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Color requires light and dark

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I read some of Goethe's work on colors, its a remarkable study on the nature of light that artists can appreciate. Quite different from the approach of physics.  -Bill

Light Darkness and Colors: A fascinating Journey Through the Universe of Colors

Alexandra Bruce
October 6, 2013

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This film is unquestionably unusual: it's about how the renowned German philosopher/poet, Goethe actually spent most of his life studying colors and how they affect us. Using Goethe's 'Theory of Colors' (Zur Farbenlehre) as point of departure, this film, 'Light Darkness and Colors' takes us on a fascinating journey through the universe of colors. 

In 1704, Sir Isaac Newton published "Light and Refraction", his study of the interactions between sunlight and prisms. Newton was, as a good scientist, intent on achieving objectivity, which meant studying sunlight in isolation. He thought colors were contained solely in light, and found the spectrum he was looking for. 

But when Goethe reproduced this experiment, he found another, hidden set of colors missed by Newton. Goethe found the hidden colors in the boundaries between light and darkness. He felt, as an artist, that one could not talk about light without including darkness. Calling it 'the light-darkness polarity', Goethe made this new scientific discovery using artistic methods in conjunction with science. The film shows the different spectra viewed and described by two of the most celebrated thinkers of modern Western history and it opens one's own eyes to the colors we overlook, every day. This is a rare film that you will not see all over the place. - See more at: #sthash.Cwzc9u1H.dpuf

Heavenletter #4702 Living and Loving in Oneness,
October 9, 2013

Heavenletter #4702 Living and Loving in Oneness, October 9, 2013

God said:

Lift up your eyes to Mine. Even if you can’t literally see My eyes, I will be looking into the depth of your eyes. We will look into the depths. We will immerse in the Vastness, and you will know that it is not clear to you which One of Us is Which. Just as Our hearts meld, so do Our eyes. We are One, beloveds, whichever way you slice it. We are One. Oneness is, and We are One, and We are Each Other as One. One it is. One is enough. One is plenty. What more can We desire but to live in Oneness?

We have always been One. You have not always known this. Not by a long-shot, have you.

We have the same birth date. There is one date of birth. Call it yours or call it Mine, makes no difference to the Reality. It is said that I began life. I created it. It’s true. And yet you, this reflection of Mine, were with Me at the moment of Creation, and One with Me you are now.

It has been said that the world is One. One World. And yet the windows you look out through present a different scene depending upon whether you are in the tropics or at the North Pole. So much variety in One World, and, yet, the World is One. So much variety in each individual person – never two alike – and yet there is One. I do not say only One. I say the Magnificence of One.

Welcome to My World. Welcome to Myself, for I am you, and you are I, and how beautiful I am in every manifestation of Myself. In Reality, there is no telling Us apart, and yet you may well see Me as opposite to you, and all the other human beings as better or as less than you and less than I. How mistaken you are.

These beautiful eyes of Mine within yours can see many things. You can also see Me in the sense of Closeness to Me. I have a Presence, and so do you.

You look outside a lot. Yet what does it mean that the Kingdom of Heaven is within? Within Me is everyone, and, therefore, One. Within you is everyone, and, therefore, One. One is Totality. Whatever you see when you look out the window of your room, that is also Oneness in its diversity.

We are in union. There is One Life, and I live it, and so do the seeming everyone else. Never mind, We are One. I am One, and you are One. Oneness is. And that’s all there is. And it’s enough. It’s plenty. I am filled with Oneness, and so are you.

What a privilege it is to be I. What a privilege it is for Me to seem to be you. What an experience! What a development! What a conclusion to come to! From Nothingness is Everythingness, and all is One under God. All is One within God. I AM you speaking. I AM you hearing Me speak. I AM. I AM. I AM. And I AM you. There is just One of Us, therefore, no Us. So close are We – AM I – that there is no separation except in perception.

I am a Seer, and I see you. And you are a seer or a seeker and who sees and seeks Me Who is your Very Self. What fun I AM. What a variety of stories I tell. All the while I am planted in Heaven and on Earth. I AM Oneness Supreme. And what are you, the supposed you? You are I, and you are Oneness Supreme. This is a secret you have kept from yourself. Admit into your awareness this Consciousness now. Be conscious of where you dwell, for you dwell with Me and within Me as One.

