Monday, April 14, 2014

The Word

The speed with which decisions are made by you is an indication of which part of yourself you are listening to.  So many times the thoughts used to direct your life and monitor your activities are thoughtless regurgitations of things you were taught by your elders in a very different time.

Habit is the reason so many of us end up unhappy.  It sort of takes over and replaces conscious choice with behavior that does not serve you or help to attain any of your goals.

Habits are a form of addiction and we continue them not because they bring us any pleasure but because we cannot seem to stop.

What does it take to end a behavior that, if you were thinking clearly, you would not engage in?  Habits are broken only when something better shows up – when you have replaced them with something you’d rather do.

This seems so straightforward yet it is not.  The key is to find something that yields a more desirable result, or gets you something you deeply long for.  Reminders are necessary, as well as support.

It helps to talk about the habit you are attempting to change.  Words are creative.  So many of us miss that aspect of the creative process and keep our most cherished dreams a secret.  We harbor them as if speaking them aloud would take away their specialness.   

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Speak about the things you wish for – to anyone who will listen.  As scripture says, “In the beginning was the Word”.

Words are a powerful creative force.  You have not been told enough about them.  Saying things again and again, habitually, only reinforces some part of your life you are most likely not enjoying.

Phrases like “I can’t ________”, “This never works”, “I’m too _____” “It’s my bum leg or my bad ear or my weak eye” only reinforces a physical condition that may not be serving your life’s goals.

We’ve grown up thinking that complaints like this are just the facts, and are harmless.  It is time to understand how effective words are.  Advertising is a trillion dollar industry and it is blasted into your ears at every turn.  It seems passive and harmless yet annoying, when in fact it is a creative bit of control and is affecting your life in a very real way.  What you hear registers on some level and you make no choice about it; you are accepting it as truth.

Advertising reinforces ideas around illness, weakness, disease, beauty, success, fear and strength that are sitting in your psyche for the most part unchallenged.  If you don’t give thought to what you hear on a continual basis, you are more likely than not going to repeat whatever it is telling you in your own life. 

Choose carefully which words you surround yourself with and those that come out of your own mouth. Words are real, and effective manifestors.  Even without intent they create your life – merely by repetition.

All of life is a creative act.  It is your masterpiece.  The colors in your pallet are many.  Thoughts, words and actions that are spoken, heard, felt and witnessed all work together to create your everyday.  Once you are alert and aware of the way they mix together you can alter the hue.  This takes consciousness and everyday awareness.  It is not necessary to stop, but to start.  The focus on stopping only brings that thing, (the thing you are attempting to stop), forefront in your mind, creating more of it.

Start to speak always with purpose and you’ll watch your life play out exactly as you’ve planned.  Listen.  Appreciate the power in the word.  This is a power you hold right now.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.


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