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Polarity Integrator Mission


Thanks to Sophia Love for pointing me towards this.  Sophia and I have been exploring this word "Guardian" that keeps cropping up in various articles.  It seems to be a specific reference to a specific group of beings.  -AK

Polarity Integrator Mission
This is an extract from a much longer channel by Lisa Renee, whose website address link is at the end.
By Lisa Renee

Universal Radio Tuner

All of us humans will eventually reach the point in our destiny where spiritual evolution and our ascension actualization is the foremost priority of our entire existence. As we expand our consciousness capacity through this Ascension cycle (the organic process of spiritual initiation- that which activates our inner core frequency to increase our personal auric bodies radiant light expansion) we reach levels of direct sensory experience that transcend our lower ego mind’s linear perception of reality. The ignited lightbody (the reconnected Soul/Monad) activates energetic intelligence receptors that translate within the cellular knowing of the physical body itself. The activated body becomes a massive radio tuner able to tune into many different channels of dimensional octaves within the Universal frequency spectrum.

Many of us on the Ascension pathway are attempting to decipher these radio channels coming online as our cellular (re)memories are linking into a relationship with the current station of our identity. Sometimes this “remembering” can feel scary to the unprepared body and mind. Sometimes we are not deciphering the message clearly and we become confused in fear. This is part and parcel of the spiritual ascension embodiment process – the synthesis of polarities to allow the integration of higher frequency light to be available to the planet and the human race. The term to describe this transmutation process is called “Polarity Integrator” and many Starseeds have aggressive missions to do just that job while on planet Earth.

It is a mission to be honored and respected when we are capable to understand its place of value in the necessity of spiritual ascension embodiment. All things potentially to be manifested in any timeline must be “embodied” in the physical plane of matter. To manifest the Ascension/Incension experience, Starseeds are embodying the process as prototypes to give this planet and the race field access to the instruction set in this density. We are becoming a Stargate of Ascension. Thus, we are collectively the “Avatar of Ascension”.

Polarity Integrator Mission

As an example of using archetypes and artifacts to manifest controls, the dark ones (negative polarity) have used this “embodiment” principle to control the material world for eons. One may look to the archetypes, master number code, sigils and artifacts that show up everywhere in the organized 3D control structures operating, the financial, educational, religious, medical and other systems. All of these structures use coded archetypes with energetic significance that influences the subconscious mind of the human being. Most humans are unconscious of their meanings however at cellular levels respond to these artifacts through the continual external brainwashing and mind control. The controllers used these creational codes, usurped or reversed their energetic relationships and have been successful manipulating the planet and humanities reality for a long while. (Total negative polarity invasion estimated approximately 5,500 years ago in this density in the area between Egypt and Iran, formerly the Sumerian and Mesopotamian cultures)

As Starseed Architects of Living Light observe and experience these code reversals, (this happens in physical matter and in the pre-manifested matrices) they are capable of overriding the artificial code to the living code of original creation and intent. This is the process of restoring congruency in the planetary architecture to the Natural Laws of God, the Law of One.

You Are Each Unique, Powerful, Beautiful Beings.

Michael channeled by Ron Head
August 2, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages

Greetings to you on this morning of your passing through the energies of the full moon.  Let us speak of that which was so powerful that it awakened you.  We are always speaking of these things, it seems.  But many are feeling these things for the first time and do not know where to get an explanation.

We told you previously that these frequencies would continue to increase in power and purpose.  As they have changed your molecular structure, they have made this safer for you and, in most cases, a bit more pleasurable.  Now you have reached a point where you can sustain, without harm, wholesale change to your entire bodily system if you have, not resisted what needed to be done.  We advise you to relax into the flow of these things and remember that they are being done to assure not only your ascension, but your actual well-being.  Remember, no one has ever gone through all of this in their physical embodiment, not on Earth, and not on any other planet.

