Thursday, May 31, 2012

500 Miles and Not a Chemtrail in Sight!

Navajo Eagle Dancer
pencil drawing by Patrick Yazzie

I spent about half a week in Flagstaff Arizona, my daughter attended an orientation at Northern Arizona University. My older sister got her degree there in the 1960s back when it was called Arizona State Teachers College. 

I've always loved Flagstaff, have many childhood memories of camping out between Williams and Flagstaff with the mighty San Francisco Peaks in background.  Its not where I grew up, but it is a part of my youth. The trip was about 8 hours. 500 miles by car.  It was just gorgeous blue skies all the way there!  I haven't see skies that blue and that clear in almost a decade.  I don't know who is behind stopping the chemtrails, whether its Military, ET, or higher dimensionals, but whoever it is, my sincere thank you one and all!

Flagstaff is a college town and has a long history.  I was surprised that Thai restaurants are more numerous than Mexican ones, that's a new change.  Arizona has a growing Thai immigrant population, much to the state's culinary benefit!  I had some of the best Thai food I've ever eaten.  

Monday I drove my daughter to see the Grand Canyon for the first time. If you've never seen the Grand Canyon, think of the biggest thing you can possibly think of on earth.  The Grand Canyon is bigger.  It was funny to watch my daughter's reaction to seeing it the first time.  She was speechless.  I wanted to take a photo of her by the railing but the depth of the Canyon is so deep she had a bit of fear of heights and didn't even want to get near the rail.  I laughed.

Tuesday I sought out one of the Mexican restaurants the locals frequent.  I was given directions in the local Babbitt outdoor outfitter store to one restaurant that was about 3 blocks away and across the railroad tracks.  I like to walk around the streets of a city I don't know, mostly for the conversations and people I meet.  The people in Flagstaff are very friendly and kind. 

About halfway to the restaurant a Navajo man and his female cousin stopped me.  He was an artist and had a portfolio filled with drawings he created.  They were really good.  They needed a motel for the night as they were on their way through Flagstaff to New Mexico, and were short on cash.   I bought two drawings, the one above is one of them.  The other might be worth quite a bit of money, it has some really unusual history to it. If the history checks out I will sell it to collectors.   I am not going to publish it on the web right now.  It reminds me a bit of MC Escher's drawings.  It was a win-win deal, they got the money they needed for the night and I got some interesting art.  

We had an interesting conversation as to what the San Francisco Peaks mean to the Navajo. The name Navajo is Spanish, they call themselves Diné or Naabeehó. There are four sacred mountains to the Navajo, The San Francisco Peaks (Doko'oosliid - Abalone Shell Mountain), Blanca Peak (Tsisnaasjini' - Dawn or White Shell Mountain) , Mt Taylor (Tsoodzil  - Blue Bead or Turquoise Mountain), and Hesperus Mountain (Dibé Nitsaa Big Mountain Sheep or Obsidian Mountain).  Patrick, my new artist friend, said the San Francisco Peaks are sacred place where Navajo release bad energy.  If they do something or say something bad to another person, they face the peak and say "Paah, Paah, Paah, Paah" and they believe this releases the negative energy they have created towards another human being.  He wanted me to smoke Indian tobacco with him and say a blessing on me, but I don't smoke and was having enough trouble with the 7,000 foot altitude and thin air as it was - I live at sea level, and I simply didn't have the time to spare. But I was happy I could help them have a place to stay for the night.

In The Dreaming Of It, You Are Creating It

Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 31, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

This morning we shall talk about your similarities and differences.  It would seem absurd to say that you are all exactly the same while no two of you are at all alike.  Yet that is a true statement.

No two persons, nor indeed creations in any form, have experienced exactly the same things during their journeys through existence.  And every experience has led you to draw conclusions about what you have perceived.  No two persons perceiving an event or thing experience it the same.  Every experience they have had in this lifetime, or any lifetime, colors what they see.  Every conclusion they have ever drawn about similar things comes to bear.  Every fear, every love, every pain, every comfort that has been experienced and related to similar circumstances will be compared instantly, consciously, or more likely unconsciously, to the situation, and instant conclusions will produce additional emotions and feelings.

As more and more of your being becomes conscious and aware, you may have more and more control of these things.  They do, nevertheless continue to happen.  We would say to you that this would describe a function and purpose of your existence.  You are Creation experiencing itself.

So it becomes easy to see that no two of you are alike.  Now let us discuss your nature as a living being.  Everything which is common to you will probably reveal more of your true nature.  Humans love their families and protect them from harm.  Humans all have dreams and desires.  Humans all want safety and comfort.  We can make the list as long as you like.  And we are sure that each of you, if so inclined, could produce examples which do not fit the mold.

Now, if you will, take a moment to imagine what our human would be like if all doubt, fear, and lack were removed from the perceived future.  Imagine that this is you.  How would your life change?  How would you change?  If you knew beyond doubt that you would never face hunger, nor lack for anything again, how would you react?  If you knew that your sons and daughters were assured of the same, what would life be like?  If we even told you that your life is soon to be exactly like that, would it change anything?

We have done it again, have we not?  We have caused you to dream of a world you could never have imagined before now.  That is one of our functions.  For in the dreaming of it, you are creating it.  As more and more of you dream of it in more detail and for longer periods of time, it becomes more possible, more believable, more real.

And now we have touched upon the nature of the sameness of all humans.  You are creators.  You are creating a new world and you are learning that you are doing so.  We are in awe at how quickly you are progressing.  It seems to you to be slow and painful.  It is not so.  It is the blink of an eye that has been foretold.

Once again we ask you to hold peace in your hearts and we will speak again tomorrow.

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Sheldan Nidle - May 31, 2012

 May 31, 2012

4 Men, 8 Pax, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Much continues to happen behind closed doors on your world. The dark cabal bankers have created a situation of such unruliness with their mass of illegal debt instruments that they have become the means of forcing the banking industry to take on new management and drastic changes of operation. We have used these fraudulent banking practices as the grounds for bringing in a new global financial system. The cabalists' hubris has forged a debt situation so massive that it has become the weight that will break the back of the dark power that has run roughshod over your world for centuries. The magnitude of their fraud and criminality is beyond question, and with the assistance of a number of brave souls our liaison personnel have gathered enough case materials to force these scalawags to heel. Finally, a method of general resolution is becoming crystal clear. We have asked our liaisons and certain members of the surface world's secret sacred societies to meet with these defiant ones to compel them to affix their signatures to an agreement allowing the new financial system to go ahead. 

This will lead to the release of your prosperity funds. Also, the monies destined for specific recipients are all in position and will be sent out as soon as the banking agreements are signed and being properly executed. We have had another group of our liaisons assigned to monitor this process since its inception. Various technological safeguards of ours are in place, and we will begin only when the above agreements are clinched. The prosperity disbursements are to secure the new governance and make possible the new reality we have long discussed with you. To ensure that all happens within divine right time, a number of heavenly Beings, along with our own security teams, have been protecting these funds from the dark and its thoroughly immoral ways. Our task is primarily to carry out a first contact mission with you; whatever can make this operation move forward becomes a crucial part of this mission, and so we monitor all of this closely and are ready to do whatever is required to complete this mission successfully. 

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