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About Friggin' Time...

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Federal Judge finds unconstitutional the National Security Letter non-disclosure provisions of the Patriot Act

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Friday, 15-Mar-2013 19:19:49
I suppose a higher court will reverse this, but even an occasional glimmer of judicial sanity is welcome...

Gagging recipients of National Security Letters found unconstitutional
Ruling against key Patriot Act provision a setback for the FBI.
by Timothy B. Lee - Mar 15 2013

A California federal judge has struck down a key provision of the law governing National Security Letters (NSLs), controversial government subpoenas whose use was expanded by the Patriot Act. Under current law, the recipient of an NSL can be legally prohibited from disclosing not only the contents of the request but the fact that he received a request at all. That, ruled Judge Susan Illston on Thursday, was inconsistent with the First Amendment.

The ruling is a setback for the FBI, which issues tens of thousands of NSLs every year. Judge Illston has given the government 90 days to appeal before it takes effect.

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Children Full of Life

Reader Michiyo wrote: 

Dear all,

I would like to share this heart warming video.

It is 2002 NHK (Japanese broadcasting company)'s education video which showing Mr. Kanamori's 4th grade class.

CBC (Canadian broadcasting company) translated/voice over to English.

Everyone like to live happy.
We are all allow to live happy.
Our purpose of life is to live happy.
And that learning start from childhood...
It will be wonderful, if we can spread this 4th grade class to the world.

...and that is my dream....

Love to all,

A sneak peek... let's play with some gold.

Our value.  That's what this whole experiment has been about.  It's been stolen, sold, enslaved and hidden.  

For fun, here is a way to see lots and lots and lots of gold - which has been used as a physical representation of you.  It's time to play!

Thanks and love to Alexis for the video!

We are the Ones we've been waiting for.

Eternal Hearts, Eternal Presence, Coming Soon...

Reconciling Past & Present: Getting the Job Done!

Posted by D.

Reconciling Past & Present: Getting the Job Done!

Is it YOU?  Or are you just feeling it?  Is it coming FROM you?  Or is it just passing through you on it's way out?

Emotions are running very high right now.  Last week seemed to be the week of Anger & Frustration.  This week the emotion du jour seems to be sadness, despair and regret, with a healthy dose of guilt on the side.

But the questions to be asked are above:  Is it you? Or are you just feeling it?  Is it coming FROM you?  Or is it just passing through you on it's way out?

This is the time of reconciliation. This is the time when Eternal Hearts meet Eternal Presence and make final choices.  The Earth is literally groaning as it's giving up all the negative energies it's stored for eons.  This is the time for transmuting and transforming those energies.

Even those who have no idea of what's going on are feeling the heavy weight of the emotions that are emanating all around them. Children are highly sensitive to to these energies and are off kilter - crying jags, tantrums, bad dreams and disturbed sleep patterns are the product of these little BEings dealing with the heavy energy fluctuations. These little ones are working very hard right now, doing their jobs too!

Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, and Wayshowers have been riding a roller coaster for the past few weeks and this week has been incredibly intense. Arguments between groups, negative stones being flung... it's a reaction to the energy bleed off. We've all been rocked quite a bit over the past few weeks.

Now comes the tough love part.

My friends..... you chose to be here, right now, in this time, in this place, to do a job.  Yes, the job probably took longer than you anticipated.  Yes, it didn't finish when you thought it would.  Yes, it's been really tough to take and probably has been a hell of a lot more tiring and difficult than you thought it would be when you first signed up for this gig.....

.... But it's YOUR job.

Yes, your contract is finished and the game is done, the experiment is over, but are you really going to give up when you are literally just steps from the finish line?

It's time to ground and transmute and transform.  If you're sad, then ask yourself: is it me? or is it something external?  If it's external, then give it a hug and send it on it's way. That's your job. Turn that energetic frown upside down.

Now comes the gentle love part:

You're THERE!!!!!  :>D  You really are!!  You did it! Now drink up all that incredible energy that is surging all around you and REMEMBER.



NOW is the time to find out.  NOW is the time of remembering.

Instead of falling to the side of the road to argue over who's in first place or who's got nicer running shoes, it's time to put on that last burst of speed and cross the finish line TOGETHER, because whether you remember or not, we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!

Repeat after me:


This isn't an individual event- this is a TEAM event- and there is only ONE team here, so we ALL win!!

With  Eternal Hearts & Eternal Presence comes Remembering & Absolute Data. When you See the Absolute Data and you Remember, then you'll realize that the colour of our shirts doesn't matter- We're still ALL on the same team.

.... and by "All"  I really do mean ALL of us!

(hint: you are not the judge.)

So don't allow yourself to get side swiped by the negative energies- they most likely aren't your's anyway. Just acknowledge them with a wink and send them on their way.

And look after yourself.  Sleep lots, eat lots, drink lots....... this is big work we're doing and now isn't the time to be burning the candle on both ends or trying a new fad diet.  Energy work takes a lot of .... energy!  Be kind to yourself.  Be kind to others.

Just BE who you are and DO what you know you should DO.

.... oh, and take a bit of time to pay attention to those random thoughts you've been having.  They're actually not random at all.  Knock knock.... someone is trying to get your attention! :>P

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Blog comments have now been turned for an indefinite period.

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Absolute love to all my readers, co-bloggers, and contributing sources.   

- American Kabuki

Are you IN the illusion or OF it?
Are you IN the illsuion or OF it?
Posted on March 14, 2013 by sojournerbe

This evolution is not perfect but the message gets across in a fun way. Compared to my first primitive pen, pencil, and marker rendition of “Are We Ready?” [to jump out of the Illusion] last week, digital is the way to go and I thank Word Press and some bloggers for the evolutionary leap. This is my second attempt to use Sketchbook since Wednesday. I’m having tech problems with Corel.

Now for the great question: ” Are you in the Illusion or of it?” Your answer to that  will tell you if you are ready. If you click on the image it should enlarge.

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