There have been some ones who have volunteered to experience these things as a sort of test to see what you could deal with and what you could not.  Things have been very, very uncomfortable for some of them for quite some time.  They will of course be very joyful of the outcome of their chosen journeys, but we say to you that you all owe them a great deal.  Because of what they have passed through, many of you are able to travel this path with little or no pain, even to the point of hardly noticing.  Some even welcome and enjoy each step up in the process.  From the perspective of your ascension, eight hours of half-sleep through cellular and molecular excitation will not seem too high a price to pay.

As before, this will have served to prepare you for the physical, and also the non-physical things which are beginning to manifest for you.  Your bodies are being prepared to house much, much more of the light of your entire selves.  Depending upon where you are individually in your journey, you may have already begun to perceive some of the new possibilities this will afford you.  We cannot list these for you.  There are billions of possibilities.  It would be like trying to list all the possible flavors of soup.  Each of you has spent much time and experience collecting the ingredients.  Just enjoy the flavor of soup that you are, and have fun sampling all the others around you.

You are each unique, powerful, beautiful beings.  It is time now for you to awaken to the full realization of that.  We promise you that this thrill ride is just warming up.  You are embarking upon the surfing, bungee jumping, sky diving, white water ride of your forever lives.  Throw up your arms and scream in glee.  We are clapping as we enjoy it with you.  Call upon us and we will be even closer to you than we are now.  You will feel this if you wish.  We will speak again soon.

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Matthew Ward - August 2, 2012

Matthew Ward - August 2, 2012

No terrorism at Olympics; reasons ETs may arrive sooner than planned; effects of vibrations on Earth clashing with higher frequencies; fear and duality; power outage in India; shooting in Colorado, USA; ETs honor lightworkers; prepare for Golden Age

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The combination of vibratory emissions from Earth and the energy planes through which the planet is ascending are producing a variety of strong effects.

2. We shall speak about those, and first we mention the most splendid effect— myriad sparkles are shooting upward from Earth, and each signifies that a soul is awakening, searching for an understanding of what is transpiring in your world. Although the populace doesn’t know that weapons of war are failing to function and many thousands of our assisting family members are circling in your skies, for instance, there is a strong feeling that something significant is afoot, and some feel that it bodes well for the world.

3. Indeed it does, and we wish everyone could know this! Although a few supporting facts are coming out, they are buried in belabored coverage of sensational events and currently the Olympics. In the weeks prior to the opening ceremony, reports of planned terrorism in London were disseminated on the Internet and mainstream media also reported that possibility—the Illuminati still are circulating fear-filled information. That does not mean that they had no intention of carrying out any sinister acts, only that they wanted to get a head start on creating fear by telling you what they have up their sleeves.

4. Even knowing that light beings from advanced civilizations above and on the planet have been foiling ”black ops” plots, the dark ones are keeping at it. They will be no more successful during the Olympics than heretofore, but their persistence is understandable. They feed on the energy of fear, and their only means of keeping alive the tattered remnants of their former domination is by creating the widespread fear that keeps them going.

5. In honoring Earth’s free will that no more large scale terrorist acts will befall you, your space family is authorized to prevent all such attempts, and they keep abreast of everything the Illuminati and other nefarious individuals are doing. For many years the crews in crafts have been in continuous communication with their ground intelligence troops and the high universal council, thus everyone involved is apprised of what is going on regarding the Olympics and all other world affairs.

6. In a recent message we stated that the council deemed it advisable to wait until near the end of the year for crews to land in large numbers and members of our universal family living among you to identify themselves. We also said that nothing was set in stone, so that meeting-up could occur sooner, and the potential is growing that it will.

7. But not on August 4th during the games—that would cause panic! If the council concludes that all conditions are ideal for a stunning appearance that day, very likely it will in the nature of an unmistakable extraterrestrial “fly-over,” not an Illuminati concoction designed to look like an invasion from space However, please do not be disappointed if that date passes without a world-startling event.

