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This video was posted at The 2012 Scenario web site. Nice video Steve!

Updated: The Awakening of Russell Brand

Russell Brand Interviews David Icke

Russell Brand rails against the Capitalist Elites at the MTV Awards 2012

I'd missed it: the MTV Awards 2012 took place in June and nobody told me about this year's host Russell Brand, naughty ikkle wikkle boyman that he is, who went on a MASSIVE anti-Illuminati anti-capitalist anti-New World Order RANT at the MTV Awards.

It was just on terrestrial TV, here in UK.

Brand was taking it upon himself to inform the mind-controlled millions of impressionable worldwide yoofees how Twilight was about "elite vampires living of the blood of the average joe" and how Hunger Games was about "the misery and suffering of poor people being used to entertain the elites" about the cynical lie of capitalism and commercialism and consumerism...

He said other interesting stuff, and I thought, "You know what, I bet someone wise soul's uploaded the whole rant onto youtube already."

Reuters had uploaded a clip where Brand was ineffectively dogging Justin Bieber and Katy Perry and Kanye West et al. But that wasn't the clip I was looking for. The anti-Illuminati shocker. The truth of the Secret Agenda. The war on YOU THE PEOPLE. Someone connected with the Prison Planet forum had found it, or uploaded it, then it went missing. No longer on the internet. Wiped clean. Hm, and we can only hope noone will ever see this shit again.

Victory for tyranny.

NOTE: Mike Philbin has located a copy of the video in question and added some addtional text to his blog posting.  Those of you not comfortable with explicit comedy, I'll try to locate a cut down version of the video to the specific comments about the Illuminati.  Russell is not for everyone. -AK

"Democracy is pointless spectacle where we choose between two indistinguishable parties..." Brand begins, taking it upon himself to inform the mind-controlled millions of impressionable worldwideyoofees how Twilight was about "powerful vampires suck the life blood out of people weaker than them" and how Hunger Games was about "the misery and suffering of poor people being used to entertain the elites" about the cynical lie of capitalism and commercialism and consumerism...

Here's the VIDEO - thanks to wanny1 on GLP - the anti-corporate anti-elite anti-NWO material starts at round about the five minute mark, if you wanna scroll right to it.

Update to Cobra Message of 7-5-12…

Posted at:

Update to Cobra Message of 7-5-12…
Posted on 2012/07/07

Just found this at LadyDragon’s site. It’s also posted at the bottom of Cobra’s last post.

Here is what it says:

“P.S. Through the years, top members of the Cabal have created many protective defence mechanisms around them in case anything happens to them. Those mechanisms include, but are not limited to the use of biochemical weapons. There are certain devices that constantly monitor all main bodily functions of the top members of the Cabal, and if anything strange happens, they send alerts to their advanced weapons systems. Then a special computer program decides if any of those weapons is to be used. Those mechanisms would be triggered automatically if Stardust 2 was to be used or if any of the key members of the Cabal would be arrested. This is the reason why they seem to be untouchable and always able to get away with everything that they do."

“First these mechanisms need to be removed and then positive action can be taken.”

UPDATED 7/11/12 - RUMOR: First Tranche of Dragon Funds Released July 1st, $83 Trillion


CW: As of 07/01/12 $83 Trillion has been released. Stage one. This is only 15% of all recorded funds. Prosperity will soon be here.

AK: Trying to get a confirmation from 3rd parties on what you told me.  Nothing yet.  Did hear some people who were supposed to be good guys tried to steal some funds.  Am I still embargoed on publishing this?  I might post it as a rumor.... [embargo over]

CW: All of the funds I speak of were obtained legally. I cannot disclose much more than I have. The $83 Trillion is most likely not going to wash up on American soil. We are in a holding pattern until the markets are quarantined. This is one of  many accounts to be opened. Prosperity will eventually come to Europe and the West.

AK: That helps to clarify things a bit.  Can you state whether these are banking system injections, infrastructure investments, or what many refer to as prosperity funds to the masses?

CW: There is a play for many nations to escape the financial treason going on.  This release of money is to start the set up this new system. 

The new system is to include (1) humanitarian efforts first, (2) infrastructure (new clean free energy) then (3) prosperity programs. 

There is ALOT going on behind the scences. I am not at liberty to discuss who all is in on the discussion... but I will say Obama is not an enemy of the State.