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Eldon Taylor: How what you do, affects the human heart

Eldon Taylor: How what you do, affects the human heart
Posted by American Kabuki 
October 9, 2013

I was driving late last night and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory was on the radio. George was interviewing Eldon Taylor and I found this particular section on the heart pertinent to this moment of NOW. Many are struggling with the concept of thinking with the heart rather than the intellect, and I think this might help.  

You can listen to the full interview here:

Winging It

This mountain top is familiar, yet not as comfortable as remembered.  It feels mostly, well, windy. Quiet.  Stark.  It is going to take some wings to move on.  Specially made wings, fitted for just this body. 

It’s time to fly.  It’s going to be interesting without the usual navigational equipment.  You see, it’s all broken.  Not for a lack of effort, mind you.  All of the usual suspects were consulted to repair the damage:

  • Anger
  • Blame
  • Hurt
  • Judgment
  • Protection
  • Illusion
  • Pity
  • Self defeat
None of them did the job.

When the tool chest was emptied, all that was heard was the wind at the top of that mountain; all that was left was agape:


Is all

Just a love contest

And I never


Now you have another good reason

To spend more time



“The Gift” by Haviz

… crumpled and tossed in the corner, easy to disregard.  Yet desperation demands that all options be considered.

If I want to fly, I’ll need some wings.  If I want some wings, I’ll need love to make them.  I looked closer at the crumpled up paper of agape and found something written on the back – other tools:
  • Acceptance
  • Forgiveness
  • Trust
  • Joy
That last one?  Well, it must be some new fangled, 21st century, quantum meta physical gadget.  Not sure how that would grow these wings, but, desperate now, I tried them all.

It was scary.  This mountain is high.  These eyes are wide open.  There is no map and it’s a long way down.

But I’m not going down.  These wings were built to fly.  They may take me somewhere, someday, but it doesn’t really matter.  No need to worry about the landing.  Not today.  Today I fly.  There’s also no need to worry about:

What the wings look like

How much the wings cost

Where there parts came from

How many others see them/want them/touch them/use them

Keeping the wings safe

It is so much easier to fly with wings and without worries that I’ve decided to stay up here.  While there are lots of potential problems with landing, that’s not the plan.  Not today.

There are lots of pairs of wings up here and it’s beautiful.  And that last one?  Joy?  It seems to be the key component of the most powerful wings.

We don’t have to wait anymore for the really happy part.  We can just create it with our hearts.  It is there from which every necessary tool is built.

We are Master builders, creators and fliers; let’s fill the skies with our wings and the air with our song.  With each meeting and greeting we’ll remember the truth and laugh.  Mountain tops were never made for sitting on.  They are just windy, cold, lonely places.  They are, however, perfect launch pads.

Let’s fly.  We’ve been waiting a very long time, and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


How the Value of Collateral is Damaged

Rehypothecation of Collateral

Before you get a headache or a pain in your side, rehypothecation is not as difficult to understand as spelling the word. Definition of 'Rehypothecation':

“The practice by banks and brokers of using, for their own purposes, assets that have been posted as collateral by their clients. Clients who permit rehypothecation of their collateral may be compensated either through a lower cost of borrowing or a rebate on fees.

In a typical example of rehypothecation, securities that have been posted with a prime brokerage as collateral by a hedge fund are used by the brokerage to back its own transactions and trades. While rehypothecation was a common practice until 2007, hedge funds became much more wary about it in the wake of the Lehman Brothers collapse and subsequent credit crunch in 2008-09.

In the United States, rehypothecation of collateral by broker-dealers is limited to 140% of the loan amount to a client, under Rule 15c3-3 of the SEC.”

Well, now that it is clear, isn’t it? Still need a better explanation, watch the video Rehypothecation.

Look at the practice as a giant musical chairs orchestra, conducting a continuous symphony. As long as the tune plays, the multi pledged collateral is safe from foreclosure.

Consider that the entire fiat paper financial system is based upon a promise to pay. The original capital plus the interest juice is incorporated within the pledge from the borrower to the lender. However, in the real world only the super privileged and connected negotiate market rate or below, loans without collateral. For the rest of the garden-variety beggars that need to go hat in hand to scrounge money, they had better be willing to put up security for the note obligation.

Of course, unsecured credit card usury rates are the exception to manageable interest rates.

