Thursday, June 5, 2014

A reader writes....

On Jun 5, 2014, at 2:20 AM, (a reader) wrote:

Hi AK, I just wanted you to be wary of Linda D's channelling messages.  She is a wonderful lady and while I know she has her best interest at heart, you need to read between the lines of the messages.  If we love ourselves, we love all!  Love is key, but it's more than love (source), it's light (awareness), it's movement (creation), feeling (consciences) and intent (reality).  While this message is positive, it has the undertones of we need "mother's" help. We don't!  What her truth is not always THE truth. We need see it's more than using discernment, it's going back to source and finding ones own truth. And to say "Screw anyone who says anything otherwise”.

Believe me I totally get where you are coming from.  I have had my own concerns with L.D. channelings from 2012 Grener’s Neptune spaceship trip.  In regards to the “Neptune” it was Dani. who pointed out to me that of the first 20 people who signed up for that adventure, 2/3 are now colleagues of mine in this banking system work we have done with Heather.   None of us knew each other back then.

Assuming the channeling back in January 2012 about the trip on the Neptune was a real offer….and all of us I know felt it was,.  Perhaps the purported Captain of the Neptune, Grener, or his supervisors (perhaps 6d “divines”) looked at our energetic signatures and time lines (they have that ability to a certain degree)...and simply blew their minds in who stepped forward and who they’d be awakening had the taken us physically outside of the energetic “consciousness veil” that surrounds this earth.   In retrospect neither Dani nor I think its coincidental that trip was cancelled.   The excuses given were lame and I felt horribly for what Steve Beckow had to go through during that whole ordeal as it must have caused him a great deal of embarrassment.  But he bore it well and carried on with his work.

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