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Updated 2/8/13: What Do I Know?

What do I know?
by American Kabuki

I know there is a Creator Source who creates by many means. Evolution is just one means, so is engineering, so is spontaneous generation and manifestation based on patterns.

You can call it what you want, "Big Bang", "The Tao", "Conscious Universe" "God", "Allah", YHWH, or The Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Makes no difference.  The recognition of it is all that matters.

I like the term Source, I've used that term since 1995.  I was delighted to hear that usage from the OPPT Trustees.  Told me a lot about who I was dealing with. Its a nice inclusive term that avoids the religious battles that rage around specific letters, vowels, words and images the other names evoke.  We are all the Children of Source. Nobody can argue that.

What do I know?

I know I have never ever been abandoned by Source.  Neither have you.  We all CHOSE to be here. We chose to learn.  We chose to create our reality.

I have had a conversation with Source all my life. Its not exactly something I hear with words. No disembodied voice speaks. I have said my own words to Source.  Sometimes in anger, sometimes in gratitude, sometimes in desperation, and hopefully most often in love.  Is it any wonder when a gardner talks to the Source that exists in the plants she grows, they do better?  There's an exchange of energy and love and all works better with love.  Strangely enough so do inanimate objects, men love their muscle cars, and they are always in top shape.  Energy flows where attention goes.

The answers come in odd ways, for Source is in all things.  It might be the 11:11 1:11 digits that kept showing up on my clocks since 2009.  Source is in the atoms of the clock and in the impulse that causes me to look at the clock when those numbers align.   It is in the words of a friend who says the answer I need to hear without knowing why.  Source lives in their heart.  It might be in the words of a detractor who sends me an angry email who reveals not only what I may have wrong (or right as truth often elicits anger), but who and what they are and what motivates them. Source is in their heart. It could be in a random TV program, it could come out in Bloomberg News crawler at the bottom of the screen, its all in the timing, and you know when you see it.  And Source always there. Waiting for interaction.  Do you want to play?  Do you want to go through life consciously or unconsciously?  We've done the latter for 13 millennia already, why not do it with with you at the helm of your life?

The universe we live in is holographic. Its also conscious and we are part of that consciousness. The smallest part reflects the whole.  Children are a reflection of their parents, parents reflect their nationality, their nationality reflects humanity.  Its all a whole.  This planet reflects a galactic whole, a galactic family many of which look very like us.  Some don't. But the general bi-pedal form of the higher life in the Universe is pretty much the same.  There are non-pedal forms too.  But we're not likely to meet them for a good while, and certainly not before we get over even our national xenophobias, let alone the exo-planetary ones.

Living Gold

It is the idea of freedom that we are defining.  It is not the fact of freedom.  We are free.

Bashar defines abundance as “The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.  Sounds like another way to define freedom.  Both assume sovereignty.  

What do you know without question?  Who are you?  We are being asked now these questions.  Your response will structure your reality.

This life is a choice.  Which outcome are you most invested in?

Your answer is given in where you spend the bulk of your time.  Energy invested yields equivalent results.  Choose intentionally.

Freedom demands responsibility.  It does not involve subservience, obedience, allegiance, ownership, fault or debt.  You Are.

Imagine your first day free.  You will notice an absence of blame.  Everything starts and ends with you.  There is no other.

It is awesome and wonderful and terrifying in an instant.  What I decide, I have.  What I choose, I do.  What I believe, I am.  There is only choice.

Do you understand that the Cabal/Illuminati is here as contrast?  That they exist in this reality and in fact at this point are everywhere in our lives because we see ourselves as powerless, unworthy and lesser than?  That as soon as we understand we are unlimited, powerful, free and equal – we ARE??? (and the Cabal/Illuminati is powerless)

This is all illusion.  As real and painful and broke and angry as it has become – none of it exists beyond our perception of it. 

It can be gone and will disappear as soon as we are done playing with it.  Are we done yet?

You are beholden to none.  You are magnificent and brilliant living gold – priceless and beyond measure.

We are, right now, creating our new world.  How much fun do you want to have?  How much gold?  How many rules?  How many rulers?  How many limits?  How much abundance?

Your life is your fault.  Consciously now, choose.  Your friends, your words, your thoughts, your doing.  You are free.  You are limitless.  Let yourself go anywhere and with full awareness, BE who you are.

 You are the ONE you’ve been waiting for.

Ways to Help Bill Brockbader

Eva Moore needs some financial help to get out of the small town she's in.  She's been watched rather closely by some shadowy characters.

Bill Brockbader as most you know is in jail on some rather trumped up charges and sham trial after he rather publicly exposed the alternate time line the cabal was trying to create and the killing of Kurd civilians in northern Iraq during his service with the Navy Seals.  Bill became famous after appearing with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

Its not uncommon for whistleblowers to be attacked for exposing things, and I know this will come to a happy conclusion some day...  but in the mean time Eva needs some help to get her car fixed and to get into a safer and more secure location.

If you'd like to make a small donation to Eva you can do so via PayPal by following this link:

Here are some ways to help her husband Navy Seal Bill Brockbader:

Hello everyone 

Bill has asked if you would like to help him there are a few ways you CAN!

First Pray for his healing and strength, then for our protection and to see our way through this successfully!

If you would like to send mail or Books send to, BILL'S MAILING ADDRESS IS:

William Newel Brockbrader 1046233
C/O Ada County Jail
7210 Barrister Drive
Boise Idaho 83704

1) Please write a letter to him yourself and make sure to include a return address on the envelope.

2) Send Bill New Books from PUBLISHER they will not allow books to be delivered if they are not coming from Amazon or the publisher directly for safety reasons

- Eva Moore-Brockbader

GAIA PORTAL: Energetic undulations are Currently Experienced…

Energetic undulations are Currently Experienced…
by √ČirePort

Energetic undulations are currently experienced by many of the Higher Ground Crew (HGC), due to multilevel coordination of dimensional energies as well as continued intertwining and alignment of multiple so-called "positive" timelines.

Undulations, gradual rising and falling of sensed energies, are not sensed by majority of humanity, although a general awareness that "some things seem different" is admitted. Hue-manity HGCs ride these undulations with ease due to understanding of the Higher Purpose and Higher Mechanics involved.

Those anticipating rapid and/or "explosive" transformations may feel disappointment when such does not manifest. Yet all will (and many are) sense the Higher Vibrations this undulation process is bringing forth.

√ČirePort | February 7, 2013 at 17:55

The Irish Petition

Euro 3.1 Billion Promissory Note  As citizens of Ireland, we believe that the payment of Euro 3.1 billion a year, every year until 2023, for Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide is reckless, immoral and unjust.  These "promissory notes" have imposed the debts of now-defunct institutions on Irish Citizens as a whole.  These debts which we cannot, should not and will not pay.  We therefore instruct our Government:  (a) to declare by March 17th 2013 that it will not make the payment of Euro 3.1 billion on March 31st and to inform the European Central Bank that it will no longer co-operate with this unjust imposition of debts on the Irish people.  (b) not to enter into any arrangement with the European Central Bank that involves any acceptance of a duty to pay these debts and/or any substantial payment of Irish Public money on foot of the promissory notes.  We further declare that unless the Government makes this declaration by March 17th 2013 we will engage in peaceful and dignified mass protest in a form to be decided by ourselves collectively.  Sign the petition
Irish Citizens Click on Image to Sign Petition

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