Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Peter Joseph


  1. Peter Joseph = Genius

    Please, all of you, watch "Zeitgeist Addendum", "Zeitgeist Moving Forward" and "Thrive" on youtube. Every man on earth should see this movies to open your mind to the reality and thus leave the Matrix..


  2. agreed, and after You watch it, join The Zeitgeist movement in your area, spread the information!

    1. Zeitgeist is a carefully constructed LIE...

      it contains 8 parts TRUTH 2 parts misdirection.

      It was created by an illiminati, family member to deceive.

      The section full of lies is the one about religion.

      Watch anti-zeitgeist.

      Much like Alex Jones it does open the mind to some hidden truths, but like Jones a fear-monger, it is used to manipulate.

    2. PJ is not in a cult my friend who organised the occupy moment hang out with him. His not in with the elite believe me :) your logic is very warped


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