Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Weather Vane

Picture This time now brings with it direction.  Like a weather vane, you’ve been turning with each shift of energy.  These winds are slowing down now, and you find yourself focused or at the very least starting to focus on one place.

All of the preparations and “upgrades” if you will, have changed both you and your life.  You are not the same you that you were prior to 12-21-12 and probably not thinking about the same things.  This evolution taking place for so many has and is altering the course of the planet.  You are One.

So where are you headed?  As you participate in each day you will be shown your answer.  Whatever it is you seek more of – focus there.  You pretty much command the weather vane and always have.  With consciousness now, your direction and arrival is not a surprise.

Creation is not magic, it is how life works.  The timing and appearance of things depends on the clarity of your intent and that of the universe.  It works every time.  Consistency and perseverance speed up the process.  Keeping your weather vane steady guarantees you’ll arrive precisely where you intend.

The thing that slows down the process is doubt.  Disbelief is something we are all familiar with.  My son wrote a comic when he was 12 years old.  It had 3 panels. In the first was a man jumping off a roof.  In the second was the same man flying through the air with these words in a speech bubble “I’m flying!  I can’t believe it!”  In the third panel, he falls to the ground.

Faith may have gotten a bad rap.  It’s been used to manipulate us and asked us to assign it to things we can’t see but were told were true.  Having faith in a book or an invisible God is not the same.  What is necessary now is faith in you, in the act of creation and the law of attraction.  These ideas may have felt counter to “reality” when you believed all that you were told by your institutions and their mouthpiece – the media. You have other information now and can decide for yourself what is real. Believe in your dreams and watch them play out.

This is as much doing as it is self talk.  This physical plane requires action as well as faith.  There’s a difference between doing something you’ve been told to do and doing something as a means to an end you’ve picked out yourself.  Thoughts and to a greater extent, feelings determine the effect our actions have.  It has to feel good in order for it to have the desired effect.  This means you have to feel good.  Happiness is not frivolous, it is imperative.

Ideas of a “work ethic” and “dedication” and “productivity” have been force fed to you for generations.  These fictitious attitudes are seen as necessary ingredients to “earn a living”.  Each is presented as a “good” quality to have, inspiring trust and dependence.  These are not “bad” qualities to possess, yet they are not able to be accurately determined by anyone else.  That is, without using their own agenda as a marker. When judged from the outside, they are indications of reaching someone else’s goals, not your own. Thus they stand as opinions, not truths.

It is not possible to earn what you have.  This is difficult to wrap your head around; this lack of necessity to “earn”.  Yet “earn a living” is an intentional idea placed in the populace to pave the way for servitude.  If you “earn” something like a living, it means you are dependent on someone else to give it to you.  It also means it can be taken away.  You are living.  No earning necessary.

Words have been played with and placed in our dialogue.  This, so that we’d proceed, without hesitation, and follow the plan.  You can’t help but be dedicated or productive; everything you do is a means to an end.  Be clear on where your weather vane is pointed so that you get to the place you’ve consciously chosen.

This is not to say that you are somehow failing if you keep your job.  It is asking you to re-think any judgments you hold about alternative options.  All judgments are separators and this particular judgment only keeps the current system of slavery in place.  Ultimately, we all thrive without any ideas of “earning a living”.

If you harbor beliefs around laziness, or a welfare state, understand that you’ve been fed them.  Each of us is equally worthy of food, clothing and shelter regardless of circumstance.

A lust for “more” is prevalent in man today.  It is seen not because of any inborn trait, but because he was created to serve and then surrounded in opulence he could never have.  He was then told he could work for it - if he made himself favorable to the one in power. Having “more” became the carrot on the stick.  A 14 carat carrot.

Man’s true nature is found internally.  Reaching deep within you’ll find that freedom, comfort and health is in truth what you seek, as opposed to “more”.  Today on earth these things come with wealth. They don’t have to.

So choose, focus, and intend. Have faith in you.  Trust the process. By these means you’ll arrive wherever you have pointed that weather vane.  Do so without opinion as to the directions of others, and the freedom to direct our own lives, unimpeded, will lead all of us to sovereignty.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

     April 11th on Double Dutch Radio there is an interview with Lucas and I!  Listen here.

