Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Advice from the HItchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I've decided not to post rumors of pending military or arrest actions until there are hard facts. I don't want to contribute to the panic some are feeling. The Internet can act as a kind of an echo chamber or rumors, what I find to be of substance I will report on immediately.   This seems to me to be the important thing right now, to maintain a space of peace and calm while the hurricane swirls about.   In my youth in Arizona we had a type of storm we called "dry lightening".  It would get gloomy, threatening, and lots of thunder and lightening but whatever rain fell never hit the ground before evaporating.  There seems to be a bit of dry lightening on the web right now, especially on Facebook.

Regarding the June 25, 2012 Presidential Executive Order, it appears to be an extension of a Bush order, like many others.  Its relative importance I am not completely clear on. If John Kettler's past reports are true,  the Russians did sell a number of countries nukes, like German (which were transshipped to Israel via submarine), and Greece also got a couple of them.  In both cases ETs have confiscated those. It is true its a dangerous time, but its also true that we are getting extraordinary help to keep the cabal from doing major damage.  They can have all the weapons they want, but if they are rendered inert, they won't do them any good.  Our destiny is too important for these bloodlines to get their last stab at humanity before they are hauled off and never seen again.

Energies are very high right now, the illusion will fade as all illusions will, but time to remain centered in the knowledge that God is within and will see you through no matter what.  There's going to be lots of smoke and mirrors in the next few weeks, helps to observe it with a sense of detachment from the illusion, knowing it is but an illusion.  That which is real will carry on.

Oneness Meditation Now
Live-Streamed On-line!

Oneness Meditation Now
Live-Streamed On-line!

Awakening is here. It’s real! The Oneness Meditation is a catalyst for your own direct experience of the Truth: knowing love is all that is.  And now the energy of Awakening has grown so strong that this special gift to supercharge your awakening process can now be received on-line—for free.

The Oneness Meditation is a powerful transmission of Divine Energy that raises YOUR consciousness, helps heal relationships, and quiets the mind.  Happiness and abundance effortlessly flow from this gift given to uplift humanity.  Create a new life and a new earth by receiving it.

Please join us for your own experience of this simple and silent meditation.  It is available to all faiths, cultures and walks of life.  Simply gazing into the eyes of the Oneness Meditator initiates a shift in the brain, which will serve to deepen your spiritual connection and accelerate your journey of inner growth. 

The OM allows one to:

Accept yourself.  Heal your relationships.  Live from Love.

Quiet mind chatter & self-criticism

Help Yourself; Help Your Family; Help Humanity

About 80 people around the planet have been initiated to give this powerful meditation. Many of them live-stream their meditations, so no matter where you live, practically any day you can receive a Oneness Meditation experience.

In service to help humanity Awaken, several blessing givers have generously created a website with daily updated links to Live-Streamed Oneness Meditations.  Here is the link:

Please read the following instructions before you participate.  Because this is a global phenomenon, many Oneness Meditator have slightly different formats. Often no instructions are give and when they are, they may be in the native language of the Meditator. So please print out the following instructions to guide you through the process:

1. Please DO NOT record the meditation and do not repost it. 

2. Log on about 15 minutes before the start of the Oneness Meditation and prepare yourself with a personal meditation to bring you to heart-centered place or into connection with your personal Divine. This can be as simple as listening to calming music as you reflect your heart’s connection to all that is or invoking the presence of your Divine and engaging in honest conversation and prayer about where are in the moment. You can also practice any form of breathing, chanting, or kundalini raising meditation you are familiar with. 
[Note: Some Oneness Meditator include a heart centering meditation as part of their webcast. Some do not. Regardless, please prepare yourself with a personal meditation so you’ll be able to receive a powerful experience whether or not the Oneness Meditator guides you through this step or not.

3. For the next 10 minutes, look into the eyes of the Oneness Meditator. You don’t have to do anything except relax and receive. Eye-contact is important. Please keep looking into the Meditator’s eyes even if his or her head turns sideways.

4. After about 10 minutes, the Oneness Meditator will close her or his eyes. The energy transmission will continue for another 10 minutes or so. You can either close your eyes or continue to look at the Meditator, which ever is comfortable for you. The meditation is not over, you will still be receiving Divine Energy, so please do not break your connection.

