Friday, September 28, 2012

CBS NEWS: The Bloodline Families Who Have Run This Country Since It Began

This is an old video from George W Bush years, but quite amazing!  My nephew discovered this on YouTube.

Listening to myself

Every now and again, when faced with a seemingly irresolvable issue, I set an intention for the “highest and best for all concerned”, get in a quiet, meditative state, and write out a question.  Then I listen.  Sometimes the answers come loudly and quickly!  They are recorded with my non-dominant hand.  There is less editing that way, as my logical brain is occupied with making the pen work.

The following conversation happened because of some current physical issues.  These were things I assumed were fully healed and repaired.  Maybe the answers will help you as well; we are One. 

Remember, we hold the answers to all of our questions, we only need ask. 

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

Question:   What is going on with my body?

It is your deepest 3D fear.  How’s it going so far?  This is what your fears are creating.

How do I change this?  This is not what I want.

You have to look at your life squarely.


Let me finish.  ... (you have to look at your life squarely) WITHOUT FEAR.  This is how things are altered.

Are things created from fear?

Things are created from focus.  You are extremely focused and powerful right now.  This is why you look and feel as you do.

Please, I need concrete steps to change this.  I am asking for help.

Take a look, decide what it is you want, and focus there only – without fear.  With determination see the changes you want.  This does not mean avoid looking elsewhere.  It is this contrast you are here for.

Thank you.

The Fireworks Are Now Beginning…

The Fireworks are now Beginning…
September 28, 2012

Grid point sparking occurs as alignments finalize in preparation for next stage of Ascension process. Energy upgrade for the Gaia Entity is required for final period leading to the 12-21-12 Grand Window.

Scientifics in the 3D-4D are occurring so as to prove concepts of Higher Levels. More to be unveiled increasingly as day passes night.

Many are called. And many answer that call. Unlike prior sylloquisms.

Messages from Gaia have overridden Cosmic ones. This may seem odd to some, but Gaia is the primary focus of the Cosmos at this time. We see all is proceeding smoothly, and do not anticipate any more stops in progress through the 12-21-12.

The Fireworks are now Beginning… And they are Real…

We Know About Your Lies

GOP Symbols Changed in 2005

SaLuSa, September 28, 2012

SaLuSa, September 28, 2012

The time lines are beginning to merge into the ones that carry the most energy, and are naturally strongest where people have the intent to ascend and those who do not. What you will be looking at is the result of your mass consciousness that is creating according to your wishes. Ascension itself is going to bring changes that have been divinely decreed, and are of Universal proportions and controlled by the higher forces. You do therefore create your own experiences, and Ascension will be your final one as you leave the cycle of duality, to take your place in the New Age. Events can be changed according to your speed and level of advancement, and that allows for any delay caused by the dark Ones. So we say to you still keep focused on the actual Ascension, and prepare for an input of powerful energy that you will be aware of.

There is always going to be much discussion about how the future events will take place, as there are many different views about it. What you have been promised will certainly come about and you have much to gain from it. In fact the timing has often had to be adjusted, and you are of course now aware that some events have had to be put back. However, you will not miss out and you will pass on to a higher vibration, and benefit from the many changes that will lift you up further into the Light. The old paradigm will by then have no further influence in your lives, and you will enjoy the absolute peace and joy that comes with the new one.

Gospel of a survivor: Rwandan woman chooses forgiveness over anger after living through genocide

Reblogged from the National Post
Joe O'Connor | Sep 27, 2012 10:30 AM ET

Damascene Ilibagiza was more like a best friend than an older brother to his sister, ImmaculĂ©e. They could talk about anything and, in her eyes, Damascene was the sun and the moon and the stars: an athlete, a scholar — a sidekick.

She would learn about the day her brother died after the killings stopped. A Hutu mob stripped him to his underwear and beat him with the handles of their machetes, while demanding that he tell them where she was hiding. He faced his attackers, Ms. Ilibagiza was told, and said he “pitied” them; said he would “pray” for them.

He didn’t beg for his life. He pitied a bunch of killers, urged them to strike him down and when they hesitated asked what they were waiting for.

There were other horrors.

Ms. Ilibagiza’s father was shot dead, her mother butchered and another brother massacred in a soccer stadium, along with thousands of other Tutsi tribe members seeking sanctuary from the Rwandan genocide that erupted in April 1994 and saw 800,000 Tutsi murdered by their Hutu countrymen over the course of 100 days.

Maybe he still had the same evil in his heart as when he was killing innocent people — but I wanted him to know that I was no longer in his way

Ms. Ilibagiza gives a moving account of the bloodshed and the 91 terrifying days she spent in hiding in the best-seller, Left to Tell. She lives in Manhattan, runs a charity dedicated to helping Rwandan orphans and travels the globe sharing her story. She will be in King City, just north of Toronto, for a pair of talks Friday and Saturday.

Candid Cat Camera

Cats amaze me. They are independent, loving, aloof, fearless, and good friends.  When I get sick my Simba will curl up at my side and not leave.  

I love this video, but I don't agree with keeping cats out of nature, they are so much more mentally healthy when they can roam in nature. Our cats spend about 8 hours a day outdoors and they kill tree rats and other rodents that can carry plague or hanta virus.  The cats themselves are preyed on, we never let them out after  6pm because of roving coyotes that come in off the green belts in our community.  Cats are predators (as are dogs or ferrets) and certain species of birds. But when they do kill the first thing they do is sever the spine so the animal feels no pain and doesn't suffer long.  They will play with a dead animal, or to my wife's horror bring home a trophy. They are a part of nature and they do keep rodents under control. It is said the reintroduction of cats into the Europe was one of the reasons that ended the black plague.  The Egyptians revered cats.

A neighbor ours kept their two cats indoors, one had its claws removed.  The one without the claws slipped outside and an owl grabbed it and flew off.  The cat with claws is still alive.  

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