8. You may think that specifying a date and location is foolhardy because it lets the Illuminati know when and where to create a frightening illusion or dangerous conditions, thus postponing whatever the light forces have planned. Since the telepathic “antennas” of the dark ones’ always are operating, just as the light forces’ are, they would know about a plan even if it were not made public. The appropriate timing for irrefutable evidence of extraterrestrial presence on the planet goes back to the fear issue.

Why We ALL Have Psychic Powers:
How Thought Premonitions & Telepathy
are More Common Than We Thought

Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. is one of the world's most innovative biologists,

and is best known for his theory of morphic fields and morphic resonance,
which leads to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent

By Dr Rupert Sheldrake

Like many mothers who feared for their family’s safety during World War II, Mona Miller was evacuated from London to the peaceful seaside town of Babbacombe in Devon.

It seemed like a wise precaution but, shortly after her arrival there with her young children, Mrs Miller became increasingly uneasy.

‘I had a feeling that I must leave Devon and return home,’ she told me.

‘At first I dismissed the idea; why leave when I was so happy and contented despite the war going on around me?

‘But the feeling increased. The walls of my room seemed to speak to me: “Go home to London.” I resisted the call for about four months then, one day, like a flash of light, I knew we must leave.

‘On a Saturday in late 1942, we travelled back to London and a few days later I received a letter from a friend in Devon.

‘“Thank God you took the children on Saturday,” she wrote. “Early Sunday morning, Jerry dropped three bombs and one fell on the house where you were living, demolishing it, and killing all the neighbours on either side.”’

Mrs Miller was far from the only person to experience such forebodings during the war.

Banker Arrests Around the World

Now… that Bankers’ Video (mentioned in the “Galactic Soap Operas” post)…
Posted on 2012/08/01 

Thanks to Sally (of Kona) for this one, forwarded to me by Beverly.

Still asking, “Where’s all the arrests?” Well, you may want to watch this collection of arrests reports on TV from around the world. 15 minutes long, one of my favorite parts is the Max Keiser at the end. Just a fine collection of snips from a variety of sources.

Gaia's Helmet

I found this on Facebook tonight, it was on one of my readers Facebook pages.   About a month or so ago I had a kind of a vision where I met Gaia. She was green and rode an Impala (animal - not a Chevy..LOL!) that had horns with ribbons and feathers tied to them, much like a young woman might decorate a horse with flowers or her room with ribbons.  On top of her head she had a helmet, and a pagoda looking thing springing from the middle of the helmet.  I haven't been able to find a precise representation of what I saw on her head until tonight.  It looked like the building on the left.  Does anyone know what this building is or where its at?

A light worker wrote about sending Gaia energy and love. For some reason I decided to just issue her an apology on the behalf of humanity.  I don't know if anyone ever did that before but I thought I'd try it. I mean really what do I know about sending love and energy to Gaia right?  I am pretty new at this kind of thing. I had always considered the "Gaia Theory" of James Lovelock a possibility, but I never really thought of Gaia being a sentient being in her own right. 

In this waking dream/vision (I don't know what to call it) I found myself moving into the center of the Earth (in spirit?)  into a deep emerald green place.  In the center was a white zone, blindingly white, and Gaia rode  on a Impala (deer like animal with horns that go up straight without branches) into this huge white room from the green zone (think of a green sphere encasing a white spherical room).  Gaia was green, about 5'6" tall (168 cm). Her facial features seemed South American, perhaps Brazilian. She had a leather skirt that reminded me a bit of a Roman Soldier thing and a leather breastplate/armor/top. It looked a bit like a hunting outfit.  Gaia was truly a force to be reckoned with.  Raw feminine power of the kind I had never encountered before.  I wasn't sure sure what she was going to do to me,  I was a little afraid at first, she was clearly not afraid of anything.  I thought she might punch me.  Instead she removed the helmet and gave me a kiss.  What a shock!

I no longer consider Gaia an abstract theory.  I think of her as an entity in her own right on a level that I don't understand. I don't know if the vision was a representation of her in human form, or if she can really appear that way, if she chooses.  There is so much I do not know. But the sense of raw creative power of Gaia was absolutely astounding.

- American Kabuki
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