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Iran Sentences 4 To Death
In $2.6B Banking Fraud Case

Iran sentences 4 to death in $2.6B fraud case

By NASSER KARIMI | Associated Press – 2 hrs 34 mins ago

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An Iranian court has sentenced four people to death and given two more life sentences on charges linked to a $2.6 billion bank fraud described as the biggest financial scam in the country's history, an official said Monday.

The trial, which began in February, involved some of the country's largest financial institutions and raised uncomfortable questions about corruption at senior levels in Iran's tightly controlled economy.

But few specific details have been released, possibly to avoid exposing too much internal scandal while Iran's leaders seek to assure the country it can ride out tightening sanctions over Tehran's nuclear program.

Prosecutors have only referred to the linchpin defendant by a nickname and have provided just general information about his purported business empire. The main charges included using forged documents to get credit at one of Iran's top bank to purchase assets, including major state-owned companies.

The official IRNA news agency gave no names at all for most of the other defendants in the Revolutionary Court, which deals with cases involving security and organized crime. The report did not say when the verdicts were issued.

The report quoted state prosecutor Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehei as saying a total of 39 defendants received sentences, including four death sentences, two life terms and the rest of up to 25 years in prison. He said officials including deputy ministers in the government were among those sentenced, but did not identify any of them.

The main defendant, referred to by a nickname "Amir Mansour Aria," was among those charged with a potential capital offense. In February, state TV said he was accused of being "corrupt on earth," an Iranian legal term that means that the defendant is an enemy of God, and which in practice is a catch-all term for a variety of offenses. The charge carries the death penalty.

Aria pleaded not guilty, but acknowledged that he has violated some laws, the Iranian media said.

The indictment described Aria as head of the Aria Investment Development Co. It said the owners used "incorrect connections with executive and political elements" to accrue wealth.

"Dozens of instances of bribe payments to staff and managers of banks have taken place under various titles," it said.

Ejehei said the sentences are appealable. By law the convicted have 20 days to appeal.

Meanwhile, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his hardline rivals traded blows in their political power struggle. A court stripped one presidential ally of his job while officials in Ahmadinejad's government brought charges against the brother of one of his prominent critics, the speaker of parliament.

Ahmadinejad has faced more than a year of withering political attacks after challenging Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei over the selection of the intelligence minister. Dozens of Ahmadinejad's allies have been arrested or driven from power by backers of Khamenei, and Ahmadinejad has been left severely weakened with less than a year left in his second and final term.

Ahmadinejad was once the favored son of Iran's theocracy, but his defiance of Khamenei was considered to be a rebellion against the supremacy of the clergy and the president's conservative allies turned on him. He still retains a following among Iran's working classes and rural poor who see the ruling clerics as aloof and out of touch.

In the latest twist, a court stripped one of Ahmadinejad's top appointees of his job after claims he was linked to the deaths of anti-government protesters, the IRNA news agency said.

The ruling against Saeed Mortazavi, head of Iran's social security organization, followed a suit filed by a group of anti-Ahmadinejad lawmakers.

In 2010, a parliamentary probe found Mortazavi — then chief Tehran prosecutor — responsible for the deaths by torture of at least three anti-government protesters who were in custody. Angry lawmakers in April threatened to impeach the country's labor minister, who appointed Mortazavi, over the case.

In a separate report, IRNA said Javad Larijani — the brother of both the country's parliament speaker and its powerful judiciary chief — came under investigation over allegations he illegally took control of protected land.

Tehran's chief prosecutor Alireza Avaei was quoted as saying that a court is studying the allegations. The claims were filed by the government agency in charge of natural resources.

The Larijani family are prominent critics of Ahmadinejad.

Larijani's brother Sadegh heads the judiciary and another brother, Ali, is parliament speaker. Javad leads the judiciary's human rights council. No date has been set for a hearing.

And Then There's the Other Point of View

Well, to make matters more complex, we get this other scenario from Cobra at the Portal 2012.  I don't know what to say about this posting, other than we will know in 5 days right?  Not like we have to wait all that long to find out! -AK
Monday, July 30, 2012

The Plan and What You Can Do

I have received new intel about the Plan.

The Event will be a multidimensional breakthrough for planet Earth that will send waves of Light across the Universe. The Event will be spiritual and physical in nature. It will encompass a breakthrough in removal of non-physical negative entities, mass arrests of the Cabal and drastic increase of sightings of positive UFOs. It will be an unified effort of the Pleiadians, the Resistance Movement, Positive Military, White Dragon Society and other positive groups.

The Event is scheduled for October this year or later.

The Event is only the beginning, then things will go as fast as humanity can integrate. First Contact operations will proceed along with the restructuring of the system. New financial system will be very short lived since after the First Contact money will become obsolete. The Ascension will NOT happen on December 21st. Humanity needs a lot of healing and December 21st is just the beginning of the Ascension process.

The main reason why mass arrests of the Cabal did not happen within the April to June timeframe is that the Positive Military was not aware of Archons until recently and did not integrate them in their 35+ years old plan. The other reason was that positive groups got heavily infiltrated by the Cabal.