July 7, 2012  1:34 PM PDT

This was posted at Rumor Mill News:
Reader "A Guardian" writes:
This report is inaccurate


...the chap who posted this info at that site might not understand the domino's that must fall before a new monetary union can be initialized.

"The Cabal" is still horizontal [sic] and has not been fully contained or removed from control. Getting closer everyday mate but we're not done. Second, "real funds" are NOT going to be infused into the current system till the BIS and the Rothschild banking network fails. Pay attention to Europe as many believe this is the 1st domino and their in deep sheit.

Also, before capitalization or refunded of any program of any kind of a large magnitude, the global financial system must be shut down, at least for a short period of time (3-5 days). Some have referred to this as "the flush".

Furthermore, there won't be two systems running concurrently. It's just not going to happen. That being said brother, I can comfortable tell you all things are moving forward and a better tomorrow is right around the corner for humanity.

But this report is not accurate.

Cheers mate,

"A Guardian
AK: I have not heard any confirmation from people I have contacted, some have yet to reply.  Which is why I clearly marked this post as a RUMOR.  I'm awaiting further word from CW, the plan reiterated by "A Guardian" was my original understanding,  I am aware that was the original plan, David Wilcock and Ben Fulford have spoken of that at length in the past.  

Its curious he uses the terms "has not been fully contained or removed from control", which relates to posts circulating on other blogs about containment of the Cabal versus removal by the military.   I have not posted articles on "containment" as I have not seen hard evidence of it, at least evidence that would convince most people.

This story is still unfolding in my view, I am awaiting CW's reply to "A Guardian".   I don't really know either person.   But I have never been contacted by "A Guardian".   Hobie does generally have good contacts in rarefied places.  However living in the United States the last 20 years, the watchword has been "don't believe it until its denied".   So we shall see.  

If the report of the 83 Trillion is false I have no problem retracting the story, truth is much more important than my ego.

July 7, 2012  1:45 PM PDT

POOF released a new posting, he's been reporting on the Dragon Family funds for years, albeit obliquely.  Here's some excerpts from today's posting:
....the people involved with these prosperity programs, have hung in there for years, continually fighting to get it done, now they have succeeded. Oh, it took extra ordinary power and influence to do it, but a success, none the less. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, no matter how evil tries to assert itself, in the end it always loses to Love. Unconditional love allows you to figure it out, smack your head against a brick wall until you 'give up' and surrender. So, it was fitting, the final release and signing occurred in Reno Nevada by a woman, no bigger than minute. A world came together for it and all signed accordingly for their own, telling the one uninvited guest, NO, the time is Now, not 6 months from now, so you can start the mess up again. What a full moon! What you resist will always persist. Time for the world to move on.
Doubt is a killer, fear likewise, and you who have been called crazy, 'it' will never happen are among the victorious. The small quiet voice that prodded you forward has proven itself, while it held you up in the darkest moments going forward in life, when the walls felt the most insurmountable and your dreams, pure fantasy. The dark actually served you by making you stronger so, bless them, as they head to the karmic justice.
Justice is being served and you will continue to see it done with your own eyes. The best ways to get things done are not necessarily held in killing or murder. That just holds justice in abeyance to come back later in another form tho it may take years.
We're still cleaning up things from the civil war and the World Wars.* They didn't end when the papers were signed. No, somebody was sitting back there 'figuring' how to overcome a loss, in quiet rooms, as mr romney would say.
Unprecedented events are about to unfold, that will shock the world and especially americans. The meaning of true freedom will be one of them. This ends the plutocracy, which has run america since 1871. The howling has just begun, 'tis the opposite of what took place in 1929, it will be 'them' who say, 'brother can you spare a dime?'

*AK: for more on the America Civil War roots of our current banking cabal see

July 7, 2012 4:45 PM PDT

I just spoke to CW and got a bit more information.  This funding is for the system that is to replace our current worldwide system.  While it is true the old banking order has to collapse, we are not going to be left in the lurch and financial chaos without a new system waiting.   This new system is gold backed (and according to Fulford a basket of precious metals like Silver, Platinum and Palladium - two metals very useful in cold fusion and precious stones).  This funding is to put that system in place.  He further said he felt that it was not matter of months but that it would be a matter of 6-8 weeks when the new banking system comes into effect.

