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HILARION April 21, 2013


April 21, 2013

Beloved Ones,

The times that you are living in are wrought with both the greatest of challenges and the greatest of blessings. As the third dimensional energies are no longer being supported by the very atmosphere surrounding the Earth, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold the denser energies in your personal energy fields. There is a boomerang effect that is occurring whereby those who harbor and hold the denser energies are finding that it comes back to them intensely magnified and this energy sometimes erupts in ways that are difficult to comprehend by the greater community.

It is becoming increasingly important to release these denser energies in ways that do not impinge upon the World in a harmful manner. The role that you, the Lightworkers, play at this time is that of balancing and dissolving discordant energies. This is something each of you automatically pray and intend as the need arises. You have learned how to transmute the lower energies within yourselves and walk the Earth without making a negative impact upon it. It is important to hold love within your hearts no matter what transpires in the changing World around you and this you are doing admirably.

It is incumbent upon each of you to fortify your protective shields each day so that you can remain focused upon your innermost core of light, love and compassion and hold it steady as you go about your daily activities. Spend as much time as you can outdoors communing with nature and the elemental family that surrounds your place of residence and that works to transform all energies into wholeness and balance. Call upon them to assist when the cares of the World weigh you down and you find it difficult to maintain your balanced view of the higher perspective of the ascension process. Even five minutes spent grounding into the core of the Earth and aligning with your higher aspects has a positive and renewing effect upon your system.

Maintain your equilibrium in all ways and remind yourselves often that you are beings of light and love as the discordant energies play out in your area of the World. There are more intense energies in the atmosphere that need to be assimilated into your human operating systems so that more of your light can be activated. Remembrance of the role you have chosen to play in these times is being activated within you and your dedication to this service is duly noted and supported by your Family of Light.

Do not falter in your efforts to live authentically and honestly at all times. The words ‘standing in your Light’ have taken on a whole new meaning now as it has become a crucial element of support to the Earth and all her inhabitants. Try to remember to connect into the newly activated crystalline grids that now hold a great capacity to serve the common good by uniting and magnifying your combined efforts in intending the highest good and outcome for all.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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Ron Van Dyke on OPPT Enforcement of Filings

I would caution people that discussions are in progress with Swissindo but not yet conclusive and final.  Swissindo seems to have very pure intent about ending the NWO without bloodshed and doing so in absolute transparency.

Swissindo have received criticism (as has the OPPT) from some groups for taking this very courageous stand.  There are people and groups out there that want violence. The OPPT does not stand for that kind of thing. There is much to discuss with them yet before this is a done deal. The OPPT Trustees have not signed off on anything yet...  For up to date details watch Brian Kelly's Blog.  I will do my best to keep my blog updated, but Brian is better informed than I am of day to day news in this matter given his role as Press Relations for the OPPT.

The OPPT will not create a new kingdom to replace the old one, nor will there be any dictatorship.  They will never sign off on that.  This is about returning control to the One People.

Within the Swissindo documents are proof that the NWO order has existed for the past 60+ years.  You will read about the Committee of 300 and other groups who have been running things for a very long time. Unlike the fear mongering on the blogs about the NWO coming soon, we have actually been secretly living in the NWO for longer than I have been alive.

That was perhaps at gun point (or nuclear missile threat) of the families that own the Federal Reserve since the end of World War I and the US Corporation they controlled. There's much history to be learned about how that all transpired and constrictions placed upon the Indonesians first by the Dutch Empire and later the Anglo/American/Dutch world empire that followed it.  I frankly don't know that history right now, but Paul Humfrey is a historian and I am sure we will soon learn it.

I am perhaps a bit more cautious on this subject than some of my peers as this has to be done very carefully.  I do know that Heather will require absolute transparency and that every effort by law enforcement be taken to preserve the lives of any and all taken into custody by law enforcement and military worldwide.

A final word on the One People's Public Trust, the OPPT was officially disolved as an entity and has been replaced by the I M Universal Value Exchange.  The filings however still stand in perpetuity.

We still refer to the movement as the OPPT, but technically speaking the OPPT doesn't exist as an operating legal entity any more.   -AK



"Oh, You Awake!"

