Monday, September 3, 2012

Inner Peace

For those of you so down on yourself because you aren't always in a good mood....
a friend sent me this.  Its great!  - AK

Inner Peace: This is so true   

If you can start the day without caffeine,
If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,

If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,

If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,
If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,

If you can conquer tension without medical help,
If you can relax without alcohol,

If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,

...Then You Are Probably


The Family Dog!
And you thought I was going to get all spiritual....  


SaLuSa 9/03/12

I had a conversation with Laura who occasionally channels SaLuSa, among others.
Here's the questions I had:

Me to Laura: 
"Do you happen to know what it is "THE CHOICE" that humanity has to make?
A lot of channelers and sites keep referring to an upcoming choice. 
Also "THE EVENT" keeps cropping up too. 
And references to "The Guardians"."
Hey! got SaLuSa here, will reply now to this:
Do you happen to know what it is "THE CHOICE" that humanity has to make? A lot of channelers and sites keep referring to an upcoming choice.
Also "THE EVENT" keeps cropping up too.
And references to "The Guardians".
The choice is regarding Ascension dear Friend.
"The event" means disclosure.
We are the guardians in a way, we keep Earth from too many invadors, and outside threats.
The guardians of humanity are us, your Galactic brethrens.
There is also a specific race called the Guardians and their involvement with Earth is closely intertwined.

These Birds Hold Funerals For Their Dead

When I was at college in Pasadena scrub jays would land on our study balcony and eat breakfast cereal from our hands.  They're very brave birds, and very adaptable to their environment. -AK

These birds hold funerals for their dead
 Alasdair Wilkins

It's sometimes suggested humans are the only species that truly understands the concept of the death. But now researchers have discovered that humans aren't the only creatures who hold funerals.

Researchers at UC Davis have observed this funereal behavior in western scrub jays. When one bird spots a dead jay on the ground, it stops what it was doing and starts sending out loud alarm calls. The calls bring in jays from all over, who gather around the body and continue sending out the alarm calls so that as many jays as possible show up near the dead body.

Of course, it's unlikely that these alarm calls are the western scrub jay equivalent of a eulogy. Instead, the researchers are pretty sure that the dead body functions as a warning that predators are nearby, and the jays treat this information seriously enough to gather their entire population around the site of the death. The sight of death had a profound enough effect on the jays that they stopped foraging for the rest of the day, although exactly why this behavior change occurred is difficult to say. It's tempting to say they were too grief-stricken to eat, but we simply don't have enough information to make that assumption.

To better understand what drove the reactions of the jays to the dead bird, the UC Davis researchers presented them with various objects, including recently dead jays, stuffed jays, colored pieces of woods, and stuffed great horn owls (their main predator). A BBC news story charts the birds' reactions:

When the birds were fooled into thinking a predator had arrived, by being exposed to a mounted owl, they also gathered together and made a series of alarm calls. They also swooped down at the supposed predator, to scare it off. But the jays never swooped at the body of a dead bird. The birds also occasionally mobbed the stuffed jays; a behaviour they are known to do in the wild when they attack competitors or sick birds. The fact that the jays didn't react to the wooden objects shows that it is not the novelty of a dead bird appearing that triggers the reaction. The results show that "without witnessing the struggle and manner of death", the researchers write, the jays see the presence of a dead bird as information to be publicly shared, just as they do the presence of a predator.

Read the full scientific paper in Animal Behavior.

Piloting A Remote Controlled Quadrotor With Thought

This Huffington Post Article was mentioned at: The 2012 Scenario

FlyingBuddy2: Pilot This Mind-Controlled 'Copter With Nothing But Your Thoughts
The Huffington Post
By Jason Gilbert
Posted: 09/01/2012 1:11 pm

Meet the new breed of toy copter -- no remote control required.

The New Scientist points to a video posted by researchers at Zheijiang University in Hangzhou, China, which shows a quadcopter being flown using nothing but thoughts and wishes. That's right: On this flight, your brain is your co-pilot. If you want the copter to turn right, you simply think, "Turn right." If you want it to turn left, you think "turn left," and so on.

Here's video of the thought-controlled helicopter in action, along with a brief explanation of how it (incredibly) works:

Financial War Is Down To A Few Small Factions And Key Individuals; Lots Of High Profile Deaths Seen.

Financial war is down to a few small factions and key individuals; lots of high profile deaths seen.

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
September 3, 2012

The financial war that has been raging intensely for the past several years is now down to a few factions all marred by infighting. One the one side is the fascist P2 lodge still pushing for a world fascist dictatorship.

On the other side can be seen several groups all claiming they want to do good but need to be in charge.

Several recent high-profile deaths may be related to this ongoing, but climaxing, struggle. Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, Bishop of Milan and reported Vatican spy master, died on August 31st, during the blue moon.

Sergey Leonidovich Sokolov, the former head of the Soviet Union’s armed forces fired by Gorbachev, also died on that day. Another prominent death was the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, head of the Unification Church. The Unification Church is known as a powerful player in the Asian underworld and has a large ranch in Paraguay next to the one the Bush family owns. None of the causes of death were announced but all the men were elderly.

These men were connected, though, at the highest level, to the intensifying factional struggle over control of the world’s finances.

In this situation the White Dragon Society, a junior member of the Dragon family and other groups, proposes that the ring of centralized control over money be taken to “Mt. Doom,” and melted.

Remember Our Song

Sophia Love
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