Teleportation From One Location to Another

Image Credit: Wikimedia / Aliberti

Teleportation From One Location to Another
January 30, 2014 | Filed under: Breaking News,News,Sci & Tech | Posted by: Amanda Froelich

By: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

The concept of teleportation mainly stems from science fiction novels and movies, but what was once considered fantasy has been validated as reality in 2014. For some time, developments in quantum theory and general relativity physics have been made, leading up to recent breakthroughs which have opened up a wide arena of study in the future.

Last week, numerous teleportation breakthroughs were recorded. One example is the work of Professor Rainer Blatt from the University of Innsbruck. He and the others on his team were able to successfully perform teleportation on atoms for the first time. Their work was published in the journal Nature, and lends interesting insight into this phenomena.

Without using a physical link, the scientists were able to transfer key properties of one particle to another. In this case, the teleportation occurred in the form of transferring quantum states between two atoms, which include the atom’s energy, motion, magnetic field, and other physical properties.

This is possible due to the strange behavior that exists at the atomic scale; it’s a phenomenon called entanglement, or what Einstein labeled as “spooky action”.

A similar study was published by a team at the University of Queensland in the journal of Nature 2013. The physicists demonstrated that successful teleportation with solid state systems is possible. This is a process by which, again, quantum information can be transmitted from one place to another without sending a physical carrier of information. It is made possible through the mysterious occurrence known as ‘entanglement’.

Quantum teleportation has been replicated by numerous scientists all over the world. Exploring matter at this depth is intriguing for all those curious as to the capability and potential of the Universe.

While the above examples all refer to quantum teleportation, another form of teleportation is psychic. This is the conveyance of persons or inanimate objects by psychic means.

Eric Davis from FBIS shared his insight, “It became known to myself, along with several colleagues both inside and outside of government, that anomalous teleportation has been scientifically investigated and separately documented by the Department of Defense.” No longer is it a mysterious fantasy reserved for movies, but a reality which will most likely become further explored.

In certain areas of the world, China, specifically, psychic teleportation has already been documented. In 1981, the journal Ziran Zazhi (Nature Journal) titled, “Some Experiments on the Transfer of Objects Performed by Unusual Abilities of the Human Body” reported that “gifted children” were able to cause the teleportation of small, physical objects from one place to another. Some of the items included watches, horseflies, insects, radio micro-transmitters, photosensitive paper, and more.

Never were the objects touched beforehand, and the experiments were done under both blind and double-blind conditions. Researchers came from various colleges and sectors of the Department of Defense. It’s an exceptional case which has been showed to the public because of its necessity, according to the paper published in the People’s Republic of China.

More research was done by the Aerospace Medicine Engineering Institute in Beijing, the July of 1990. Published in the Chinese journal of Somatic Science (Kongzhi et al.,1990: Jinggenet al., 1990; Banghui; 1990), the study reported several experiments involving high speed photography videotaping which was able to capture the transfer of test specimens like nuts, matches, nails, pills, and more through the walls of sealed paper envelopes, sealed glass tubes, sealed plastic film canisters, and more without the walls of these containers being breached. All of the experiments reported using gifted children and adults to cause the teleportation of various materials.

Interestingly, it was reported that all of the test specimens remained in their original state after teleportation, including the insects. These examples show the mysterious qualities of the Universe and the potential capabilities all human beings may have, yet lack the insight on how to perform.

Artist interpretation of portals. Image Credit: Flickr / KamrenB Photography

There was no explanation to explain the results from the Chinese studies. While the studies show the scientific procedure for measuring the repeatable and objectively documented experiments (with any possibility of fraud ruled out), most are still stumped at how these phenomena were able to occur.

This has created a new movement in the scientific community; some researchers believe it’s time to think outside of the box and possibly accept there’s more to life than what meets the eye. “The results of the Chinese teleportation experiments can simply be explained as a human consciousness phenomenon that somehow acts to move or rotate test specimens through a 4th special dimension, so that specimens are able to penetrate the solid walls/barriers of their containers without physically breaching them,” said Eric Davis, Ph.D., FBIS.