Nothing spectacular will happen on August 4th. There will be a gradual increase of number of UFO sightings during August / September period. The hostage situation around humanity is slowly being resolved, the ships of Pleiadians and other positive civilizations of Light are progressing towards the surface of planet Earth.

To explain from my last post, Magdalenian Archons invasion was an invasion  that ended peaceful Gravettian Goddess worshiping paleolithic high culture more than 16,000 years ago and started Magdalenian hunting paleolithic tribal society.

Many people would like to become more active and are asking me what to do.

First, you can join weekly liberation meditations.

Second, you can distribute information.

Third, you can spread the beauty of your Soul.

Fourth, in the future when safety conditions permit, I will be able to hold conferences worldwide where I will speak about different topics connected to the planetary liberation, ascension, disclosure and first contact. There people will be able to ask questions directly. People willing to organize such events can contact me at .

Fifth,  the scope of this blog, projects associated with it regarding planetary liberation and people’s response to this has grown to the point when I can no longer cover everything with my own financial resources. Information in this blog will always be free. However, additional funding is needed from wealthy persons that are willing to contribute something to those liberation efforts. I trust there are some rich people out there that haven’t been completely absorbed into the Rothschild casino and would like to support the Light instead. Minimum donation is $1000 and regular monthly donations would make things much easier. Those willing to help, please contact for details. Please understand that call for funding is directed towards wealthy individuals outside the Cabal as this would not be a burden for them, and not to general population. Large part of the donated money will go towards a project of healing planetary timelines with advanced reverse time loop technology.

Many people have asked to join the Resistance. This is not possible at this point. Only few extremely well trained agents of the Resistance are now operating on the surface of the planet. After the Event, the Resistance will gradually make itself known to the general public.

I have received reports from some people that they can not post comments in my blog. I do not know the reason for this. I hope it is just a technology glitch and not the Cabal interfering with us. I rarely delete comments and I do so only when they are extremely negative and counterproductive. The comments section in my blog has evolved into a sacred space where awakened beings can share ideas and revelations.

Posted by Cobra at 11:45 AM 

The 2012 Scenario: Our Olympic Galactic Friends Now Appearing in Mainstream Media

Posted at The 2012 Scenario

Our Olympic Galactic Friends Now Appearing in Mainstream Media

2012 JULY 30
Posted by Dave Schmidt

UFO Appearing in Olympics Opening Ceremony Now in Mainstream Media

My first thought when I saw the YouTube video of the UFO appearance was astonishment.  It looked like the classic “flying saucer” UFO.

But, as so many of us have experienced disappointments, I began to think it was just a blimp with the light reflecting off the stadium.  How could this be so obvious, so out in the open. Yet no news coverage, no videos from cell phone cameras and no twitter tweets flying around the world.
Last night I talked with Stephen Cook who, as we remember, was PR Manager for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.  He explained why none of those reportings from individuals could have happened in London on Friday… the only people at the Olympic venue were insidethe stadium, due to strict security procedures. So there were no crowds of people wandering around outside. The only people allowed into the Olympic Park would have been official ticketholders, Games staff and volunteers working that night. As well, the TV broadcast is heavily controlled; only those images that the Olympic broadcaster wants to go out to the public end up as part of the official telecast…and every image is copyrighted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
After our conversation another thought came my way.  If it was a blimp reflecting the light from the stadium, it would have also reflected the massive lights from the fireworks.  I then went back and watched the videos.  There was no reflection change from the fireworks.  The light on the starship remains fairly constant during the massive fireworks display.  That was my ‘ah ah’ moment.  This could be for real.
I started to become a believer.  Then, later, I received an email that it was reported in the Huffington Post, it was mentioned in SaLuSa’s post today and now it’s appearing on my personal MSN web site in main stream media.
Disclosure is on it’s way folks, I’m now in the ‘believer’ camp.
Here’s the link to the article appearing on MSN’s news page:
To see the Huffington Post story go here.
On Friday’s InLight Radio’s version of Cosmic Vision News had a special news breaking program regarding the disclosure announcements.  Our program was live and being broadcast at the same time of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  We had a live caller from London named Carl Rodrigues describe his impressions of the Olympics as he lives less than 1/2 hour from the stadium.
He is now posting on the 2012 Scenario Yahoo Discussion Group that he observed the UFO in person and the YouTube videos are the same as what he viewed.
Here’s a quote from Carl on the Yahoo Discussion Group”
“Just went to view the video again and seen it’s been taken down by the Olympics committee! The video that queenvictrola has posted is interesting as I did see this object – I got excited as I saw that side view when it looks like a saucer, but when I saw it – it didn’t move much at all.”
Here’s a link to another YouTube video that Carl says is a closer siting.
It’s getting to be interesting folks!!!

Special Message from Blossom Goodchild

By Blossom Goodchild – July 30, 2012


Ladies and Gentleman … whose hearts are so eager to have something fool proof taking place …

I am driven to send out this letter just to remind you of a few things that The Federation Of Light have been speaking to us about … because I FEEL it is important.

