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In every interaction expect to find a loving response

In every interaction expect to find a loving response
10/14/2012 by John Smallman

Your awakening is divinely assured, and you know that deep in your hearts.  Make a point of going to that place within frequently each day, where awareness of your divine nature dwells, to remind yourselves of how dearly your Father loves you, because it is very easy for you to be wholly caught up in the distractions of daily living, and so forget your reason for being on Earth right now.

You are all conduits for His Love, and it is essential that you keep those conduits fully open so that the love within each one of you can awaken and join with His Love as It flows through you constantly to inspire, uplift, and engage with all of humanity.  This is your task; you know it.  And your innermost desire and hope is to engage with it as fully as you can.  So be open, generous, accepting, compassionate listeners, sharing God’s Love by just being yourselves – and not the masks of confidence and perhaps indifference that many of you have become accustomed to put on when dealing with the distractions of the illusion (daily life) – thus helping to bring in the New Age for which all are yearning.  It is coming, it will arrive very soon, but your open and loving input is an essential and irreplaceable part of that process.

Portal 2012: The Masterplan

As with all postings, your higher discernment.  -AK

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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Masterplan

Experience especially in the last few months shows that human nature is very susceptible to Archons' physical and non-physical influence.

Archons succeeded in fragmenting the liberation movement. Surface positive groups were infiltrated and corrupted, those that remained pure were ridiculed and attacked.  Any ideas from you about  how to reduce the fragmentation of positive groups and achieve more unity among them before the Event would be most welcome.

Also, there were many supposedly positive individuals and groups fighting for their control over the collateral accounts. It appeared that greed took over the motivation to bring that money back to humanity.

I have received intel from a very credible source that Keenan is not the trustee for the collateral accounts. The real trustee's identity must remain hidden for now so that he can work for the benefit of humanity uninterrupted. There are a few positive groups working for the same goal of returning the funds back to humanity but you will not find intel about them anywhere on the net. They will not announce anything. When they are successful, things will just start happening.

All above mentioned factors were the cause of delays that frustrated many. Therefore the original Plan was expanded and will be presented here.

Blossom Goodchild - October 13, 2012

Blossom Goodchild - October 13, 2012

October 13, 2012

Hello my friends. It’s quite funny how some of your ‘fans’ write in and comment on the fact that you keep on talking about LOVE and wondering when you are ‘going to change the record’ so to speak . Would you care to comment on that.

Greetings and jubilations to you … One and All. We do not have much to say regarding that matter other than ‘WE LOVE YOU’! With all respect for all … those that find our conversation to be repetitive are the ones who haven’t quite ‘Got it yet’ … and therefore there is the need of repetition!

One is so very quick to assume that they have become ‘enlightened’ and state over and over to many that they are a ‘Highly spiritual person’ ... and yet it is those very same souls that then will speak of someone negatively when their back is turned. Hence the need to continue on drumming it in that LOVE IS WHO YOU ARE ... SO THAT YOU MAY KNOW IT AND BECOME IT IN FULLNESS.

GAIA PORTAL: Rapid Appreciation of Higher D Incoming Energies…

Rapid Appreciation of Higher D Incoming Energies…

October 14, 2012

We speak to Gaia Hue-manity today from a more personal individualized perspective, rather than a Gaia generalization.

We see occurring shortly, a period of rapid appreciation (increase in valuation), by humanity general, of incoming Higher Dimensional Light Energies. This will result in rapid transformation of all social, cultural, and inner personal “standardized and accepted as reality” structures.

We do not offer a “time domain” for this.

Gaia recommends intimate attuning and responding to her Inner Voices, which will be sufficient to carry the planetary collective energies through this important transformation period.

Alignment of personal with planetary Higher Grids is essential.

GAIA PORTAL: Fine Tuning of Higher D Grids to Newly Activated Portals Continues

Fine Tuning of Higher D Grids to Newly Activated Portals Continues

October 14, 2012

New portals activations is complete. Higher Light Energies enter dark spaces as permissions have been received and acknowledged.

Shadow workers are fully aware of these permissions and have agreed to them. Resistance to current Higher Light Energies entering via newly activated portals enables acceleration of shadows elimination.

Fine tuning of Higher D grids to newly activated portals continues.

Seisachtheia: 600 BC Greek Debt Forgiveness

thanks to Giorgos for pointing this out:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Seisachtheia (Greek: σεισάχθεια, from σείειν seiein, to shake, and ἄχθος achthos, burden, i.e. the relief of burdens) was a set of laws instituted by the Athenian lawmaker Solon (c. 638 BC–558 BC) in order to rectify the widespread serfdom and slaves that had run rampant in Athens by the 6th century BC, by debt relief.

Debt in Athenian society

Under the pre-existing legal status, according to the account of the Constitution of the Athenians attributed to Aristotle, debtors unable to repay their creditors would surrender their land to them, then becominghektemoroi, i.e. serfs who cultivated what used to be their own land and gave one sixth of produce to their creditors.

