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And now..... We play!!!

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And now..... We play!!!
Now it's time for Play Time.  Imagination is all you need.

* Think about it

* Imagine it

* Draw it

* Sing it

* Dance it

* Haiku it


There are occasional OPPT type communications that arrive to my computer. And occasionally, something is sent/posted which hits my heart, backside, Innards, Inner Self, whatever. This one definitely did. Now, here’s the story from my end…

After coffee at Java, I felt moved to go to the Island Naturals food store, then I felt very STRONGLY drawn to look for something I wanted for myself, at Target. Now, the last time I went to the Kona Target was maybe two years ago. But today, I’m drawn there.

So I arrive at Target, park, and, as I sit in my car, I read the exercise below, which Heather had just written. A “playful” exercise. (I call it, “Playing with Gold (Energy, that is…)”)

When I saw this, I knew that it was right “on target”! And what better synchronicity, that I was actually at the Target store. It all fit.

A lot of this is what I’ve been “getting” about leaving old paradigms behind. Even ones that many, for years, decades, centuries, have held on to as “sacred”, or “unquestionable” (December 21, 2012, anyone?).

And this thing below, is about realizing that this “gold”, “prosperity programs”, so on and so forth, starts from within. All these things are forms of energy. And in one sense or another, are part of us. And in one sense or another, are alive. So even though there may very well be lots of “prosperity programs” out there, sending out our intention and heart energy this way may have always been what these programs were waiting for… for us to say, “Let’s have fun with this, and play with the gold.”

I read this today (and copied it to my Notepad at 1313 HST), and “got” it immediately. And did it, immediately. Done. Finished.

So read it for yourself, and if you feel drawn to practice this “exercise”, please do. Perhaps you’ll want to do it later. Or not at all. Follow the Heart… which is in us all.

Try it. And let’s see what happens.

Ben Fulford: Gold is just a yellow metal that you cannot eat September 23, 2013

Use your internal resonance as usual... comments in red are mine solely...  -Bill

Ben Fulford Gold is just a yellow metal that you cannot eat 
September 23, 2013
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Benjamin Fulford

There has been a lot of frenetic activity in the past week and a lot more turbulence is expected over the coming days as the death throes of the corporate so-called government of the United States continue. There is also so much fog and disinformation surrounding this event that good old fashioned analogue reporting is needed. To this end last week I talked to former World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes, Indonesian military officials, gold prospectors based in Indonesia and the Philippines plus many other primary sources to try to find out what was really happening in the battle for control of the global financial system.

The conclusion is that there are no giant treasure caves in Indonesia or the Philippines and that the so-called global collateral accounts or global debt facility is based on fraud. What is true though, is that to this day, large amounts of un-usable dollars and Euros are printed, shrink-wrapped and left in warehouses in the region as “payment” for the gold taken from the region by Western powers in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Meanwhile, at the top of this fraud based dollar and Euro system, at least two separate individuals and their factions are claiming rights to control money production.

Both factions, let us call them A and B, have been in contact with this writer about redeeming historical bonds and here is what they say:

A) Says they will arrest me unless I go through faction A.

B) Says they will arrest me unless I go through faction B.

Also, talking to top people in these factions here is what seems to be the gist of their thinking: “If we win this financial war I am going to live in a palace, have my own casino with an island filled with porno stars and, oh yes, I will do some good.”  [Ben this is hysterical!!! Love it!!! LOL!!! -Bill]

The ZAP Report 9-21-13

Comments in red are mine solely as usual.... -Bill

Greetings and Salutations,

I couldn't have said it better myself so here it is direct from Poof. “As a man deeply involved in all of this is fond of saying, 'it doesn't matter what it is, it takes a week for them to do it'. Massive things have transpired since last sunday, which actually began thurs, a week ago. Constant movement to completion has been taking place. Many are distracted by the media events, which have been like spooks chasing you in your dreams, scaring the crap out of everyone, who lends them an ear. The native american shamans teach one how to deal with the goblins in your dreams, ignore them with your focus forward and they won't activate”. 

From ZAP..........Hi All

Very good news on the historic bond redemption front, as funds have been released for this purpose, and the show is underway. As I said, everything was on a hair trigger, and this continues to be true. Now that funds have been released, the global settlements can happen (if not already done), and the RV can occur, and the Basel III protocols can be fully implemented.

Not bad, delayed, but not bad. They have been trying to get the rv done every single day, but for whatever reason, like bribing others in the food chain at wells fargo to throw a monkey wrench into the works, the RV keeps getting snookered every day.

They are running out of monkeys that can be bribed. And the word is getting out to all monkeys that their fate is sealed if they accept the bribe. They get arrested the next day or shortly thereafter. Idiot monkeys, but I guess greed is still a powerful motivating force.

Is the RV a scam? LOL. Ya right, sure it is. That’s why untold trillions of Dinar [Trillions??? Really?? and that big a number is not a bit suspect from tiny Iraq????] are changing hands, why monkeys get arrested, and the governments are purchasing – because it’s a scam. [There is a concept of markets on Walls Street called the "greater fool" buyer] Good call. Now who said this was a scam again? which version of crystal ball were they looking into?

Again, there are questions in respect of the prosperity programs. These are meant for the fulfillment of the divine plan [He really said that??? Wow!!! I Love ZAP's honesty!!! There you have it in black and white!!!] where our humanity gets a shot at breathing again. [loosen those shackles just a wee bit there buddy...your wrists were starting to chafe...all better now?] Many subscribed to it and waited. and waited. Meanwhile, the cabal was chewing away at the fabric of our financial infrastructure meaning to destroy any and all hope, and divide the populations into the have and have nots on a systematic global scale. They came close.  [Oh team contrast is persistent!]

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