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Drug Agents Use Vast Phone Trove, Eclipsing NSA’s

Drug Agents Use Vast Phone Trove, Eclipsing NSA’s
September 2nd, 2013

Via: New York Times:

For at least six years, law enforcement officials working on a counternarcotics program have had routine access, using subpoenas, to an enormous AT&T database that contains the records of decades of Americans’ phone calls — parallel to but covering a far longer time than the National Security Agency’s hotly disputed collection of phone call logs.

The Hemisphere Project, a partnership between federal and local drug officials and AT&T that has not previously been reported, involves an extremely close association between the government and the telecommunications giant.

The government pays AT&T to place its employees in drug-fighting units around the country. Those employees sit alongside Drug Enforcement Administration agents and local detectives and supply them with the phone data from as far back as 1987.

The project comes to light at a time of vigorous public debate over the proper limits on government surveillance and on the relationship between government agencies and communications companies. It offers the most significant look to date at the use of such large-scale data for law enforcement, rather than for national security.

The scale and longevity of the data storage appears to be unmatched by other government programs, including the N.S.A.’s gathering of phone call logs under the Patriot Act. The N.S.A. stores the data for nearly all calls in the United States, including phone numbers and time and duration of calls, for five years.

Hemisphere covers every call that passes through an AT&T switch — not just those made by AT&T customers — and includes calls dating back 26 years, according to Hemisphere training slides bearing the logo of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. Some four billion call records are added to the database every day, the slides say; technical specialists say a single call may generate more than one record. Unlike the N.S.A. data, the Hemisphere data includes information on the locations of callers.


White House peeved at Pentagon leaks

White House peeved at Pentagon leaks

By GLENN THRUSH | 8/30/13 5:10 PM EDT
Many of the leaks about U.S. strike plans for Syria, a copious flow of surprisingly specific information on ship dispositions and possible targets, have been authorized as a way for President Obama to signal the limited scope of operations to friends and foes.

But a number of leaks have been decidedly unauthorized -- and, according to Obama administration sources, likely emanating from a Pentagon bureaucracy less enthusiastic about the prospect of an attack than, say, the State Department, National Security Council or Obama himself.

"Deeply unhelpful," was how one West Winger described the drip-drip of doubt. 

"They need to shut the f--k up," said a former administration official. "It's embarrassing. Who ever heard this much talk before an attack? It's bizarre."

An obvious example was a report in Thursday's Washington Post in which current and former officers listed their worries about Syria:

“I can’t believe the president is even considering it,” said [one] officer, who like most officers interviewed for this story agreed to speak only on the condition of anonymity because military personnel are reluctant to criticize policymakers while military campaigns are being planned. “We have been fighting the last 10 years a counterinsurgency war. Syria has modern weaponry. We would have to retrain for a conventional war.”

Far more damaging have been a series of disclosures that more subtlely undermine Obama's claim that the Syria action will be quick and clean, punitive and tailored. Earlier this week the New York Times reported on doubts that the main weapon likely employed against Syrian President Bashar Assad, the Tomahawk cruise missile, would have a meaningful impact on the regime's chemical weapons facilities which are widely scattered and likely to be well hidden. This graf, I'm told, chafed in particular:

The weapons are not often effective against mobile targets, like missile launchers, and cannot be used to attack underground bunkers. Naval officers and attack planners concede that the elevation of the missile cannot entirely be controlled and that there is a risk of civilian casualties when they fly slightly high.

The back-and-forth is hardly unprecedented; For decades, military officials -- the people who actually have to implement war plans -- have been a source of dissent. Think Pentagon Papers. And Obama officials say the criticism isn't coming from Secretary Chuck Hagel and his cadre of top aides but lower-ranking brass.

One top leader who has been publicly skeptical of the costs and dangers of getting involved in the Syrian civil war is Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey who offered a cost estimate of $1 billion per month for a no-fly zone and buffer-zone ground force during congressional testimony earlier this summer.

During the same appearance Dempsey predicted such areas could become sanctuaries for Islamic radicals and said even a limited strike, of the type being contemplated now, could cost "billions."

The ZAP Report 9-1-2013

Greetings and Salutations

The Syrian situation is a hotbed of horrid conflict. Once again the drama is taking the focus away from where it needs to be. When things get too hot to handle the good ol' guvferment folk create ways to take the focus away from what needs to be stretched and reviewed as truth, as real leading to more drama. We already know how to hold for higher outcomes, so lets do it.

Things are moving right along, steadily, as they have been for some time. The pieces on the chess board are always being moved around and that brings on more checks and continued attempts to balance the play of one set of potentials against another. That has been the name of this game for many years. A project like this which now will touch into the hearts of over three hundred thousand people has become far reaching and has taken an enormous amount of time but rest assured it will be worth it.

Remind yourself that we signed on for this game and said we would do our part. Now, right now, it is time to do one's part; cut the chatter and hold to the higher understanding that you already have otherwise you would not be here at this time. We tend toward playing short sighted but no one in this program can be that. You are on the list because you have a compassionate heart. Remember daily and clearly that the players in this monopoly game are not two bit. They play for keeps. Mine and your job is to be holding a space for Those who have been labeled 'white knights' and who barter with power And the Money knowing the rudiments of the game realizing they too are playing for keeps. How many times do we say, "This will change the world. And so it shall. Poof used to say this in every way that he knew how. Please, you've held on this long-- do not lose faith in the systems being realigned to bring about a level playing field. And from where I sit, that is what this is about: creating a level playing field....thanks for listening, Susan 

From ZAP.........

Hi All

This is the week that all changes, and humanity will breathe.

Last week I said that this is it. No more dress rehearsal. Expo is over…..and it is. Now begins the next part of the reset process, the actual reset itself.

Expect many changes.

The time/date of this new beginning has been set at September 3 and 4. At this time, the redemption funds for the historic assets will be released. The global gold settlements will occur. The RV will be announced and Basel III will be installed.

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