5. The final step is very important. Your body will need time to integrate everything it has received. If possible, lay down in Shavasana—the yoga position where you’re on your back with your arms at your side, palms up. Close your eyes during the integration period. Most Oneness Meditators play the Liberation Sutra during the integration period. It’s a Sanskrit chant/prayer to free the mind and be liberated from everything separating your connection to the Divine.  You can download a copy of it for $2.99 from the Oneness Store. I’ve done this as some Oneness Meditators don’t stream any audio. I simply play my own meditative music and then the Liberation Sutra when this occurs. Here’s the link to the Oneness Store download:

Anyone who is energy sensitive will be blown away at the Grace received during a Oneness Meditation Live-Stream. Please do not go overboard! These are very powerful energy transmissions.  Respect your body and pace yourself. Lifelong aches and pains may surface in you as your body starts to heal. Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest after you experience a Oneness Meditation to help physical discomforts pass quickly.

And please know that buried emotional charges are very likely to surface. In order to fully Awaken and connect to All That Is, blocks held in your emotional body will need to be cleared. It is very common to experience increased negativity, glaring judgments and a host of strong emotions as these charges clear. Help this process along by doing your best to stay present whenever you feel a charge arise in your body. Keep breathing into the physical discomfort (knot, tension, stress) you feel in your body. Let out any emotions that surface. Try your best to keep your mind out of it. Distracting yourself with reasons why it happened and trying to explain or justify your emotional experience will only serve to block the charge from being fully released. Do your best to experience it fully. Let the anger, sadness, or hurt grow as big as it possibly can. It will eventually burn itself out and you’ll be free of that charge FOREVER!  You’ll also help the collective by moving the heaviness of that energy off the planet for good.  

Please know you don’t have to be alone when you move an emotional charge. That’s the mistake most westerners make, thinking we have to be strong and face our problems alone. The Divine is always with you, reaching out to help you. Let it. I regularly invoke the Divine and then thrash about and cry and moan in front of my altar when I’m clearing a really big charge. Ask for Grace to help you and you’ll get the help you request.

Please treat yourself to a Oneness Meditation if you wish to supercharge your Awakening process.  Here’s the link for the schedule of Oneness Meditation webcasts:

[Note this website is not associated with Oneness University and is provided as a service to the community by a group of volunteer blessing givers. Please go to http://www.onenessmeditation.org for official information regarding the Oneness Meditation and a list of Oneness Meditators worldwide. The official web site also links to calendars listing where Oneness Meditations are being held around the globe. Please attend one in person if you can. It will knock your socks off!]


Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.
Oneness Trainer

Oneness is a state of consciousness, which transcends all religions, all cultural and national barriers, and unifies humanity in the realization of one divinity, one love, and one consciousness with All That Is. – Sri Bhagavan

CNBC: We're all Slaves to Central Bankers

Initial Reactions from the Children of Light Conference

I wasn't able to attend the Children of Light Conference in Denver due to finances, but here's some initial reports trickling in. More details will be forthcoming and I'll add them below.  If there's anyone near San Diego (or even Los Angeles - I can drive) who did go and is willing to pass on the Wholeness Blessing to me please contact me privately.  I can certainly use the healing. -AK

From GW:

June 24, 2012

The Children of Light Conference was simply awesome. Michael appeared to Joe during the conference. First time Michael has appeared in Colorado. Said that we would make the 333, which we did. Also said that what we were doing would accelerate everything. ??? Then he said that what was happening would soon change our planet. I have lots to tell you about all that happened at the conference.

For instance, when we started the Wholeness Blessing, all the fire alarms in the hotel went off. The next day, when one of the leaders of the Oneness Blessing approached me, he asked if we could set the intent that fire alarms NOT go off again when we entered the Grand Formation and started the ritual of sealing in the Wholeness Blessing for the whole world. I told him that the fire alarms going off was one of my favorite things. So he went off and set the intention himself. OK. On Saturday when the ritual around the Grand Formation began, all the car alarms around the hotel went off. I started laughing. It was that kind of conference. Talk more later. Need rest.


From Peter DeBenedittis PhD: Hi Kabuki,

June 25, 2012

Many blessings and much appreciation for you connecting me with the Children of the Light Conference.

I found out about it from reading your blog, and after that the Divine arranged things so that miracle after miracle flowed to me. It was a very fun lesson in observing how things take place, as I honestly had no idea what I was going there for and why GW asked me to speak at the conference--and then the conference organizer asked me to give a 2nd talk after the first was so well received!

....Please accept my gratitude for your part in moving our planet to Awakening. Because of the chain of events you set in place, hundreds of people familiar with Angels learned about Oneness and received powerful Oneness blessings, while hundreds of Oneness particioners learned about Angels and received powerful Wholeness blessings.

Be well,

Peter D.

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