There are a few channellings going around at the moment that rang alarm bells for me the minute my heart clapped eyes on them.


Before reading … take some deep breaths and ask your soul to let you know whether or not a particular message is coming from LOVE … ONLY LOVE.

If a message carries judgement of another or belittles another … regardless of intensity of dark deeds performed … then the message DOES NOT come from the Light. Higher Light Beings do not speak harshly about anyone. They cannot … for they are of a Higher understanding and come only from LOVE.

If you place yourself in a state of deep Love before you commence reading , your BEING will soon tell you whether or not the message carries that same energy.

How quickly one is ready to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ before even checking out where the band wagon is going … let alone where it has been!

My inbox has been inundated with hope filled emails regarding a predicted date of Aug 4th for First Contact… asking me what I think about it. Basically … in me feeling the need to write this letter I think you have your/my answer. The said message also states that it shall be confirmed by many other sources . Heard of any?

May I pass on this in the hope it may assist in these confusing times:

Extract from Blossom’s Channelling  – The Federation of Light – July 14, 2012

Yet we ask you to acknowledge also the KNOWN fact that there are some messages out there that ARE NOT and NEVER WILL BE descended from Higher realms . There are messages sent out whose purpose is to deliberately confuse and dupe. They are encoded in order to make one FEEL in certain moments that their hearts are being Divinely touched … and yet they are encoded also with fear and darkness that leads ones thoughts directly to the place in which the message was intended. DOOM and GLOOM!
These are easily detectable … for if one is feeling Love in one moment of the connection when reading and then the heart begins to race at a pace that is uncomfortable …then this dearest souls …. is when the ‘delete’ button should be instantly pressed. It is not a matter of ‘throwing out the baby with the bath water’ … there is no baby … just dirty water in the guise of a baby!

However ……….. should my feelings be wrong in all of this ……. not only will I hold on to my hat … I shall EAT IT!

Be aware of how you FEEL … if you have even the slightest discomfort … question it … and find your answer within.

May I finish, however, by saying again that visualisation is our most powerful tool . Let us visualise a world where THERE IS ONLY TRUTH. SO BE IT.

Many thanks everyone .

Draw the Golden Light from above/around/ within into your focus so you can BE ONLY OF IT … AT ALL TIMES.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays

Blossom G. xxx

SaLuSa: "Divine Instructions Have Been Given That Action Shall Be Taken Without Delay To Announce Our Presence"

Oh how I hate specific dates!.....please remember to not view this as a prediction or prophecy but rather as the intent of the GFL... I've worked on a number of large software projects in my life that contained mind boggling complexities and problems to work out with partner airlines and rental car companies around the globe, working in different languages in cultures.  Project time lines can and do slip on any project, for there are always complications in our 3D reality.  First contact with the GFL would have to be, in my view, one of the most complex projects ever undertaken on this planet. 

While this news should bring great joy and hope, please do not view this in terms of religious belief or faith.  Faith in this is not required, view it as an announcement.  Your faith and belief should be centered in knowing that YOU are from the Creator Source and that your highest good will always be looked after, no matter what changes, if any, happen. Your connection with the divine is the only that thing that can NEVER change.  Find your security and root in that.  Nothing can separate you from the Love of God.

I posted another posting from Micah, which I have held in draft mode on blogger, as I didn't have secondary confirmation on the news it contained.  I have decided to release that posting as well, given that it coincides with SaLuSa's post today. I cleaned up the upper case message and spelling errors in the Micah post, it appears Micha is not a native English speaker. I do not know the track record of Micha "The Guardian".  SaLuSa has a good and well known record. SaLuSa is rarely specific on details like this message is and it seems to be confirmation of the Micah posting.

It is my instinct everything is coming together now, the banking changes, disclosure, but that's my personal assessment of what I feel.  I have no channeling or inside information of my own, other than that which swirls on the net that you also have access to.  Eventually, everything has to change or no human would be left alive on this planet.  I hope it begins August 4th.  If not, I will still carry on with what I am doing in my little part of trying to help bring a brighter future.  -AK

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, July 30, 2012

Dear Ones as you are learning from a number of sources, the point has been reached when Divine instructions have been given that action shall be taken without delay to announce our presence. We have shown extreme patience and given your leaders plenty of opportunity to take the steps called for to release you from the control of the Illuminati. We know that they too are also like many people in fear of them, but that has to be put aside to allow the truth to come out. The Olympics is the window that is being given world attention, and we cannot think of a better way to make it known. Time is fast running away and we must be given the opportunity to make ourselves known to you.

Some will still choose to disbelieve our messages, but that is their free choice which we honor. However, there is the important matter of Ascension and much to do in these final days, and we cannot wait any longer. Our allies have gone as far as can be reasonably expected, and they need complete freedom to go surging ahead with their final responsibilities. So very shortly the clearing up process will be able to proceed without further hindrance from the dark Ones. Your lives are to some extent to be turned upside down, although many people are already prepared for it. We hope that some leaders will heed our request and not wait until we are forced to intervene, but if we have to we are fully ready.

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