker also knew the system’s multiple backups and was able to damage or destroy those key links in a short period of time, they said.

Brian Howard, 36, a telecommunications field technician for Harris Corp. (HRS), was charged Sept. 26 with setting the fire that day to the air navigation facility. His defense lawyer, Ronald Safer, said Sept. 30 that he and his client hadn’t decided whether to contest the charge. Howard remains in custody and faces as many as 20 years in prison if convicted.

Fear Porn – An Attack on the Immune System

Fear Porn – An Attack on the Immune System
by Barbara H. Peterson
Farm Wars

Fear porn is running rampant. You’ve all heard the purveyors yelling “doom! doom!” at the top of their lungs every time another new and improved disease comes rolling down the pike. This year it is ebola. Last year it was the flu. Next year it will be something else.

But guess what? There are two very important things that you can do:

Bolster your immune system.

Turn down the volume on the fear porn.

Let’s face it. If you eat garbage, your immune system is garbage. If your immune system is garbage, you will get sick. Just how hard is that to understand? Health depends on the immune system. Sure, there are genetic predispositions towards certain diseases, but with a bolstered immune system, they can be warded off.

So, if you want a nation of sick, compliant people who are more than willing to pay through the nose for the “cure,” what do you do? Target the immune system. And that is exactly what is going on.
Our immune systems are targeted with each new GMO, each new pesticide, each new toxic food additive, each new water additive, each new vaccine, each new drug, each new…. and on and on. And believe it or not, we can include fear porn on that list.

Yes, fear porn plays a big part in weakening one’s immune system.

Fight or Flight

To produce the fight-or-flight response, the hypothalamus activates two systems: the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal-cortical system. The sympathetic nervous system uses nerve pathways to initiate reactions in the body, and the adrenal-cortical system uses the bloodstream. The combined effects of these two systems are the fight-or-flight response.

When the hypothalamus tells the sympathetic nervous system to kick into gear, the overall effect is that the body speeds up, tenses up and becomes generally very alert. If there’s a burglar at the door, you’re going to have to take action — and fast. The sympathetic nervous system sends out impulses to glands and smooth muscles and tells the adrenal medulla to release epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (noradrenaline) into the bloodstream. These “stress hormones” cause several changes in the body, including an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

At the same time, the hypothalamus releases corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) into the pituitary gland, activating the adrenal-cortical system. The pituitary gland (a major endocrine gland) secretes the hormone ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone). ACTH moves through the bloodstream and ultimately arrives at the adrenal cortex, where it activates the release of approximately 30 different hormones that get the body prepared to deal with a threat.

The sudden flood of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dozens of other hormones causes changes in the body that include:
  • heart rate and blood pressure increase
  • pupils dilate to take in as much light as possible
  • veins in skin constrict to send more blood to major muscle groups (responsible for the “chill” sometimes associated with fear — less blood in the skin to keep it warm)
  • blood-glucose level increases
  • muscles tense up, energized by adrenaline and glucose (responsible for goose bumps — when tiny muscles attached to each hair on surface of skin tense up, the hairs are forced upright, pulling skin with them)
  • smooth muscle relaxes in order to allow more oxygen into the lungs
  • nonessential systems (like digestion and immune system) shut down to allow more energy for emergency functions
  • trouble focusing on small tasks (brain is directed to focus only on big picture in order to determine where threat is coming from)

All of these physical responses are intended to help you survive a dangerous situation by preparing you to either run for your life or fight for your life (thus the term “fight or flight”). Fear — and the fight-or-flight response in particular — is an instinct that every animal possesses.

Here’s how it works: A new “threat” comes on the scene and the media launches into high gear, throwing us into instant “fight or flight” mode in which our immune systems are suppressed. If this is done over and over again, repeatedly, day after day, month after month, well, the immune system is suppressed over and over again, day after day, month after month, which leads to illness. It’s another con. Another way to profit off of our ignorance.

The media makes money because fear porn is addicting, and the docs and assorted pill pushers get rich when we get sick. Everyone makes money but the poor slob who is sucked dry. Yes, it really is that simple. And with all that money comes power, the ultimate aphrodisiac. And power is very addicting. Millionaire? Naw, not good enough… need more… and more… and more… It’s not the money anymore, it’s the high.

We are a nation of addicts and that addiction is driving us over the cliff. Time to end the addiction.
©2014 Barbara H. Peterson
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