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Max Keiser on Global Reset...

We'll see what happens... I remain skeptical... however the information on Bitcoin is most interesting...

The Spotlight of Transparency Illuminates Everything.

The Spotlight of Transparency Illuminates Everything.
Posted By D.

For clarity and transparency, the following is a conversation I had a couple of days ago. As it had to do with the claim of nontransparent communications, I felt it best to put it out here publicly so that everyone can see it- in FULL TRANSPARENCY.


Stop the Presses!

The plan was to immerse ourselves in the local, become agents for change in our own community, so we ordered the area newspaper.  That was two months ago. It is supposed to be delivered 4 days a week.  We were lucky if it showed up ½ that much.

The engagement started out friendly, merely asking for a credit for the missed deliveries.  As it developed into a regular occurrence, (we were surprised when it showed up); contact became a bit testier.  It was the subject of our conversations each day.  “Did we get the paper today?”  We expected to be disappointed, and frustration emerged as our expectations were met.

Until this week.  We cancelled the deliveries and forgot all about it.  There was no thinking about it, discussion or resulting emotion.  We’ve gotten a paper every single day.  Go figure.

What can be said here that you haven’t heard?  Consciousness asks us to stand always at attention.  It is the opposite of sleep.  Slavery cannot emerge from oneness.  Unity is not possible if “us” and “them” are perceived.  There is only One.

The solution is not to fight.  It is to become; to realize your sovereignty; to unconditionally cherish; to absolutely love.

As soon as we stop looking outside of ourselves for fault or blame or truth or value – we will find agape.  At the end of every moment let it be said that above all – you loved.

Everywhere still there is separation and slavery. The difference is we can see it now.  The gift of these times is that our eyes are open and they are seeing 20/20.  No longer blinded by fear, we can visualize a world of sovereign beings.  This is the world we’ll create as we shed the bonds of ownership and servitude.

Be gentle with yourself and everyone else.  The pull is strong to depend on and blame each other.  Assertion rather than aggression will effect the longest lasting change.  In anger rests an assumption of separation.  Passion and enthusiasm are key components; name calling and finger pointing aren’t.

This shift is happening to all of us.  There is not your way or my way that is right; there is our way.  We all have our part.  Every emotion is perfect, and each thought creative.  With every day dawns the possibility for the new.

If there was one thing only to gain from these words it would be this – our compulsion to seek answers elsewhere does not serve our stated intent – freedom.  One who is free asks and serves no one.  Freedom is not granted so much as assumed.  We will not take back something we’ve never lost.

There is a subtle shift as we stop waiting and instead become.  Don’t miss it or disregard its importance.  There are no insignificant moments.  Self love happens in small increments.  Acceptance brings peace and what becomes room for the creation of a blissful life.  Note the difference in how it feels to fix something that is wrong with you versus creating a new version.

Many of us perceive physical and financial maladies.  Belief is the most powerful creative force.  Instead of changing what we believe is a real problem, create a version more appealing.  Thus we are releasing that creative force which holds our beliefs firmly in place.

Against all reasonable, logical and rational sense – see only what you want and hold that vision.  Utilize all available contrasting options as a stark backdrop to the life you’ve been wanting.  Stop reading someone else’s version.  This is yours and you alone hold the determining blueprint for its manifestation.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

Be alert!

Be alert!
10/20/2013 by John Smallman

The excitement continues to mount as does the intensity of humanity’s collective intent to awaken.  The ocean of Love flooding the planet is embracing you all, everyone is immersed, there are no holdouts or exceptions, and the effects are absolutely amazing.  Yes, a very small minority of hardcore illusionists are still refusing to acknowledge the unreality of the environment that they are attempting to shore up, but their efforts and intentions are futile as the power of humanity’s collective intent strengthens and engages ever more fully with the divine ocean or field of Love in which all are enfolded.  The illusion is disintegrating rapidly, and that small core of refuseniks who are trying to hold on to power and control by supporting and maintaining that unreal and unloving state of affairs will just be gently relocated to an area where they can continue playing their games without in the least way inconveniencing the rest of humanity.  The time for controlling, dominating, and manipulating others is over because the New Age is one in which synergistic and loving cooperation provides a harmonious environment for all to enjoy to the full free from unwarranted authoritarian hindrance or interference of any kind. Your Father created you free, and free you will always remain. Your awakening into the awareness and experience of that your natural state is the event for which you are all enthusiastically waiting. You will not be disappointed!