In the realm of high finance the rules for swinging deals takes on surreal implications when leveraging, gearing and syndication pooling share the risk by pledging security instruments to gain loan approval.

The complications are that such guarantees often do not hold unencumbered rights to the underlying security. Obtaining insurance coverage to warrant the value of the collateral is one way to satisfy the lender. Add to this expose the practice of re-insurance when the original underwriter books out their portions of the default risk to another more daring insurer.

While the security industry rules limit the percentage of rehypothecation, do not forget this is the same fraternity that invented the practices of derivatives and swaps.

The subscription service,, offers this assessment in the article, WGMR rehypothecation rules unclear and confusing, say lawyers.

"The rules are contained within new margin requirements for uncleared derivatives, the final version of which was published on September 2 by the Working Group on Margining Requirements (WGMR), a body run jointly by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the International Organization of Securities Commissions. The decision to allow strictly limited rehypothecation of customer assets comes after the WGMR initially appeared to rule the practice out in its first July 2012 consultation document. A subsequent February 2013 ‘near-final' paper asked whether some rehypothecation should be allowed with strict controls, but the latest iteration of the rules is the first time the conditions for rehypothecation have been fleshed out in detail.

The WGMR stipulates that customer assets collected as initial margin on uncleared derivatives trades can only be rehypothecated to a third party to hedge the dealer's derivatives position arising out of transactions with customers for which initial margin was posted. This collateral can only be rehypothecated once – so, the third party would not be able to re-use the assets again.

Any rehypothecated initial margin must be treated as customer collateral and segregated from proprietary assets – a condition that extends to the third party after rehypothecation. Crucially, the customer must also be protected from the risk of loss of initial margin in the event the dealer or third party, or both, collapse."

Do you really believe that any set of rules will prevent the security brotherhood from comingling customer funds? Maybe putting Jon Corzine, the MF Global Holdings guru in charge of regulation enforcement would bring clarity to a complex system of double-dealing.

Sure, such an expert on circumventing the law would be the optimum sheriff to round up the rehypothecation bandits. Well, just understand the significance that the lawyers and barristers acknowledge, in the WGMR report.

"Cash is fully fungible, making it difficult to segregate from other assets, lawyers point out. Full title to the cash is given to the dealer, and all the customer has is a contractual claim for repayment of an equal amount of cash, meaning it would effectively rank as an unsecured creditor in the event of a default. In contrast, securities posted as collateral under a security interest arrangement can be segregated and traceable."

Oh golly, the smoking gun verbalized by the officers of the court . . .

The depositor relinquishes their ownership of funds to the security dealer. When the music is over, turn out the lights. Maybe the message from the Jim Morrison’s song is a warning to investors and borrowers alike. Just close the door on the opaque scheme to overestimate the underlying value of collateral security.

When the only recourse to recoup your losses rests upon an unsecure creditor status in a bankruptcy, the capital formation of the economic system ceases to function. Conversely, before the borrower rejoices that the financial institution takes a mortal hit to their balance sheet, the collapse of liquidity brings hardship to the entire economy.

Common sense in banking is gone. Indemnity protection in securities is worthless. If left to the financial elites to rescue the paper monitory structure, the gnomes of default will just rehypothecate the entire system by claiming the same ownership, of all-collateral as the financial dealers take full title to your cash.

This is how you have become the unsecured creditor of your own assets. When You Wish Upon A Star, Anything your heart desires – REHYPOTHECATION - Will come to you.
James Hall – October 9, 2013

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Bill Hicks + George Carlin: The Big Electron

Wonderful short video created from the performances of comedians Bill Hick's and George Carlin.
Thanks to Carol for letting me know about this!

GAIA PORTAL: Galactic Connections assist Cosmic Portal openings throughout Gaia

Galactic Connections assist Cosmic Portal openings throughout Gaia
by √ČirePort

Galactic Connections assist Cosmic Portal openings throughout Gaia, as Gaia has upgraded sufficiently to accept such.

Fortifications of Gaia portals and grids during recent moments allows Cosmic Portal generation and opening to permit free flow of Higher Cosmic Ascension Energies into Gaia.

Such Galactic Connections and Cosmic Portal generation and opening will continue throughout the next months.

√ČirePort | October 9, 2013 at 02:50
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