He said there's lots of high level politics and maneuvering for power in various countries as the people truly in power now know that everything changes.  This has been delaying things.  He said in March this turmoil came to a head and some of the people involved in the Dragon Gold funds were poisoned in a similar manner as David Wilcock's friend and the attempt on Fulford by cabal agents.  He said they used an ancient Chinese poison called "Gu".  If anyone knows anything about "Gu" please contact me.

CW said he became of aware of the new system through an associate he once worked with who had extensive contacts with Government agencies through a large consulting company (there's lots of those so I am not being too specific here).  He said the prosperity funds were already being put in place four years ago but they have been continually added to over time. He said that was when he came across Galactic Channelings  he was surprised to see Galactics talking about the very thing his former associate was telling him he was working with in Asia.   He said he found my blog in February as it was the only outlet publishing the resignation of bankers.  He said he contacted me because I was the only publishing the mass resignations. 

He said that the new system requires the signatures of all parties, this must be legal and must have all the participants on board.  They do not want shortcuts and a repeat version of the Cabal. Nobody wants that. I have assumed that the bankers who have resigned were quietly given the word that it would be better they left voluntarily than be forced out.  He said that was true in some cases but in many cases the people who have resigned HAVE BEEN ARRESTED and that reasons stated publicly in the newspapers are false.  This is the first time I have heard this.

More will be forthcoming.

July 11, 2012  2:00 PM PDT


Gu is basically a biological black magic poison originated from 雲南 province in South-Western China of native race called "苗族", also in most of South-East Asia. Please copy-paste "蠱毒" in the search engine then you should find quite a bit of result. It is a complex black magi[c], and can be made in many ways and many forms. Normally you need to know the indigents and the way of combination to know how to unmade it, so generally speaking only the maker can do that. In South-East Asian it's called "降頭".

Love and Light ~ J.C.

Interesting, that's confirmation on the part of the story about "Gu".  I wasn't sure that was real. -AK

No Limits

The Three Most Honest Minutes of TV....

Chinese Police 'Eliminate Child Trafficking Gangs’

Police in China say they have “eliminated” two major child trafficking gangs, freeing 181 children and making 802 arrests.

Photo: EPA
By Tom Phillips, Shanghai
12:54PM BST 06 Jul 2012

In a statement released on Friday, security officials said 10,000 police operatives took part in a series of raids on addresses spread across 15 provinces.

One of the operations was launched after the high number of pregnant women visiting a health clinic in Hebei province aroused suspicions.

Police claimed the clinic was being used to arrange the sale of babies, a widespread practice in China partly as a result of rural poverty and the one-child policy.

Among those arrested was Guo Yanfang, a trained gynaecologist who ran a private clinic in Xingtai, Hebei province.

According to reports in the local media Mr Guo was a middleman who helped expectant mothers negotiate their unborn children in exchange for a cut of the deal. Mr Guo reportedly used a cigarette and wine shop as a front for his illegal activities.

Child smuggling is a major underground industry in China. No precise statistics exist but campaigners have claimed that tens of thousands of children are snatched or sold each year. Some are sold to families who have not been able to conceive or want more children than Chinese law permits.

Other victims are coerced into begging by organised criminal gangs.

According to the Chinese government over 8,000 children who were abducted or sold by their parents were freed in 2011.

Recent years have seen authorities step up their fight against trafficking in a series of key “battlefields”. Last December police hailed their “biggest victory yet” over traffickers, rescuing 178 children.

But speaking to the state-controlled Xinhua on Friday, one police officer, who declined to be named, admitted that while authorities had “stopped child trafficking from increasing the illegal practice was still prominent in some areas”. Following this week’s operation, police sources today told The Beijing Times the price of trafficked children was on the rise.

Baby girls now fetched up to £5,000 on the black-market while boys, often seen as more desirable because of China’s one-child policy, could command a fee of up to £8,000, the newspaper claimed.
The risks are also high: trafficking children carries the death sentence in China.

In November 2009 two men were executed after being convicted of abducting and selling 15 children. Many of the children were snatched in broad daylight and subsequently sold.

Speaking to the China Daily earlier this year Jiang Yue, a professor from Xiamen University’s law school, said: “The main reason for human trafficking is the economic gap and some residents in poor areas even think such trafficking is a way to earn money.”

July 11: Stephen Cook Interviews
American Kabuki

You can hear me in my first ever radio interview – The Light Agenda with Stephen Cook, Wednesday 11 July at 6pm EDT/ 9pm PDT.

Stephen Cook

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