The message for today is “Be alert.” The grand event is very close, and as it happens the joy that humanity experiences will be wondrous. You have been waiting eons for this great spiritual and evolutionary step forwards and upwards which was planned as soon as the “separation” occurred, and its time is now almost upon you. Time is a difficult concept for you, being part of the illusion and seemingly very real, but in fact there is only “Now.” Now is eternal, everything that happens happens now, there is no other time . . . there is no time!

Thank you! Almost there!

Thank you for the donations to the airfare!  We are getting very close to what is needed, about $500 more and we're there.

Thank you again from my heart to yours! ♥☺

Update on the upcoming trip to Morocco

By American Kabuki (Bill)

Just an update on the Morocco trip, my traveling friend has been delayed so I've decided that his time lines are probably not going to coincide with mine.    He'll probably come along later once he gets his projects finished. I know he wants to meet Heather.  He has obligations he can't get out of right now that prevent him from traveling.  So time for me to move forward with what I need to get done.  I am going to attempt to raise some funds for the $1500 airfare I need to get there on my own.  I know he'd buy it if he could go, but he can't right now.

Lots has been going on at home, my spouse and I are parting company, this has been brewing for a number of years and it seems to be mutual. I've known for a number of years this day was coming. We'll end up friends, we began as friends.   We're filing a no-fault divorce in California which in most cases doesn't even require appearing before a judge.   But its awkward at times.   But I know if I don't pursue my heart I'll end up back in the ICU I was in 2009.   The body, mind and heart have to be coherent to be well.  I must go.  I did my best to make it work but its not working. I agreed to be out of the house by the end of November so that's my current bottom line. After that I am homeless.  My partner is not a bad person and I'll never say anything bad about her.  She was a wonderful mother to my daughter. She just doesn't quit get the intensity I felt about what I am doing the last couple of years and desires a more "normal" life and avoiding attention.  I've never done "normal" very well... nor do I blend in well.  I want to change the world into a better place. So there lies the basic conflict.  No right or wrong to it. It just is.  Different personalities and needs.

I have work to do and a place to stay.  But first I got to get there.   And the nice thing about what I will be doing is that its not dependent on any country, and I can keep doing it when I leave, whenever that may be.  My desire is to stay at least a year and become very fluent in French and maybe learn a bit of Arabic too.  I have some rudimentary "taxi-cab" French skills from year I spent working for the French TGV train installing computer systems ready for the Channel Tunnel Eurorail system, but they need much polishing.  I feel very much at home in French cultures and Morocco has a lot of French influence.

Once I get there I might even be able at long last to remove ads from my blog, if things go well. That's been kind of a necessary evil for me as a tiny source of income as I have been in this transition since 2009 from coming literally back from the dead (I had the whole Near Death Experience thing), exploring what the dimensional change was I was told about was in my NDE (thank you Blossom Goodchild and Sheldon!).  I have spent the years since 2009 rebuilding my body, muscle control and health, when I got out of ICU I had to relearn how to walk and feed myself. Then I rebuilt my leg muscles so I could go up and down stairs safely, I lost fine motor skills and control and had to redevelop  that. I am healthy now and I can go overseas and pursue my joys and passions.   Lots of years left in me so its time to go be productive.

If you can, and feel motivated to do so, please consider sending $5 or so via the PayPal link on the right side of the blog.  With the size of the readership I have $5 does a lot.  This is a real need for me now.  I've got less than 5 weeks left here and I'll probably be backing close into the end of my November deadline now just trying to get an affordable air fare.

Once I am there I will of course keep the blog going as usual.  Location doesn't matter for that.

In any case that's what's going on here. I love you all and thank for taking the time to read my blog and for sending me all the wonderful emails, articles, thank yous, criticisms and jokes that I get.  I really do have an amazing audience of readers.  You mean so much to me!  Love you all!

GAIA PORTAL: Energetics of Gaia Near Completion for
“hu-manity to Hue-manity” Transformation

Energetics of Gaia Near Completion for “hu-manity to Hue-manity” Transformation
by ÉirePort

5th Level sensitivities are now complete among Hue-Beings.

Connections with Higher Source and Higher Róles have been fully acknowledged and accepted.

Upgraded hu-manity is close to fulfillment of requisites for "hu-manity to Hue-manity" transformation.

"Higher-Self" sovereignty has been recognized by the majority of hu-manity. Awaiting increase in acceptance levels.

Energetics of Gaia near completion for "hu-manity to Hue-manity" transformation.

ÉirePort | October 19, 2013 at 02:42

Gaia Portal: Omicron 2.0 Established

I have no idea what this means... -Bill

Omicron 2.0 Established
by ÉirePort

Omicron 2.0  established. Attenuation 3.3. Resource Level 4.6.

ÉirePort | October 19, 2013 at 02:25
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