Thursday, February 14, 2013

What is the OPPT?

Love the one you blame

It’s Valentines Day.  A day for love.  How much do you have?  For life is asking of you – everything.  This is not a time for withholding.  Offer up your best.

Do you know why you are here at this specific time in Earth’s history?  It is your light.  Your capacity to love.  You ability to forgive.  That’s what got you here.

There needed reasons for the increase to be necessary – “others”.  Corrupt, confused, violent, abusive and fraudulent institutions along with beings to run them are seemingly everywhere.  We don’t have to look far for someone or something to hate.

Resist the urge.  Love the one you blame.  What you’ll discover is that by freeing them of “fault”, you in fact free yourself.  The chains of judgment are locked firmly around your own heart.  Watch what happens when they are unlocked.

You see, freedom doesn’t really start when an “other” grants it to you.  Freedom begins when you set yourself free.  You do that with unrestrained and unconditional love.  It’s all okay.

You can love him.  You can love her.  You can love them.  You can love this.  You can love that.  You can love you.

Honor the sacred.  Refuse to divide.  There are none more or less deserving.  All are One.  You.  Me.  The cabal.  The judge.  The politician.  The minister.  The banker.  The rock star.  The protester.  The gunman.  The policeman.  The unfaithful partner.  The gold.  The silver.  The money.  The president.  The pope. 

All of us equal.  All of us One.  What is sacred is everywhere.  What is sacred is us.

We are the One’s we’ve been waiting for.

I love you.

Benjamin Fulford: Tanks sent towards Beijing in internal Chinese rift, Pope quits after Bush confessions

Tanks sent towards Beijing in internal Chinese rift, Pope quits after Bush confessions
Posted by Benjamin Fulford

February 12, 2013

The Chinese New Year of the Snake has begun and the new regime will soon begin its work in earnest. The White Snake, symbolized by the White Dragon and representing the Life Force, will complete the subjugation of the Satanic black snake of death and destruction. The resignation of the serial child rapist pope maledict will mean the selection of a new Pope to be named Peter the Roman. He will be the last Roman pope because after him Christianity and Catholicism will no longer be a purely Roman institution.

The battle to take down Satanism also led to high tension in China. The severe power struggle between the Shanghai faction and the Communist Party Youth League factions that preceded the selection of the current government was so severe that at one point tanks were sent toward Beijing by the Shanghai faction, according to a Chinese government agent. The result is that many in China now feel a small war, most likely with Japan, is needed to restore government unity, he said. The push towards war is also being promoted vigorously by the Sabbatean mafia through their corporate propaganda networks in Hong Kong and Tokyo. However, cooler heads at high levels in both Japan and China are working on a compromise that may lead to the independence of the Okinawan archipelago, according to Asian secret society sources. The same people are pushing for the governments of South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea and China to supply staff for a new regional organization.

UPDATED 2/16/13: OPPT - Courtesy Notice And Instructions For Its Use

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