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NEWS from Neil Keenan – July 23, 2012

This conversation was posted on Drake's web site.  Its seems to be a response to someone other than Drake but sent through Drake.  I don't know exactly what inquiry this is in reply to,  if anyone knows, please point me to the URL for the conversation that preceded this.  -AK

Good Morning my friend,

As always I want to keep things clear so no one gets confused most especially me.  The case and the liens are two different issues.  For the case I must return to Asia to receive the rest of the documentation, I have most recently been promised, that ties in much more than jurisdictional issues.  It ties in actions.

As you know the phony Euros printed by the European Central Bank are in our possession in Indonesia .  These notes are outright fraud and we have all the answers back to us from the system.  They have no value but they made them as payment for the interest on the Gold from the Global Accounts.  Once submitted as frauds the European Central Bank could be out of business.  If not then I will go back and bring back millions of Euros and let the ECB accept them and validate them or get out of business.  Then you have the end of this atrocity called the European Commission headed by some Eastern European Mummies from Hungary (Soros Boys). Exposing the Euro is this simple.

Soon we will be auditing and validating what is real and what is not.  The Indonesians have waited far to long for the long overdue promises to kick in.  Asia has waited far too long.  The Middle East has waited far too long.  The world has waited far too long.  Why?  Because the Kazars/Nazis controlled US Corporation has stolen from the Collateral Accounts from Day One.  Since when has a Kazar or Nazi ever kept even the simplest promise.  In this case they saw the opportunity to financially control the world.  Well, we are coming to close you down.  Your days in the sun (you are all so white I think you hate sun) are over with.  Exposure is already prevalent and in our hands but to literally take the money right out of your pockets will take just a little longer.  When we shut you down then it is up to others to straighten out the wrongs.

To date we have closed up the BIS on you and frozen trading for 90 days and making it very difficult for you to do anything.  The Central Banks are already in fault not default and in a few days they go into default.  It is only going to get tougher and when it does you will become more desperate but guess what?  There will be no corners to hide in so you will be forced to stay in the middle of the ring until this is over with.  It is best you take a good long look at your situation because soon it will be too late.

Sorry Drake got carried away,
Neil Keenan

Hilarion: You Now Become the Highest Manifestation of Your Deepest Dreams and Desires

July 22, 2012
As channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – July 22, 2012

Beloved Ones,

As you walked your spiritual path from seeker to awakened One, you met many tests along the way. The fact that you are reading this message indicates that you have been successful in your persistent efforts to gain knowledge and clarity of the truths not commonly known to all.

These truths are freely available to all in these most auspicious times, all that is required is a sincere desire to know your own truth and your own chosen path and all shall be given to you. Trust your own inner guidance and what your sacred heart within says to you. Follow your inner promptings, confirm that it is for your highest and greatest good and trust that all is well.

There are many now who are seeking answers to questions not known to them before. The path that you have walked, individually and collectively, is making this searching so much easier for them than it was when your feet stepped up the rung to the next level of your soul journey. By your persistence and resilience, you now stand as a role model, a template of the New Human, of the pilgrim, the pioneer of the new Golden Age on Earth.

Updated 7/24/12 - ARRESTED: Former Anglo Irish Bank Officials Appear in Court

Former Anglo officials appear in court

Updated: 17:10, Monday, 23 July 2012

Two former senior executives at Anglo Irish Bank have appeared in court charged in connection with alleged financial irregularities at the bank

One News: McAteer in court over contravening Company Law Act

Former finance director Willie McAteer and former managing director for Ireland Patrick Whelan have both been charged with sixteen offences under the Companies Act

They are both accused of permitting Anglo Irish Bank to give financial assistance to Patricia Quinn, her five children and ten senior clients of the Bank who became known as the Maple Ten, to enable the 16 to buy shares in the bank.

Both men were remanded on bail to appear again in the Dublin District Court in October for service of the book of evidence.

They are the first to face criminal charges as part of the ongoing joint investigation by the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation and the Director of Corporate Enforcement

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, July 23, 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, July 23, 2012

 SaLuSa, July 23, 2012

The longer we are held back the more you are becoming involved in the activities that are intended to release you from the hold of the dark cabal. That is in fact to be desired as we have always encouraged you to get involved. You have to see out the experiences you need as a Human Race, and it would not do for us to intervene while you are still able to go forward. However, we have our own agenda and there is shortly coming a point where our actions must come together. So we do our best to assist you whilst you still have the impetus to continue and are achieving results. Progress appears slow but in reality you are making very good gains, and people are getting mobilized in case they are needed.

Be on your guard in these closing times, as the dark Ones although severely weakened are planning a last gasp attack on you. We can help you repel them and lessen any outcome of their activities, and you can lead the way. The most positive assistance you can give is by keeping your focus on the Light and when many of you do it, it is a powerful force that minimizes the affect of the lower energies. Whatever rumors you hear, do not allow them to make you fearful as disinformation is intended to create conditions that favor the dark Ones. Obviously some will be based on truth but even so you can take note, and trust that the higher powers that includes us who are working hard to avoid any major incident.

At present you have a number of brave souls who have stuck their neck out at risk to themselves and they are leading the way, and we are behind them. So please identify with them and where you can assist be of help, and if nothing else spread the word so that others can draw some confidence from what is happening. The Galactic Federation of Light is now generally known throughout the West, but not necessarily understood as far as the role it is to play in the end times. It would be advantageous to us if you could help people understand that we are all One, and that we are not aliens in the true meaning of that word. We are you, but from your future and have our origin as you in the One God of this Universe.

Focus More On Your Own Transformation Of Self And Less On The Mayhem Surrounding You.

Focus more on your own transformation of self and less on the mayhem surrounding you. 

Michael channeled by Ron Head
July 22, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages 

You are rapidly approaching the time known as The Lion’s Gate.  Once again the energy flowing to and through you is about to be raised to another level.  By now, those who follow these messages know that we will advise you to open yourselves fully to whatever this brings to each of you.

Because you are becoming accustomed to these stair step-like increases, you are assimilating them with more ease.  This will be a large change, but it should not cause you undue discomfort.  The increases are necessary in order to prepare you for what lies ahead.  We can say, however, that you who have chosen to make this journey awake and aware are handling it very well indeed.  Were we to advise anything further at this time, it would be for you to focus more on your own transformation of self and less on the mayhem surrounding you.

You know that all must change.  You know that there will be many efforts made to distract you.  Give no attention to these beyond sending love and healing to those adversely affected.  They are fallen comrades in the fray.  They shall be honored for all they have chosen to experience.  Surround them in light and carry on, that their loss shall not have been in vain.

Those who are striking out blindly now in their attempts to avert the inevitable victory of the Divine Will are discovering that fewer and fewer of you are being fooled by their repeated patterns of conscienceless carnage.  Their past criminal behavior is being exposed for what it is.  They are finding it impossible to hide.  Those behind whom they have always been able to remain hidden are turning against them.  When you have lived forever solely in self-interest, you will now find that you have no allies that you can trust.
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