Friday, May 25, 2012

House of Cards

Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 25, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

This morning we will speak of the progress being made, which you so eagerly await.  Many envision a huge, almost cataclysmic occurrence.  But the most powerful energy of manifestation on your planet right now has become that of you lightworkers as you unite your intentions.

On the fifth and twentieth of this month, huge numbers of you united in envisioning a smooth and peaceful transition into your new world.  We were more than overjoyed and joined you in this effort.  Not only was the effort a success, dear friends, but the transition has begun.  Each successive wave of the incoming energies is lifting your frequencies so much now that your effect upon the whole is increasing and unstoppable.  It is overflowing and finding its own to unite with.

If one of you is still isolated, we assure you it will not remain so.  In fact, if you are reading this, consider yourself within the reach of our voice.  You are needed where you are now to keep the new energy grid intact.  Soon you will be able to move freely.  We ask your patience a little longer.

The ‘house of cards’ is weakening so much now that there is a deal of crumbling from within.  The foundation is washing out, and soon the whole will collapse very quickly.  Maintain your focus when that happens.  Its replacement will emerge immediately.

We ask that you keep your focus on that happy occurrence.  We walk with you now.  The intricate planning for this time is well in hand. If you can maintain your calm focus, the changes will seem to occur in the blink of an eye.  Your complete freedom is about to be restored to you, something which has not been experienced here for many thousands of years.

Be at peace, beloveds, and in patient, grateful anticipation.  Keep yourselves centered and grounded and we will speak with you tomorrow.

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Unified Meditation 05-27-2012

Got this in the mail today, this is an additional meditation to support the ongoing changes. -AK

Hello AK,

Just wanted to let you know about this :

Unified meditation 05-27-2012

Following the great effects of precedent unified meditations in May, we will synchronize and join together in intention again on May 27th, as we wish to continue to send our support to the changes taking place for peace on earth and victory of the light.

Times for the meditation are :

9:00 am HAST May 27th (Hawaii)
11:00 am AKDT May 27th (Alaska)
12:00 pm PDT May 27th (Los Angeles)
13:00 pm MDT May 27th (Denver)
14:00 pm CDT May 27th (Houston)
15:00 pm EDT May 27th (New York)
16:00 pm BRT May 27th (Rio de Janeiro)
8:00 pm BST May 27th (London)
9:00 pm CEST May 27th (Paris)
9:00 pm SAST May 27th (South Africa)
10:00 pm EEST May 27th (Bulgaria)
11:00 pm MSK May 27th (Moscow)
12:30 am IST May 28th (India)
3:00 am CST May 28th (Beijing)
4:00 am JST May 28th (Tokyo)
5:00 am AEST May 28th (Sydney)

Guidelines :
Gather in groups or individually and meditate, visualize, the planet being liberated and a golden age being realized, with fair financial system in place, truth revealed, disclosure allowed, previously suppressed clean technologies released, the planet cleaned, conscious media and education, etheric and astral planes bathed in light, etc. Send intentions the way you feel guided to.

All the best for your holiday anyway :)


The Effects of the Meditations
this Month Were Huge

I may have some breaking news from GW Sunday night.  The meditations this month may have sped up the energetics required for the round up of the Cabal.  I don't have a lot of details yet, and will be on the road when I do get them but I will post them from my iPhone to this blog if need be.

One oversight, I neglected to post this update from Cobra on the May 20 meditation, and I don't have time to repost it so I'll just link it in here:
You can view it at your leisure.

So much has been going on I've delayed my exam until the 31st, which is one nice thing about the school I study with, lots of flexibility.

SaLuSa, May 25, 2012

SaLuSa, May 25, 2012

There are many signs that the old systems are collapsing, and it is inevitable as they have proven to be unsuitable to overcome your problems. They will need a new way of conducting business, that can be aligned with a complete appraisal of your needs. Even so, they could be looked upon as interim measures as they will bridge the gap that exists between where you now, and where you need to be. The evolutionary period you are commencing will be something of a quick fire situation, as no sooner will you take a great leap forward, than you will be moving on again to a higher level. We have for example informed you that one day you will live in crystal cities, but they are somewhat in your future, as are a number of new technologies. 

We like you to become aware of your destiny, and in that way you can also help to manifest it. After Ascension your creative powers will have substantially increased, and you will therefore take a greater role in providing for your needs. You will find that all matter will have become refined, and carry a greater degree of consciousness that will respond to you. In fact in most instances you will have two way contact with animals, and other living matter. There will be no fear either way, and your ability to show love for all life will help create the most wonderful relationships, that will be completely happy and harmonious. 

It is the future that should be occupying your minds, and that will carry you through any problems that directly affect you as a result of the changes. The outcome is going to be the fulfilment of our promises to you, as part of God's grand plan for your Ascension, and your subsequent experiences. Having plunged the depths of darkness, you are now to fully lift up into the Light. There you will find your real home, and the happiness and joy of being at One with all life. On Earth you could not be expected to reach such dizzy heights, because of the heavy vibrations that kept you down. That Dear Ones is changing with each day that passes, as you and all of the other Lightworkers are rapidly increasing the Light quotient upon Earth. 
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