These examples all demonstrate the validity of consciousness, and the many different influences it can have on our physical material world. No doubt findings will be released in the future that more deeply comprehend the phenomena and lend insight into the many mysteries of human life and the cosmos.


Deterministic Quantum Teleportation with Atoms

Teleporation China, 1981 Journal

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Things I am Grateful For...

Things I am Grateful For...
by American Kabuki

I am grateful for life.  I am grateful for death, for it showed me the value of human life and that it all is perfect even the tough parts. I am grateful for being given 2nd chance of human life and being sent back here.  I am grateful for the NDE that showed me there is a bigger reality and there is no death, only transitions of state of being.

I am grateful to my ex-wife, our marriage was difficult, but I learned much about myself and what needed to change, and that I could not change anyone else, only me.  I am grateful she was a woman of integrity and one who always kept a confidence even if she never quite understood me. I am grateful for the child she gave birth to and raised.

I am grateful to my wonderful daughter, my little budding little astrophysicist.  May you travel the skies you now ponder and study in college!

I am grateful for MRSA, for showing that the American health care system is very flawed, and what happens when Germ warefare escapes the bio-labs and gets into San Diego beach water.  And I am grateful to the nurses and doctors who kept me alive despite the odds...  I am grateful to the Health Informatics course that showed me even more how flawed the health care system is...and why I don't want to be involved with it or automating it...  I am grateful for physical therapists and health club instructors who taught me how to eat again, walk again and helped me regain fine motor control when climbing and descending steps.  I am thankful for all the body changes and healing that makes that all seem like a distant memory.

I am grateful for bankruptcy, for discharging the enormous 1/3 million dollar hospital debt, the MRSA infection caused me.  I am grateful for it all stripping everything from me, until there was nothing to ponder but making a better world. For making time for me, in my recovery to pursue deeper matters of existence.

I am grateful to the bankers who got so greedy they killed their own banking empire.  I am grateful to all the readers who came to my blog to read about banker resignations.

I am grateful to Heather, Caleb and Randall for doing the OPPT filings.  For being the hidden force that was causing the banker resignations around the world.  I am grateful that I got to meet all but Randall, and to even live with Heather and Caleb has been a highlight of my life.  I am so grateful for that experience!

I am grateful for KP, Dani, Lisa, Brian, Bob, and all the others who came along after them too numerous to mention.  What an amazing journey it has all been together since 2012!

I am grateful to the women who did the healing work on me in Tangier last May, and grateful that the edema that plagued my ankles post MRSA has been gone for over 10 months. I am grateful that my legs are regrowing new skin tissue and much of the scarring is going away.  I am grateful my left knee is healed and now functioning perfectly.   I am grateful to Vera's Pilates instruction that is helping healing the remaining issue of the abdominal hernia   Of all the things I have faced this one is mostly cosmetic and it has improved by at least 50% since I came to Morocco. For that I am thankful.

I am grateful for having the most resilient body I could have ever been given by Source.  I am grateful for its service when I was young and handsome and fat and old. I am grateful for my body losing so much weight since coming to Morocco and deciding to grow another inch height and another size larger in shoe size.  I am grateful for all the transitions in life, Poor to wealthy and back again, handsome, ugly  and fat and soon handsome again.  I got to experience how all conditions of being felt and learned compassion from it all.  I am especially grateful to those special friends who saw the true me even in my worst moments of body or mind.

I am grateful to all the kind people I have met in Morocco, who continue to enhance my life and existence.  They have taught me the value of friendships and community.  I am grateful for the organic food they grow, and their hospitality and genuineness.

I am grateful to all the people who read my blog, and especially grateful to those donated at critical junctures of my life.    I would not be here without you and your support.

I am grateful for Hope Girl and the QEG and those engineers who will make that an every day item around the world. I am grateful those people will soon be here and bring something that can truly change the world.  I am grateful for all the new inventions yet to come that will change this planet.

I am grateful to all the beings seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious,  of separation and of ONE, of every persuasion and polarity, who have contributed to Eternal Essence's absolute plan for changing this world into something truly astounding.

I love you all!
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