Saturday, September 14, 2013

What its like to be free

I know a teenage girl whose boyfriend broke up with her.  Three days later, while in the midst of a tearful confrontation with him, she fell, hit her head and was unconscious for a few moments.  When she woke up, she was fine, except she had amnesia.  She remembered everything until the night he ended their relationship.  True story.

It’s like that. We’ve remembered everything right up until now.  This is the moment none of us recall.  Not the “dark ones”, not the bankers, not the “light workers”, not the “ascended” ones, not the boots on the ground warriors.  We like it this way.  That’s why we keep doing it. True story.

We are waiting, asking, longing, yearning and seeking when the answer is right here.  We wrote this f***ing part, right after all the other parts.  We did this.  We are the only ones who could have.  It is not up to anyone else, it is up to us.

There is no one with a better answer.  It is you that you’ve been waiting for.  There is no bad guy.  There can only be a victory if there is a war.  Stop fighting. The game only ends when we stop playing.  Wake up. 

We are at the ending part.  The climax.  The big finish.  Soon to be followed by the sequel.  There is never an ending, not really.  We know this.

We like big endings though.  They are part of every blockbuster and all of our favorite stories.  The sweat and the glory have to be breathed.  Heroes and villains are made then.  We never forget them. They offer every kind of entertainment and emotion.  We eat this sh** up. 

What will it take for us to remember?  It will take the unthinkable.  It will take a release.  We have to lift the curtain.  It is time to face our biggest fear. What you’ll let go of or need to see I do not know. 

For me, it will be the control.  It will be the absolute conviction that I am right.  It will be an exposure.  Every flaw, each unflattering angle, all the ugly parts will no longer be hidden. 

None of that matters now.  We are one.  Unity is the only answer. It is fear that keeps the amnesia in place.  It is fear that doesn’t let us see the truth.  The girl in our opening story was afraid, and so are you.  To admit that you are one with every villain, each enemy, and all of the ugliness you have avoided is terrifying.  Yet you are, and you are here right now to face it.  Then will come the acceptance, and with that, freedom.   You are actually exquisite. 

You are every other.  You criticize in others what you fear the most in yourself.  You are the villain and the hero.  You are the cheater and the cheated.  You are the murderer and the slain.  You are the beautiful and the hideous. The way to freedom is to see yourself everywhere.  Once you realize there is no separation, no division, no better, no worse – you are free.

Free to be – no limits – just exactly who you are.  No judgment.  No withholding.  All you, all the time.  Not hiding any part.  Not afraid of any trait.  Exposed.  Just out there. 

What is your biggest fear and your most secret thrill?  To be seen.  To be known.  Do it.  It is the only thing left.  It’s not the money that will grant your wishes.  It’s you. 

Love yourself without condition and go for it.  Don’t close your eyes.  This is not the scary part.  This is the best part.  You are so much more than you know.  It does not matter what you’ve done or who you think you’ve disappointed.  It has always been just you.  There is no one else. 

Everything that incites you and thrills you is directed at the one person who feels it the most.  That person is you. That’s because you are all that is.  Love yourself without restriction and watch what happens.

You’ve come to wake up from your amnesia. Remember. There is nothing to fear.  There is only you.  And you are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Lucas: Hierarchy Closed Down. The Trapdoor. Being You.

Lucas – Hierarchy Closed Down – The Trapdoor – Being You
Posted on September 11, 2013
by lucas2012

Once again I am observing from my galactic observation post how things are unfolding. Changes have taken place  in absolute form. The will of the people and the power of their human awakened parts has been an off the meter experience. If that experience was induced or not does not matter anymore. The ones you call the PTW or ‘powers that were’ have been really shown their time is up and the show is over. You have to know that all is played on several levels like a multidimensional chess game. The top has been notified that the game is over and the hierarchical structure is no more, period.  The expressed anger and disappointment and disillusion of the role that is not anymore is what now is shown. It is so to say not easy to play if there is no play anymore. It is now about coming to grips with that outcome. That will lead to concluding unity talks to get the best for all solution (without duality) happening.

The recognizing of the  facts not being in power are now trickling through the layers. With a bit of the last level earthly chess it can be called now check mate.  The importance for us human beings is now to keep seeing we are still the ones that with our inner-power and intent make clear that we wanna be responsible creator beings that know to co-create a world that is not build on the old duality disintegrating structures, but in a really new way. We are individuals that are separate from each other and each of us is  a creator being.  But we are also  knowing to be still individuals that live in and want to live in a  multidimensional reality with all. So the collective of all that is.  This is not a beehive or drone like idea that still is spread and induced upon you by so many in several different forms.

Be aware not to fall in the same traps again. You can create your own religion or belief system again even after being awakened just by falling in the trap. If you choose to be  staying individuals that connect with others  but keep independent and do not let yourself be sucked into group mind thinking and not let yourself be manipulated to get back into belief structures in any way will find the trapdoor closed. It is all about being responsible for the self empowered you. It is about being you and still keeping the openness and harmony to keep interacting from your heart center with all. Again, that does not mean you become a drone or a worshipper, follower or believer in a certain expected or told to be expected outcome.

Expanded grand portal activity engages Cosmic energetic connections for all Hue-Beings

Expanded grand portal activity engages Cosmic energetic connections for all Hue-Beings
by √ČirePort

Expanded grand portal activity engages Cosmic energetic connections for all Hue-Beings at this moment. Such connections are necessary at this time to precursor the "full disclosure" chapters.

All Hue-Beings experience heightened sensitivities at all levels, including 3D body extremities such as hands/fingers, feet/toes, mouth/tongue/teeth, and crown chakra.

Recommended for Hue-Beings at this time are Self-patience, rest (physical), and stillness, as Higher-D DNA alterations proceed. Resulting eventually in the Cosmic-ready DNA energetic grid required for Cosmic Hue-Being Ascension process.

√ČirePort | September 14, 2013 at 06:12
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