GAIA PORTAL: Solar Gateway Activation and Re-activation in Progress

Solar Gateway Activation and Re-activation in Progress
by √ČirePort

Solar gateway activation and re-activation is occurring. Dormant solar energetic gateways are being re-activated and new solar communication gateways are being created and activated.

What some would term "Travel gateways" are in process as well, although at an early stage, awaiting "humanity general" to "Hue-manity General" consciousness upgrades to complete.

As "humanity general" become "Hue-manity General", with uplifted vibration sufficient to support such, inter-dimensional travel becomes commonplace among Gaia inhabitants.

Conscious Light Beings utilize prior gateway structures. Newer gateways are configured for "humanity general", as they upgrade to "Hue-manity General".

√ČirePort | April 21, 2013 at 16:53

Heather Tucci-Jarraf Answers Jay's Questions 4/21/2013

AK note: The following is a recent Skype conversation between Heather and Jay.  I have edited the grammar and spelling, and format for readability.  Jay is Polish and not a native English speaker so I have corrected spelling and grammar for readability.  This conversation answers some questions that have been outstanding about OPPT logo design, and the Heather's interactions with the Rothschilds.   

I will also add for the record, the OPPT Trustees have not accepted outside ANY sponsorship or donations from any group, their work has been accomplished solely through their own funds and efforts.

A conversation between Jay and Heather 4/21/13

Jay: ....I pay taxes and pay for my pension.  Can I serve them with a courtesy notice? Seeing how they belong to the government??

Do you have the courtesy notice in Polish?

Heather:  Regarding courtesy notice...other folks have produced those and put them on websites for all to get ... Chris Hales is probably the person you want to connect with regarding that.

Jay: "when you talk about the Creator who you really talking about?"

Heather: Eternal Essence, First Source, Creator of all that IS

Jay:  We are all human beings and have a purpose to fulfill on this planet

Heather:  within this eternal essence universe, inclusive of this planet

Jay: love, respect and helping each other is our natural instinct.

Heather: love IS ... you respect because you help others because you love....all that IS, BE love ... absolute frequency ... love IS a measurable frequency.

Jay: I still had to go through it and check it was not a counter attack from the cabal to have control of the global collateral accounts as some people know about.

Heather:  those playing the roles of the purported cabal have had to go check OPPT. 

OPPT was just a tool... an exercise to experience the power within and then DO that power.   The collateral accounts and all other forms of representation of the absolute value that IS ... BE'ing

...those representations no longer are there...they have been recalled back into eternal essence for all embodiments of eternal essence to use absent condition, exception, and limit...that is why certain folks trying to take control over those old paradigm tools are upset ... they will not have control over any other...just their BE'ing and DO'ing  

Jay: What I would like to know is you use the 1776 on your logo together with a pyramid, a crown, and three other objects that might represent the three sixes what do these numbers mean and why use them like this PEOPLES TRUST 1776?

Heather: The circle of absolute truth around the purported logo IS what was used to neutralize symbols of others that have traditionally been used to harvest and control ... all of that junk, the tools of harvest and control i.e. crowns, pyramids, the Gregorian calendar, i.e. 1776,  was put in the circle of absolute truth ... transparency, liability, responsibility, accountability ... so that all would know the Absolute Truth.  To unbind what was deceptively and untransparently bound.

Jay: It was also said in an interview that called The End of Financial Tyranny where you said every one thinks you guys are with the cabal?

Heather: Those playing the roles of the cabal would like for all others to believe we were created [by them], or are working for them. Meanwhile they are in secret meetings since beginning of 2012, trying to figure out who we are and why we have their "superiors" so nervous 

... and they are investigating their own "houses", "departments" because they now know that SOME ONE knew what was going to happen eons ago, and they didn't tell the others but rather they quietly tried to change the end result that is already done before the "experiment" even began 

... those who claimed to have Absolute Knowledge are being revealed to have had lots of knowledge, but not Absolute ... their world of control and harvesting and [their] benefiting at the expense of a few are over and that scares them ... I send love and peace to them during this moment of Absolute.