Should the debt exceed the perceived value of debtor's total assets, then the debtor and his family would become the creditor's slaves as well. The same would result if a man defaulted on a debt whose collateral was the debtor's personal freedom.
[edit]Seisachtheia reforms

The seisachtheia laws immediately cancelled all outstanding debts, retroactively emancipated all previously enslaved debtors, reinstated all confiscated serf property to the hektemoroi, and forbade the use of personal freedom as collateral in all future debts. The laws instituted a ceiling to maximum property size - regardless of the legality of its acquisition (i.e. by marriage), meant to prevent excessive accumulation of land by powerful families.
See also Debt relief

Project Gutenberg's The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 1, Editor: Rossiter Johnson, Charles Horne and John Rudd; Release Date July 24, 2005 [EBook #16352] Copyright, 1905 by The National Alumni - Solon's Early Greek Legislation B.C. 594 by George Grote (See: Location 3949 et. seq.)
For more on Solon see:

POOF: Another #&%#@ newsletter!

Freedom Train 
James Carr

The freedom train is coming 
Can’t you hear that whistle blowing 
It’s time to get your ticket y’all 
And get on board

It’s time for all the people 
To take this freedom ride 
Get to get it together 
And work for freedom side by side 
That’s why I tell you all now

I’m gonna ride this freedom train 
I ain’t gonna live this way again 
I got to get on the freedom train 
From this day on I feel a free man 
Yes I will, I feel a free man now

Look back and time has changed a deal 
Train awaiting in the station 
Going to the mountain top, y’all 
And get on board

We’re gonna ride down through the valley 
Under the clear blue sky 
Every man is gonna walk right proud with his head up high 
Come on y’all

We gotta ride that freedom train 
We ain’t gonna live this way again 
I got to get on the freedom train 
From this day on I feel a free man now, yes I will 
Yes I feel a free man now

Let’s cry no more 
I got my ticket 
Gonna get on board 
Ride, ride, ride 
We gonna ride 
We gonna ride 
With our heads up high 
We gonna move 
Gotta keep on moving 
Gotta gotta gotta 
Keep on moving 

October 14, 2012

Greetings and Salutations;

More than anything, I want the return of my freedom, that's only because I Know what freedom is. Not some political statement based on jingoisms, but the kind you know in your gut. Waking in the morning and proceeding thru the day with no, 'have tos' or 'got's tos'. Total silence, with no niggling worries about anything. What happens when freedom comes each day, you make decisions based on what you choose with no threat of somebody in a uniform ringing your doorbell with papers to serve for you to be in some court. Personally, I don't think many are ready to live without arbitrary rules, hey need them as a guardrail, living without them is too scary.

That freedom, and not just for people of color is arriving for All people, white, black, green, or indifferent. It's bad, when you're a slave and don't know it. When the cell door opens, you're afraid to venture out. Got so used to the 4 walls, you thought that Was the world. You peer out and see no guards, warden, or anything else to detain you. I learned a long time ago, you don't need a preacher or priest, to tell you what's right or already know. It's a gut thing. If you cross your own knowing, you reap the consequences and You know it. I also found that wisdom was not necessarily in the hands of the grey haired ones. The young one's are reacting to something that is pushing the envelope on accepted norms. They know, that everybody has been a slave to the plutocrats and they refuse to settle for the status quo. Yep, the 60's are back..with a vengeance. They won't even accept the 'house' religion, it doesn't sit in their gut very well. Lolololol and these are the future leaders. If you don't like change, better pack up now and say 'Lord take me home'.

What you want to know is, 'how much' and when. The answer is easy; Now and more than you can imagine. This is humanity's money and the future belongs to you. Not some fat old bureaucrats or skinny one's for that matter and that's what is frightening them right now. All that I've said is not news to them, they know their moment is upon them and they can't stop it, no more than they can stop the passage of time. 'And time is no more'. You're about to 'see' what that means. Time to make like a tree and leave this crap behind. Let them argue for their limitations and walk away as they talk to themselves. Many of you 'volunteered' to assist this process and you've been doing bivouac, times up, now say so. Enough, and mean it.

Catch me while you can if you want a final consult, when my door bell rings, I shut up.

Love and kisses


Obama Throws Hillary Under The Bus – Clintons Furious

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Obama Throws Hillary Under The Bus – Clintons Furious
October 13, 2012 by Tim Brown

It appears that Barack Obama is ready to let Secretary of State Clinton take the fall for the failure in security in Benghazi. During the vice-presidential debate on Thursday it became clear that is what the agenda was.
There is no doubt that is part of her responsibility in that role. According to the State Department’s website:

The Secretary of State, and by extension, the Chief of Mission (COM), are responsible for developing and implementing security policies and programs that provide for the protection of all U.S. Government personnel (including accompanying dependents) on official duty abroad. This mission is executed through the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS). Personal and facility protection are the most critical elements of the DS mission abroad as they directly impact upon the Department’s ability to carry out its foreign policy. With terrorist organizations and coalitions operating across international borders, the threat of terrorism against U.S. interests remains great. Therefore, any U.S. mission overseas can be a target even if identified as being in a low-threat environment.

As a result, DS is more dedicated than ever to its mission of providing a secure living and working environment for our Foreign Service colleagues as they implement foreign policy and promote U.S. interests around the world. Nearly 800 DS special agents serve in regional security offices at over 250 posts worldwide. The DS special agents, also called regional security officers (RSOs) when serving abroad, manage security programs and also provide the first line of defense for our personnel, their families, U.S. diplomatic missions, and national security information. RSOs serve as the primary advisor to the COM on all security matters by developing and implementing security programs that shield U.S. missions and residences overseas from physical and technical attack.

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