Jay: You also said you had meetings with the Rothschilds. Wow that's a big fish! Knowing they control the planet some 500 trillion big [?], are they backing you with this OPPT?

There are times you answer peoples questions with the sayings of Busy BEing. Why don't you Busy BEing and answer our questions in full so we know you not with the cabal? Because like I said people can lie and even believe their own lies.

Heather:  I am eternal essence embodied ... same as you and all the others ... I DO NOT play a role, "cabal" or other.  This is about energy and consciously DO'ing with energy ... Caleb and I went to the Rothschilds (London City and Zurich) in 2011 to meet with Anthony Alt and the others in those houses ... it made those houses and every one else playing [the] roles of "cabal", "divines", "galactics", "families" all very nervous because we consciously altered energetic patterns within their own houses and then their systems ... the events of DO'ing during those moments were fun, exciting, and IMPOWER'ing ... and they were definitely not what any one expected ... not even Caleb and I.  

Every moment since, was conscious and focused DO'ing to bring Absolute Truth of what IS ... visible for all to know and experience ... transparently and absent condition, judgment, and in love and peace.

Heather: With absolute love, peace and gratitude to you, Jay. H   

The Wait

We’ve embarked on yet another Quest.  For two years we’ve travelled together and still there is further to go.  For we have not seen what we are searching for, and we are associative learners.  Repetition and familiarity jog our memories.  There is nothing familiar about Absolute Freedom.  Unconditional Love is sovereignty.  “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.”

Realize what the words mean.  Examine the Gods in your life.  Who or what is preventing you from Love Absolute?  To Love is a fearless act.

Freedom is something we like to hear tales about and fight for.  Yet fight and freedom are oxymorons.  You must not fight for that which you are.  You must accept that which you are and BE.

For we are One.  There is no other.  Love is your very essence and to realize itself does not require a fight.  Do your lips argue over which is right?  How could you kiss without the upper?  How could you kiss without the lower?

The Gods before you have demanded subservience.  You may say, “I have only one God.”  Yet I tell you this, any person, idea, law, situation or belief that requires your compliance before you are accepted – is a “God before you.”

You require nothing.  Agape is the force that propels your BEing.  You have come to this life fully prepared to embrace your truth within a sea of falsehoods.

For Agape and Freedom are synonymous.  You are not here to be inhibited or limited or diminished.  You are here to realize and be the essence of Eternal Love.

In our everyday, since we are on a Quest, this demands a noticing.  Step back from your interactions and examine your role in them.  Are you, at any moment, giving up a bit of yourself?

For Love is Free.  It makes no demands.  It has no requirements.  There is not another who can take it from you, all is given.  If you feel you are controlled you have given your power away.  To reclaim it, merely stand.  You carry the truth, and regardless of the shouting and the doubting, the truth will not be stopped.

You are Free.  What would you do right now if you were unlimited?  I tell you this – you are.  So the question then becomes, what are you waiting for?  You are the One.

See you tomorrow,


Spring is in the air, and so is change
of a most magnificent kind

Spring is in the air, and so is change of a most magnificent kind
Through John Smallman

The Oneness that is God has all of creation enfolded within It; It is the infinite field of divine Love where all Wisdom, all Knowledge, all Consciousness has its eternal existence. It is a state of utter joy, peace, and contentment, where no one is, or can ever be in any way, bereft. It is Reality, where all are free to create abundantly with the skills and abilities that God has bestowed upon them, and delight in the results.

It is into this sublime state that humanity is to awaken. Your present state of sleep, constantly interrupted by dreams and nightmares that you experience as real and substantive, no longer serves you, and so you have chosen to wake up into the refreshing, stimulating, and exhilarating state of wonder from which you chose to briefly hide yourselves but a moment ago. It seems to you that you have been experiencing this imaginary reality for a very long time – and in “time” you have – but it has been only momentary, as you will discover when you wake up. And then your joy and amazement will be boundless and unceasing. Reality is always amazing because it places you in the Presence of the infinite, all-loving Source, which created you solely to experience eternal joy, amazement, and wonder — and so you will.

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